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  1. Here's the first public version of my third-person camera script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: third_person_camera v1.1.lua Features: A console command to enable/disable third-person camera: tp 1 / tp 0 Should work in all maps, even if they are protected Camera position customization: allows you to change where the camera is (open the script with notepad) Third-person camera zooming: doesn't switch to first-person when you zoom (optional) Dynamic reticle. Adds a lens flare that shows where your shots will actually land. Works in most maps (optional) Bigass V3 dynamic reticle: moves the reticle where your shows will actually land Player animation fixes: fixes most animation glitches that happen in multiplayer (optional) Camera shake removal: no camera shake when firing weapons (optional) Compatible with fp legs script Known issues: The dynamic reticle is delayed and doesn't look that good in most cases The camera might clip through walls There might still be some animation glitches Picking up a weapon might play reload animation if the previous weapon needed to be reloaded Sometimes reloading animation doesn't play at all In rare cases you can see explosion lights where the dynamic reticle is
  2. Despite the fact that a devcam command will be present in the final release of Chimera (1.0), you can use this simple Lua script for older builds (like -572 or -581) in the meantime. This is useful for people like me that only kept using HAC2 because of its "devcam 1/0" command. To use it, you can type the following commands (you can type whichever command you prefer): To exit devcam mode, just replace the "1" with a "0". Drop this script in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Author: Sled. DOWNLOAD: devcam.lua
  3. Here's the latest version of my first-person legs script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-572 or -581). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global DOWNLOAD: fp_legs.lua Features: Console command to enable/disable the script: fp_legs 1 / fp_legs 0 Works on all unprotected maps with humanoid bipeds Works on both singleplayer and multiplayer maps You can blacklist the maps on which you want to disable this script by editing the script with notepad Known issues: Weapon ready sound sometimes plays when legs spawn On maps that have damage effects applied to the player on spawn, the effect will be applied to the player every time the legs respawn On some maps that have different player physics, the legs might behave weirdly
  4. As requested by @DSalimander, I bring you the Tasty Optic Pack for HAC2. Nothing too special. Just a little something to relieve all the stress by cheering you on with moans and groans. All moans and groans were from: And here's gameplay of it in action: Enjoy! tasty.zip
  5. Here is a little global script for Chimera -572 (and its derivatives) that removes the Flag nav/distance indicator from CTF game modes. Made it because the distance indicator is always in front and can block your view of players or entire bases in the case of using the semi-refined maps by Vaporeon.) remove_ctf_nav.lua
  6. Hello everyone, this is a Chimera Lua script that basically changes your weapon reticle's color to green whenever you aim at an allied player, this is achieved through some real-time tag manipulation. Don't expect it to work on protected maps, also, as far as I know the reticle doesn't change if you're in a vehicle (unless you're in a passenger seat). Like always, let me know if you find a glitch and I'll try to fix it. Enjoy: ally_reticle_enabler.lua UPDATE: Devieth's edited script #2 (Latest version): ally_retical_modified_by_devieth.lua
  7. I know that AI sync has been done before with a method similar to this, however, I haven't seen any stuff released, so... I made my own attempt and it seemed to work. I thought that not sharing it would be a waste, so, here it is. To test it you just need to load the script with SAPP and start a match in the sync_test_2 map, give it a try, take a look at the script if you want to test it with your own tags or understand how it works, I don't know. Feel free to ask me any questions about it or to let me know if you find a glitch on it, maybe I'll upload an improved version that fixes some of the bugs that it currently has. The sync_test_2.rar contains the map and the Lua script.
  8. I've been telling myself that I'd release HAC's source for quite a while now but each time there was usually some feature I wanted to add first, as well as giving the code a thorough cleaning. There are still features I intend to add and the code still hasn't received the cleaning it badly needs but since I'd like to start spending more time on other projects, I may as well release it as-is before it ends up being pushed to the back of my mind. Motivation: Sharing is caring. Perhaps somebody can learn from or make some use of it. What to expect: Messy code, although mostly no worse than most projects of a similar nature. The nature of the project, the way it's expanded in scope and my own inexperience of working on a project of this scale will show, I'm sure. The core has been refactored several times as things have grown so it's not as bad as it could be but it's still thorny in places. To put some effort in if you want to compile it. You'll need to get ahold of a few libraries (listed below) to compile, although most of the smaller ones are included in the source folder. The code for the loader and some of the other tools aren't included. They aren't needed to get things working. No support. If you decide to try to compile your own binary, I don't have the time to help out with it. Pre-C++11 code for the most part. Moving to a newer compiler isn't a decision that can be taken lightly. Notes: The source here is the version used to compile the last release. It has some code for incomplete features. I've removed some source files from the release that weren't relevant/required. These related to the anticheat (dropped) and unfinished features. If you want to compile it, you'll need to remove a few references to these files. I'll probably put the source up on a repo at some point in the future, after some cleaning up. Libraries you'll need: Lua or LuaJIT. libZPlay. Boost. License: The MIT License. See license.txt in the archive. Thanks: As well as the names I mentioned in the client release, Termy and Sehe deserve an extra mention for this release. Some of the code is based on or is a heavily modified version of their work (namely ArgContainer and aspects of the hooking code). hacclient.zip