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  1. This is a campaign mod that adds some of Minecraft's features to Halo CE. You have 3 weapons and various blocks that you can use to build things. You can also choose from 16 player skins. Read the readme file for more info. Download: https://mega.nz/file/MTRUiZzY#SJ4EyIEo2l_yeHPFgflgNzC9PPAXMngnnoP_OsZHKKI http://www.mediafire.com/file/bg8gfjnx53ido90/HaloMinecraftMod1,1.rar/file Credits: aLTis - scripting and tag work Benji-Mod - some of the original tags (bow and sword) Kinnet - UI Vuthakral - help with the character model Refined Halo Development Team - some tag fixes Textures and sounds have been ripped from Minecraft Skins: reekid487, SkullBelly, ShaungJi123, Hellcraftjz, ElectroDr0p, Tin711, skad03, LordProtoTypeV3, Shempimite, Seileach, AliveR360, Johnny Joestar Testers: Kinnet, Reus, The Lobo, ShaungJi123, and others BTW here's the lua script that's used in every map, someone may find this stuff useful idk a10.lua
  2. More Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/r9HoOdG I've finally done it. After years of on and off working, I've finally gotten my Halo 1 mod to a releasable state! Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kfs-halo-1-mod DL Link: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/start/230030 Description (copied from mod page): (REQUIRES OPEN SAUCE) A simple revamp of Halo 1's campaign featuring improved friendlies, revised encounters, simple weapon rebalances, an extra weapon, and more. All without going too crazy on the changes and additions. More detailed features: Improved friendly AI, including immortal/invincible ones at certain points. Simple weapon rebalances. Revised encounters. Touched up enemy AI. An extra weapon: a Focus Rifle based on SPV3. Health regeneration for Master Chief and drivable Covenant vehicles up to 33.4%. Some error and/or continuity fixes. Some added encounters. A faster introduction curve. Covenant in the Library. A mod balanced around Legendary. A mod that doesn't go too crazy with the changes, generally. Completely standalone maps. Won't replace any existing maps (almost certainly). And more. As stated before, this mod absolutely needs Open Sauce to be played. I might change this in the far future, if needed, but them's the breaks. Please read the readme for more detailed changes and the like. Installation: 1. First, make sure you have Open Sauce installed. It is absolutely necessary to play the mod. 2. Extract all the .yelo files to your Custom Edition install’s “maps” folder. 3. Boot up Halo Custom Edition with console commands and devmode enabled. 4. Use “game_difficulty_set <difficulty>” in the console to set the difficulty of your choice. Difficulty settings. easy = Easy normal = Normal (default) hard = Heroic (minimum recommended difficulty) impossible = Legendary (recommended difficulty) 5. Use “map_name <map file name without extension>” in the console to load up the level of your choice. Campaign is self contained should not replace the original levels. Using “map_name” with the same difficulty you last played on will resume your progress on a given level, assuming you have not triggered a checkpoint on some other level. Map names: am_a10_rm_campaign = The Pillar of Autumn am_a30_rm_campaign = Halo am_a50_rm_campaign = Truth and Reconciliation am_b30_rm_campaign = The Silent Cartographer am_b40_rm_campaign = Assault on the Control Room am_c10_rm_campaign = 343 Guilty Spark am_c20_rm_campaign = The Library am_c40_rm_campaign = Two Betrayals am_d20_rm_campaign = Keyes am_d40_rm_campaign = The Maw 6. Enjoy. Uninstallation: Delete the mod’s .yelo files from your Custom Edition install’s “maps” folder. That is all. Permissions: You are free to use anything of mine or any idea of mine in this mod as you wish, without permission. All I ask is that you credit me and those who’ve helped me. I sadly cannot say the same for the resources I’ve used. Reuse those at your discretion. Special Thanks: Playtesters: GreppiM Elote Etc. Other: Kavawuvi GBMichelle Elote GreppiM MosesOfEgypt Mia Midol TheLag Silentgamer64 Markel Echo-77 Spiral (help and Awesome Marine/”Halo 3” Marine model tags) Nullen (“colorable” Marine tags) InfernoPlus (some Marksman Jackal related things) FD (up to date SPV3 Focus Rifle sound tags) BestSakuya Conduct Refined Team Open Sauce Team Halo Modding Reclaimers TSC:E Team SPV3 Team Halo CE Community Masterz1337 Bungie Gearbox Software 343 Industries Microsoft More detailed information can be found on the attached readme. I hope you enjoy. And expect a Halo 3 mod and a remade ODST mod from me in the future. KF's H1 Mod Readme.7z
  3. To complement with Lumoria Refined, there is also Lumoria Rebalanced. It features a unique sandbox inspired from Ruby's Rebalanced Halo CE, in turn also complements with Lumoria. Alongside the new sandbox in Rebalanced Lumoria, there are also new encounters and enemy types. Features Jackal Needlers Elite Ultras (including energy sword and fuel rod gun-wielding variants) Elite Rangers, which are airborne Elites and gives the sandbox more of a challenge even in Legendary. Grunt Ultras (mostly armed with fuel rod guns) Grunt Heavies (same as their Ultra counterparts) Shadow aka the "Creep", which was formerly not drivable in the original, can now be driven. Episode 1: Part 2 now features new music: "Impend" and "Delta Halo Suite: Wage" are both used in place of "High Charity" and "Edge of the Abyss". Stealth Elites in Episode 1: Parts 1 and 2, which can be found in both the river leading to the Spectre/Shadow encounter and the entrance to 734 Antecedent Sage's terminal. Elite Zealots, which also include a new stealth variant. The Stealth Elite Zealot acts as a miniboss in Episode 1: Part 2, where it has a durable energy shield. Special Operations Grunts now have needlers alongside the plasma pistol ones in towards the end of Episode 1: Part 1. Special Operations reinforcements in Episode 1: Part 2. After eliminating the first wave of dropship deployments, the second wave will deploy a Special Operations reinforcement comprising of Elite needler and plasma rifles and Grunt needlers and fuel rod guns alongside the standard Covenant ones. Elites, Jackals and Hunters all have extra dialogue, taken from Halo 2 and 3. Elite Minors and Majors can now throw plasma grenades at you. Secret weapons cache/armory station in Episode 1: Part 2 contains plasma rifles and pistols, needlers, fuel rod guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, health pack and overshield. Standard Marines alongside the armored ones The Marine that attempts to open up the door leading to 734 Antecedent Sage's terminal now drops a shotgun instead of the assault rifle. The left door that is near the right door leading to the mentioned room above is now breakable like in "The Pillar of Autumn". Assault rifles and shotguns can now be seen in the first cutscene of Episode 1: Part 2, stored in the armory station of the Endless Horizon. The dead Marine under where the Elite is stationed at the first outpost of Episode 2: Part 1 now has a fully loaded rocket launcher. Extra shotgun rounds, overshield and active camouflage can now be picked up in Episode 2: Part 2. As you fight the boss in the aforementioned episode, it will call in Elite Rangers for support. End credits is the same as its Refined counterpart, but modified for Rebalanced. Beefy shotgun, pistol and sniper rifle firing sounds and enhanced rocket launcher sounds alongside the plasma rifle firing sounds from Halo 2. Download Screenshots Credits CMT and TM Mapping Team: Original maps as basis and Elite Ranger tags MattDratt: Drone, Elite, Jackal and Hunter dialog tags from HaloMaps Vaporeon: Halo 2 music tags Holy Crust: HRHH HUD Jakey: Jackal leg multipurpose bitmaps Ruby of Blue: Rebalanced tags Advancebo: Shadow/Creep tags
  4. Yeah, I'm a hypocrite lol I'm glad to present you the third update for my campaign mod, SOI's Singleplayer Adventure, after 5 years! For those not aware, SOI's Singleplayer adventure is a complete overhaul of the original campaign, with several new assets, many cut items reintroduced and unique features. And, most of all, it doesn't require OpenSauce. This Version 3 update solves several issues from the previous version and also adds some quality of life improvements. With the latest patch, the mod is fully compatible with MCC, even in coop! And if you play on MCC, you can also enable custom subtitles! (they currently support English, Latam Spanish, French and Italian, but more languages will be implemented later down the road! If you want to contribute, let me know). You can download the mod here: CE Version: https://mega.nz/file/McIgQRhK#hGsTQ8JcN8JpvtkIuccQIn2E_e9km8nahEqQZf2E6n8 MCC Version: https://mega.nz/file/lFBlEAZK#m8BNznQQFhWihExNI2u6qnZ_VLaQHpzY5vcFntLhBRI Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-sois-singleplayer-adventure-version-3 Nexusmods: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1621 FULL CHANGELOG Global: -All bitmaps have been recompiled as 32-bit, so they don't have artifacts anymore -HUD now supports wide resolutions -Zoom masks are higher resolution and are not stretched anymore -Sounds and music that are not included in the MCC or are not custom have been replaced to fit the new EULA -HUD now shows when you have an equipment in your backpack -Slightly buffed Assault Rifle -Slighlty decreased grenades explosion radius -Slighlty increased ARGL explosion radius -Synced AR reload sound and animations -ARGL now has a pair of colored lights that indicate when you have grenades or not -Increased Needler error for grunt AIs -Improvements for Shotgun, Spiker, Sentinel Beams and Battle Rifle animations -Extended areas have received huge improvements: they are properly connected to the original sections, they have full quality lightmaps, they are easier to navigate and their cutscenes are more polished -Blood doesn't glow in darkness anymore (Except Grunt and Elite blood, for stylistic reasons) -Nerfed Brutes vitality -Added more ARGL ammo across all the maps -Increased reserve ammo and reduced spread for the SMG -Hornet is less sluggish, its engine lights change if you go up or down, rockets cooldown decreased. rockets speed increased -Disabled Spectre passenger seats for players -Increased ammo pickups in all maps a10: -Improvements for Grunt and Jackal ranger shaders -Elite rangers have better hit boxes and less shields -Jackal ranger cutlass melee damage has been nerfed -Implemented equipments tutorial -Added more cover and ammo in the extended area -More checkpoints in the extended area -Increased distance between the camera and the mod title during the final cutscene, no more black background -Better audio quality for the "Find us an exit" line a30: -Added extra lines and navpoints to help the player navigate the new areas -Blind wolves are more common across the level -Bubble Shield is available in the rockslide section -Bubble Shield now uses the Energy Cutlass animations (no more Jedi tricks) -Elephant now has a squad of marines that will help you in the AA Cannon section -Slightly edited Elephant geometry to accomodate marines -Elephant is now optional, you can opt to continue the mission on foot and leave the Elephant behind as backup fire -If you choose to drive the Elephant, Johnson will use the Missile Pod turret -Added an extra LMG on the Elephant if you're playing in coop (MCC only) -AA Cannon sound now fades out instead of suddenly stopping -Improved final AA Cannon cutscene -Changed the "We're on our way" line with "We're on it, Sergeant" -Johnson now uses the LMG instead of the Shotgun a50: -Removed Gravity Lifts from the Drinol prison, Gravity Lift is now available in the Hangar bay room, allowing more vertical combat -The Drinol prison room door won't open until you kill it -Drinol cutscene animations are less awkward -Drinol has been heavily nerfed: its melee attacks don't instakill anymore, but they instead push you away, and it also flinches and leaps, making it easier to avoid. The bossfight room has also a lot of ammo and items you can use against it -Execution bipeds have been moved so that you can see them right after entering the control room b30: -Replaced Bubble Shield with Power Drain -Locust music doesn't go on forever if you skip the Locust encounter -Locust radio line now has radio effects -Increased the initial ammo count of the player startup weapons b40: -Removed Power Drain -Ziggurat encounters spawn right after you unlock the blastdoor controls -Placed an extra healthpack near the Hornet -Added bumped glass from Refined c10: -Revamped the outdoor fog -Improved fungal textures -Fixed some misaligned/floating sceneries -More foliage -Replaced Dead Space spooky ambience with spooky ambience from various Halo games -Restored Foehammer's "Good Luck, Sir" c20: -Juggernaut now uses H2 animations. It's also invincible now, but its melee attacks don't oneshot you anymore -Juggernaut doesn't get on the elevator anymore -Revamped Flamethrower particles -Added Bubble Shield -Solved an issue that made GS's tendril lightning always visible -Improved Juggernaut cutscene c40: -Replaced Warthog with Spectre -Removed Energy Cutlass -Added Brutes -Added Firebomb Grenades across the map -Added Hornet as optional vehicle in case you don't want to use the Banshee -Added bumped glass from Refined -Gravity Rifle uses the Heir of Old Lords animations d20: -Removed Beam Rifle Flood d40: -New area has been repurposed into a more interesting Doom-like encounter before the Flood Infector -Revamped Flood Infector walking animations -Zuka Zamamee's Shade in the elevator isn't invincible anymore -Chief no longer runs holding an invisible AR during the longsword cutscene -Replaced the Legendary easter egg with... something else CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS: MrChromed, Idaho: subtitles translation Advancebo, ShadowSlayer, Zteam, MMAMONSTERRR-D92209, Spartan-094: H3 models Adjutant team: Adjutant tool SorrySoldOut: Retexture inspiration CMT, Teh Lag, Ifafudafi, Zteam: several tags Hotcrusher1234: knife DMT-HDoan: H2 tags Kommandant: H3 marines Rododo: particles, sceneries and actor_variants Altis: grass, particles and Falcon Bourrin: H3 Hunter and FP arms Chocolate Thunda: HUD elements Jesse: H3 HUD Lumoria team: Drone animations Mortis: updated bitmaps Refined team: fixed bumped glass Extinction team: Covenant AA Cannon Matthewdratt: ripped dialogues Kirby_422: Juggernaut model and animations Koo294: Blind Wolf Altheros: contrails Goldkilla: Flood stuff The Doctor: Anniversary textures masterchief117: Anniversary sounds benjimod: plant sceneries GAIGHER: sceneries Peep210: Elephant tags Fubih: Super Shotgun animations xKRONNiKx: Albatros tags ofthehill: palm tree tags Some guy from Halo General: H2 tag packs EJ Burke, Arteen, and PopeAK47: BSPs Echo77: suggestions and ideas for weapons and vehicles Nex: shaders and bug fixing Masterz1337: scripting help And big thanks to Xtralaos, Dumb AI, Master Noob, xnx, greg079, Bobblehob, Rangerdanger, R93_Sniper, Spiral, Zobieking, Delicon20, 50predator50, MEGASEAN, clonecam117, WWLinkMasterX, TK421, SPV3 testers and everyone else who helped me making this project a reality With love, SOI
  5. For nearly a decade since its release, Lumoria is one of the best known single player maps ever made in Halo Custom Edition. Because gameplay footages of Lumoria alongside its SPV3 remake are available on YouTube, it deserves a Refined version to complement Halo: Combat Evolved Refined. Also included in the download is Refined Geomar, which is an updated version of the multiplayer map of the same name. I commend and give credit to the original creators of Lumoria, CMT and the former TM Mapping Team for their outstanding work on the custom campaign maps that balance exploration with combat and a storyline. Lumoria Refined is first seen on Halo: Spartan Edition, a mod for Halo Custom Edition. Now available as a standalone download with all four maps plus the Geomar multiplayer map. Download Credits CMT and TM Mapping Team: Original maps as basis MattDratt: Drone dialog tags from HaloMaps Vaporeon: Halo 2 music tags Holy Crust: HRX HUD Jakey: Jackal leg multipurpose bitmaps Screenshots
  6. Hello guys, You might recognize me from Halomaps or CE3. I am the developer for Heretic Hunt and would love to share some things with you guys. Happy Birthday to Heretic Hunt! It has been 10 years since I announced Heretic Hunt. Today I am releasing ancient builds from my early development of Heretic Hunt. These builds do not represent Heretic Hunt's current state at all haha. These maps where compiled around 2013 but it is most likely that these were developed in 2012. Don't expect anything high quality haha Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z0CZHADhiTqB-Q3CjGfHjIecvg4pPbzB/view?usp=sharing These where created for Halo Custom Edition so if you plan on running it on MCC, I have not clue how that will go. hh0.map, hh1.map, hh2.map, hh3.map, hh4.map "map_name hh0" will start the maps and they do load in order when you finish each mission with the exception of hh4.map. Please run "map_name hh4.map" to play it. None of these have a followable story or any form of continuity. These where more like sandbox tests and for learning experience. Thank you to Colter for porting the first ever heretic elite and heretic grunt to Halo Custom edition. Additional thanks to zteam, Delicon, Jesse, CMT, LoneWarrior, and everyone who supported Halo CE modding in the earlier days and making these builds possible. Do what you would like with the tags inside the maps, just make sure to credit of course! With mod tools for MCC's titles coming out soon, Heretic Hunt has a lot of development needed. Thank you for staying around and hope to see you guys with Heretic Hunt's next steps for the future. Keep in touch with me! https://www.youtube.com/user/spiral779 Discord: Spiral#6935 Here are some screenshots of the old maps Heretic Hunt is older than Minecraft 1.0 Video:
  7. Super Campaign is a comprehensive gameplay mod for the Halo 1 campaign that stays true to the Classic graphics. Every encounter in the game has been overhauled and completely new encounters have been added. The sandbox has been expanded further by multiple new weapons and enemy types, while default weapons remain familiar. Here's a short summary of Super Campaign v2. Full and complete details are further down below: Every campaign level and every encounter within has been carefully overhauled and expanded for a complete experience. Completely new encounters have been added across the missions. Multiple bugfixes and quality of life changes. All vanilla weapons work just as you expect them to, save for a few minor tweaks. 9 new weapons have been added, for both you and for the AI to use. Grunts, Jackals, Elites and Hunters all have more ranks. Skirmishers have been added to the game. Flood has upgraded variants, as well as 2 new forms. You have 2 additional ally types: the ODST and the mod's namesake, the Super Spartans. Download and Installation: Simply put the files into your Custom Edtion maps folder. The mod does not require OpenSauce or any other programs. I recommend using a UI mod that has Campaign enabled to launch the maps with the campaign interface. And if you'd prefer to play this mod with MCC, there it another download link a bit further down below. Download Whole Campaign for Custom Edition History of the Mod: Working with Custom Edition, I released the campaign overhaul mod 'Super Campaign Refined' just over 8 years ago. While this version hasn't been 8 years in the making, my tagset has evolved over the years and getting inspired by Master Chief Collection getting official support for maps made with Custom Edition, I've been going over everything in my mod to bring it to a completely new level over the past few months. All weapons, enemy types, scripts, campaign encounters and scenarios have received rebalances, bug fixes and improvements. And to not get mixed up with the fine folks behind the 'Halo CE Refined' project, this new version of my mod is simply called 'Super Campaign v2'. Lore: With Covenant having the upper hand in the war, humanity's Super Spartan project was designed to beat them in the battlefield through attrition. Mass producing Mjolnir armors was enabled after cutting the cost by removing all life-support and related functions from the design to just create empty armored shells for housing simple combat-oriented "dumb" AIs. Invasion of Reach was the real crash course for the project and it saw great success, with Covenant eventually losing almost every ground engagement they didn't evade. Their air-and-space superiority also took a hit with spaceships being invaded by using Mass Drivers to send in boarding parties of Super Spartans. Reach was protected, but as the Pillar of Autumn was leaving to explore the coordinates discovered by Halsey's research, the remaining Covenant fleet made the decision to retreat and pursue the leaving vessel instead of losing everything on Reach. Which brings us to the start of the campaign. But unlike vanilla Halo, now the Pillar of Autumn has several hundred Super Spartans aboard in addition to it's normal crew. Optional Files: If you'd prefer to play this mod on Master Chief Collection instead of Halo Custom Edition, I've included the files for that too. Download MCC version For installation, go to your 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' folder. (Full default path is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps') Make backups of the vanilla campaign maps: a10, a30, a50, b30, b40, c10, c20, c40, d20 and d40. Now that they are backed up, replace those maps in 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' with the ones you downloaded. Make sure you launch the game with anti-cheat disabled and then just play the Halo 1 campaign. Detailed Gameplay Changes: You: You are no longer instantly killed by enemy headshots. Shield recharge has been improved to make battles more dynamic with less waiting: Delay before shields start to recharge improved from 6sec to 4.5sec. Shield full recharge time improved from 8sec to 4sec on Easy, 4sec to 3.2sec on Normal and 2.66sec to 2sec on Heroic. Legendary remains at 2sec. You now slowly regenerate health while at full shield and no overshields. This lessens the reliance on health packs without making them completely obsolete. On Easy and Normal it takes 2min 30sec to regen from 1 health back to full. On Heroic 3min and on Legendary 3min 30sec. Allies: Left to Right: Crewmen are usually too brave for their own good, but with no protective armor they fall just as quick as they do on vanilla. Marines have been made a bit tankier, and less prone to getting stunlocked by enemies. Marines take less damage from grenades. ODST do everything Marines do, just better. They're tougher and smarter and might not just get outright slaughtered by Covenant even on Legendary. Super Spartans are the silver bullet against Covenant in this mod's lore. They're empty armors each piloted by an onboard Artificial Intelligence. With the most fragile element (the human) removed, they're designed to win battles by outlasting the opponent. While not completely invincible, it would take an unrealistic amount of punishment to bring one down. Enemies: Changes to all AI: The number of enemies spawned at once is more even across difficulties (Same on Legendary, more on lower difficulties). Enemies user overcharge a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties. Enemies throw grenades a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties. Enemies on Legendary have a bit longer melee delay. Enemies on Easy do less damage. Fixed enemies on Easy being more accurate than on Normal. Easy now spawns as many major variants as Normal does. High rank enemies drop a bit more ammunition. All Flood drop a bit more ammunition. New Weapons: Changes to Vanilla Weapons: All weapons with magazines get two extra magazines worth of max reserve ammo capacity. All weapons with batteries drain a bit slower. Energy Sword no longer instantly kills from full shields+health on any difficulty. (Legendary leaves you on 1 hp) Fuel Rod Gun weapon expire explosion is less violent. (Less damage, force and radius) Fuel Rod Gun does a bit less damage against vehicles and the player. Needler melee damage increased against flood. Needler supercombine explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor. Plasma Grenade damage reduced a bit against the player. Shotgun damage reduced a bit against the player. Changes to Vehicles: Covenant Gun Turret AI fires from a bit farther away. Scorpion Cannon self-damage and friendly fire damage reduced. Scorpion Cannon is more accurate but has less aim assist. Scorpion Secondary Gun is more accurate but has less aim assist. Warthog gunner AI buffed. Wraith mortar explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor. Wraith has a bit less rate of fire, mortar projectile speed, explosion radius and damage to humans and players. Level Specific Changes: All encounters reworked and polished. Added many new encounters. All cutscenes should be lore-friendly. There are more ammo and weapons to be found on the ground, mostly with environmental storytelling tied to it. The Pillar of Autumn: I assume anyone downloading this mod has played Halo before, so the initial tutorial is skipped on every difficulty now. Grenades are now enabled from the start even on Easy and Normal. Truth and Reconciliation: Captain Keyes has much more health for the escort section Assault on the Control Room: Allies take longer to exit vehicles after you do. (Better grace period for opening doors etc) The Library: Now has some flood-spore fog across the level. You'll have two Super Spartan allies follow you across the level. Don't worry about having to leave them behind at any point, they'll always catch back up to you. Keyes: At the beginning of the level, if you don't jump down into the coolant no matter how much Cortana pleads you to, you can fight against an escalating and endless gauntlet of Flood. Screenshots taken in the MCC version: Imgur album Credits for tags I didn't make: DMT - original Jackal sniper tags that were transformed into Skirmisher by me doompig444 - Assault SMG model and animations Koo and Lone Warrior - Armored Flood model Spartan-094 - ODST model TM Mapping Team - ODST drop pod Altheros - Reach Grunt model port used for Ultra and Commander Advancebo - Silenced SMG model
  8. An Attack On Titan inspired single player mod. Download: https://mega.nz/file/9SIXwaJC#QpI2VNhGFkxfGX1wuuAi-WSDLRxlXJi1_VYXSl-JAWQ Read the readme.txt for more info.
  9. A campaign mod that adds a grappling hook. Requires Chimera with Lua scripting support. Hold shift to activate it. DOWNLOAD: Mega https://mega.nz/file/lD5nmAqB#EoesaBbZbTYHm9Sdrj6Wkqg5QBz3Okl6FXebEfyITPg Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/ib7t2tkhqad8kbm/HaloCEGrapplingHook.rar/file
  10. Halo Invaders turns Halo into a shoot 'em up game. Pilot a lifepod and survive as long as you can against an endless covenant fleet. The map currently has no end and the longer you play the more difficult it gets. Use WASD to control your ship and hold space to fire. The map requires Chimera -572 or -581. It can be played as a singleplayer or a multiplayer map, however, you won't be able to play with others on multiplayer. Download: https://mega.nz/#!5CYHmaQa!dgOCpp0i5pS5S9xijLMfLq0zglSa2mDbxk079G5BPdU The map includes: 4 different enemy types to fight: Banshee Moving Banshee Seraph Spirit 3 different weapon types you can pick up, each lasting for 15 seconds: Automatic turret Shotgun turret Laser 2 powerups: Health pack - gives you +1 health Overshield - makes you invincible for 7 seconds Some screenshots: Known issues: There is no pause menu when playing the map as a singleplayer map. Use console or alt+f4 to quit the game for now Halo ring appears very bright if you play with Open Sauce Sometimes objects spawn too close to each other The collision between spaceships is not very accurate The map might crash on start for some players, if that happens just start the map again The camera won't work well if you use chimera_vfov so you need to set it to 0
  11. After 15 years the area series is finally complete with this creative yet mind blowing map... Area 56 Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UxtftpixPxqjAen6WTo5SGqEOkevtTj0/view
  12. VANILLA CE CAMPAIGN MAP Fucked up tagswap of mods are not allowed... secret is bellow the first structure with the carrier forms. How to play: >>Game_difficulty_set impossible (UI) >>Map_name ff_imperialnimator >>GO! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/il87jbv70tyq5kq/ff_imperialnimator_v1.7z/file
  13. Takedown: Extermination is the final level in the Operation Takedown series. Go after Patriarchus and find the forerunner weapon. Extermination features 8 mini-levels, all that bring their own refreshing style of gameplay, including a rainy forest, a city island, and a snowy plateau. Trailers! Takedown: Extermination - Launch Trailer Takedown: Extermination (Part 1) - Release Trailer Takedown: Extermination (Part 2) - Release Trailer Along with Extermination, both The Introduction & Project Lawson have been integrated into the Extermination tagset. You will be able to download all these levels in a single download. Download will be here! Currently available for download: Is Open Sauce required? Yes, Open Sauce 4.0 is required. Will you release a non-OS version? Probably not. Unfortunately there is quite a lot locked in with OS at this point. Can I use other mods such as Chimera, etc while playing Takedown? Overall, the use of other mods during your play through is unsupported. However, during testing, many have tried to use additional mods and have found both success and issues. Use at your own risk and understand if you are having issues, it may be the additional mods and not the map itself. Will Takedown: Extermination use data-files? Yes. A lot of the tools to bypass data-files have come out far too late in this production to make it worth going back and putting it all back together. Extermination is so large that is spans 7 yelo files. Without data files, the amount of space required for this level would be massive. Wait, what are data-files? Data files are just .map files that pool the main resources of the level into, such as bitmaps and sound files. Instead of each yelo file being 400-500mb each, it makes each yelo file under 100mb and includes a few extra larger map files that contain the bitmaps and sounds for each level. These MUST be installed into your Halo: Custom Edition maps directory as will be laid out in the download. If the data files are not in the correct location, the levels will not load. Will I need to re-download all files during early access? Yes! Please drop everything into your maps folder as is and replace any files. Why is Extermination in two parts? Extermination was so massive during the script writing process, I decided from the start that Extermination (story wise) would be split into two halves. When Part 1 ends, you will have come to a defined story end point (not just a random mid-point to cut off the level). Part 1 consists of the first four rally points (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta). Part 2 consists of the last four rally points (Echo, Foxtrot, Gamma, Iota). The trailers have been using a mix of scenes from both parts, so some things you may have seen in the trailers may not be present until Part 2 is released. Will you release this for MCC? I do not believe that is currently possible at this time. Will there be a sequel? At this time, Takedown: Extermination is the ending of the series and I have no plans to continue it in any fashion. How long is Takedown: Extermination? This solely depends on your style of gameplay. I would say give yourself 1-2 hours for Part 1 and 3-4 hours for Part 2, but this all just depends on how you play. Part 1 is probably just as long/slightly longer than Project Lawson while Part 2 is around double as long. When Part 1 ends, it offers a good stopping point if you need to take a break or go do something else for a while. Will you release a Spanish or subtitled version? At this time I have no plans to do so, however I am not opposed to work on this with someone once released if I can get the help required. Subtitles are tricky as onscreen cinematic titles have a limit and the debug on-screen text changes how long it appears on screen depending on the frame-rate you are running the game at. How often will this be updated post-release? If any issues that are major or bother me are found at or shortly after release, I will update them as soon as I can. Once the dust settles, there will probably be limited support after the first month or two. Will you release a version without data-files? Yes. I am going to give the release a week or so and then do any last minute updates before compiling out separate builds.
  14. Welcome to Heir of The Lords, a new Firefight map based on EmmanuelCD's map "Hexzone". Fight formidable foes through 7 rounds of increasing difficulty and defeat bosses after each round to unlock REQs and increase your destructive power. How long will you last? More about the mod The tagset is based heavily on the vanilla assets, revamped with OS shaders and a touch of modern era influences. New weapons are in the party as well, and same goes for your enemies and their behaviour. Due to that, THIS MAP REQUIRES OPENSAUCE. The map has also several influences from FromSoftware's phenomenal game Bloodborne, going from the music and the ingame sounds to the boss designs and behavior. The name itself, "Old Lords", is a Bloodborne reference, since it can refer to both the Old Lords of Yharnam (the Pthumerians) or of Halo (the Forerunners). You will also have a speed boost ability as a replacement for the flashlight. And, most of all, you'll be assisted in this journey by the best waifu Exuberant Witness! Screenshots Download link https://mega.nz/#!EcIHSShK!gdv_RHneuFeAdPsSlkQ2pRD-bLRgCqgSYplVH3KSjnw Credits Adjutant team: Reach and H4 assets Rododo: Some particles and other beauties Mortis: Some particles and bitmaps, feedback and betatesting Masterz: feedback, some scripting help and betatesting martin.kosecky5: Some upscaled textures DumbAI, MatthewDratt: Ripped dialogues JadeUndead: Scripting trickeries CMT: Some bitmaps, sounds and animations Moses: H2 animations extractor Delicious, Brad Cypy: Mass Effect sounds Aegis Mind: H5 sounds, Excavator model EmmanuelCD: BSP and Skybox Altis: Bigass sun tags Flanker: Fire particles Spiral: Post-launch feedback FromSoftware: Bloodborne sounds and music Bungie/343i: Halo assets in general Closing words A bit sad that my first topic here on OC will be about my last map After this small project, I'm gonna retire from CE modding. It's been 8 years since I joined the modding community, it has been a lot of fun and I'll always be grateful to this engine for all I've learned through it. Now, it's time to move to better places, where my creativity can spread without chains (Ugh) Thank you all for all the support, see you on Unity or MCC!
  15. At long last, Operation Purgepoint is finally complete, enjoy my 17 map collection that is updated start to finish, as well as the easier mode for the more casual players. This campaign is fanmade and follows no lore at all. Many were already waiting for the release of this, the wait is over! Strike team six needs your help! Read the readmes before starting. Trailer: Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i59cpsbhuyh0e4e/Operation_Purgepoint_Final.rar/file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DviXQu6b-_t5R6P6pwJUiXmUyhxs3ILk http://https://www.nexusmods.com/halocustomedition/mods/22?tab=files
  16. I have defied masterz1337 and Sparky. I am your shield; I am your sword. I know you: your past, your future. This is the day you have to play more planet flood. link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/32yyupx97qji8lw/planet_flood_c_infinite.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/32yyupx97qji8lw/planet_flood_c_infinite.rar/file
  17. Just drop the file next to this readme “ui.map” into your HCE maps folder, replace it and that’s it, now you have cute lil dokis in the main menu :3 although, maybe make a backup of the stock file? Thanks to: MooseGuy (the whole thing is based off his UI project if you couldn’t tell already so go check his out if you like all those extra menus but not Dokis, Link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6952) Team Salvato (I guess?) MosesOfEgipt (Thanks to Refinery I finally was able to rip all the UUI tags without any corruption) (Sorry if you helped this project in some way and you don’t appear here, I really can’t remember) DDLC_UI.zip
  18. I'm still relatively new to scripting, so please excuse some things you may find broken or that doesnt work. I've play tested it numerous times fixing bugs and ai before i was ready to post it. It's still a work in progress so lets say that this is a beta. Credits to: Reach weapons - PRPatxi Halo 3 Elites - Hotcrusher1234 Reach Grunts - potterhalo Link (its hosted on my Dedi in Dallas) -
  19. This is the complete default singleplayer campaign converted for Halo Custom Edition. This was originally converted and uploaded by "Renamon." https://opencarnage.net/misc/CE_SP-Maps.7z
  20. Hidrofagia is a complex city which you can explore freely, it aproaches to the limits of the stock Halo engine This is a SP map type to open it use the console in game and type: "map_name hidrofagia" \\\\Download//// https://mega.nz/#!HpdCCTiY!aj1noqUwHqeBmQHwTdSYWh5UoEZJ1CK42q0uO6SxIrA This is a empty map but will be development more time to add and suport AI to make it a Firefight map
  21. Copy paste from Halo Maps Forum, link below http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=50755 Well this map was going to be released last year in October but school didn't let me finish it, so now even if its not 100% finished I'm releasing it because I won't be making maps again, I will finish all of my crap and then I will retire, there's no point being in this community, I need to move. Nobody will miss me anyways Well this is a "Horror Map Simulator", its supposed to be scary, it depends heavy on jump-scares since I couldn't achieved a horror atmosphere correctly (This doesn't mean the game its not scary). Your sent to a Non specified planet where the UNSC researches bio-weaponry and as always things went wrong... Download for Standard Halo CE https://mega.nz/#!K08gzDTZ!daghaXVvs7V_ylf-TIB0kVV3l9LAHBFuTdo2KPbQ7Fc Download for Spanish Halo CE https://mega.nz/#!Ot83RSiY!6vJs4Hc8rzPrSuZjgXlseyK80xPdLJ4LxUfjVojIvv8 Troubleshooting In case your bitmaps are wrong download the bitmap.map you need: https://mega.nz/#!rsUVjbpY!3w9NhX7C6qI-cXzmlfY4c1LMhAYm-D1R7DGGS9DcJy4 Know Issues -Some enemies get stuck in the Woods -Large geometry areas in the BSP are not affected to dynamic light due to large smoothing groups -Terminals don't work very well with Chimera (Develper mode 182 or something like that) -High system requirements (not very much, don't expect a PIV to run it) -Trigger volumes may not work well, I put some anticheat scripts not sure they actually work. etc Edit: Credit go to -Master Chief 117 for fp models, bipeds fand HUD - Parsec Productions for ambience sounds -Bungie and 343 for original content -Sled for some scripting -Treyarch for hazmat soldiers
  22. Halo Custom Edition removes the first item on the main menu - CAMPAIGN. Using Tritium, the first item on this ui.map map file was duplicated, restoring the CAMPAIGN option. Unlike many custom ui.map files, this one should work fine on most localizations. In order to actually play through the campaign on Custom Edition, you will need to convert all of the campaign maps on Halo PC to Custom Edition. This tool can accomplish this: Make sure that when you install this map file that the original ui.map is kept outside of the MAPS folder. Halo loads ui.map based on the tag path of its scenario tag, NOT the file name. Download: ui.7z
  23. A collection of Menu UI's for Halo CE & batch scripts to easily use them, about every UI ever made is in it (well just the ones still available for download) i have organized, tested, & screen-shotted everyone of them, if you have ever wanted to try something different as a menu then this will allow you to easily do so. Now about the batch scripts, i made these my self in about 20 hours of leaning & writing, so that using any UI is as easy as two clicks, i hope you enjoy trying the many made in those 14 years of mod-ing. Download here: Halo CE UI collection.7z (though mega.nz) 7-Zip will extract it. i wish i organized them better but with zero feed back it's hard to guess what you might like, if you do give me positive feed back i might make a 'favorites' version with like 20 of the coolest, most nostalgic & creative of them, so do tell which ones you like the most.
  24. at last! the next chapter has been released! Operation Purgepoint Demo V2.0 download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8d0ywfyp7w5hxdk/OperationPurgepoint_demo_v2.0.rar
  25. A completely unauthorized continuation I made of a really old pair of AI mods by a dude named Alvin. I was really big into AI mods when I first got Halo Custom Edition, and it was the BG-Sorrow_Update maps that got me really interested in Halo CE modding. Here we have the unofficial update 3! Following the previous two, red and blue marines and spartans face off in Sunny Sharma's BG-Sorrow map, now with the addition of some unarmored marines and re-rigged bumblebee pilots thrown into the fray. I highly recommend that you run this map in a CTF mode with all vehicles enabled, I've tinkered with the vehicle tags so that the AI Bots are decent at driving them now. Are they perfect? Nope, far from it, but it's way better than what you see in some other maps with AI driving warthogs in them, where the drivers erratically swerve around and are a bigger danger to you than the enemy team. And in a fit of headshot-induced butthurt I've modified the sniper rifle so that its projectile isn't hitscan. So now when the enemy snipers decide they want to try and ruin your day from across the map, it isn't an automatic death sentence anymore. They're still bad news if you aren't careful. Both teams get a Banshee and a Falcon that respawn after a couple minutes, they're sure to fly around the map and cause some unnecessary mayhem. What I wanted to do before releasing was add a "leader" guy inside both of the bases and if they got killed then that team's AI would stop respawning, but I didn't know how to, so that'll have to wait. Credits: Sunny Sharma - Making the BG-Sorrow map Alvin - BG-Sorrow_Update1 and 2 aLTis - Falcon vehicle tags M4573R51337 - H2-style vehicle impact damage SavinPVTMike - Cyborg biped with marine animations ZTeam (I think) - H2 Female Marine dialogue (SBB) Subscribers Discord Members - Helping me out with 3DS Max problems Myself - Colorable Marines, crappy Pilot re-rig, Captain Keyes combat dialogue Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/1fc1m7n130ur7ta/BG-Sorrow_update3.rar Screens