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  1. I've always like the plant_broadleaf class of scenery, but it's always bothered me that the collision geometry for plant_broadleaf_tall is a lot larger than the render model, which causes a lot of problems if you're trying to shoot around it or move past it on the map. So, I fixed the collision geo to match the render model, fixing this problem. The files in here can repalce the original scenery, or you could rename it if you want to keep it separate. The only change in the scenery tag is to reference the fixed collison. Going on from there, I decided to make more plants of this type. I made one called plant_broadleaf_medium that's intermediate in size between plant_broadleaf_short and plant_broadleaf_tall. Here it is: I also decided to make a larger one, called plant_broadleaf_supertall. Here it is: . Here is a size comparison between the main plant broadleaf family, from biggest to largest, with both the stock ones and mine: EDIT: added an even larger one . I'd also like to point out that these will work in MCC as well, and I've crossposted it to the MCC assets section (thanks Vaporeon, Takka).
  2. Crashed Banshee (Clean) Have you ever seen the unique crashed Banshee just before the gravity lift in the level Keyes? Have you ever wanted to use it in your map, but felt annoyed about how its front part is all covered in some kind of weird crap/dirt texture? (Maybe flood tissue, maybe someone's vomit?) Have you ever wanted a variant that just looks right like a regular and ordinary Banshee wreck? Look no further! I present to you a variant of the Banshee wreck featured in the stock tags, but with altered textures to look like a normal Banshee wreck. Compared to the original Banshee wreck (left): Recommended path to install: tags\996\scenery\debris\> Download:
  3. Baton (Colors) Various color variants of the blue signal boton light (or glowing stick) featured in various parts of the level 343 Guilty Spark and held by a marine in the hangar during the opening cutscene of The Pillar of Autumn. Currenly 6 additional color variants are included, listed below. Also each variant has their own broken version that emits no light at all. Colors: -Red -Green -Yellow -Cyan -Magenta -White All the colors including the original blue one: Recommended path to install: tags\996\scenery\> Download:
  4. Yo I'll keep it sweet and simple. Download ( if it asks for a key: ysqtyy6YGoSdEyxqlfqrvRt8pOMsSOCyc5r2nWwIDfw ) I feel having assets available allows for making custom maps a lot easier. Level designers don't want to always have to stop and make scenery. I see no shame in using perfectly good assets that already have the "halo" vibe. With them recently giving us permission to use assets across mcc I decided to backport some foliage. These tags are formatted to work with mcc; however, they will work in your custom edition maps as well. Keep in mind they have no collision. They are strictly for decoration. Just drag them into your tags folder. All of the scenery objects can be found in scenery/halo_3/foliage I take ZERO credit for anything besides ripping the models/textures, and creating the (basic) tags from them. I tried upscalling the textures, but I feel like high quality things look strange in halo 1 aesthetic. I plan creating more scenery backports. Hopefully this will allow people to design "halo" feeling levels a bit quicker.
  5. Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace the normal way of doing teleporters. If you can, model the geometry in the BSP and use the teleporter_shield.scenery and teleporter_loop.sound_scenery tags in conjunction. I am only releasing this because I had to make it as part of a larger project [to be announced?] and the existing available 'telebox' scenerys are extremely poorly made. A pre-made teleporter entry that is meant to butt up against a wall. It contains everything you need, done properly. More info: This is a piece of scenery that combines what would normally be BSP geometry, with the teleporter_shield scenery, the teleporter_loop sound, and a non-dynamic light [because shaders that normally cast light won't do so when in scenery]. I have ensured that the shader applied to the geometry looks correct. The bounding radius is exact. The gizmo you use to move this piece of scenery around should correspond exactly to where you need to place the netgame teleporter flags, for added convenience. The extents of this telebox scenery are further than they should be on purpose so it can properly seal to the BSP and in-case the BSP wall isn't completely flat. Push the scenery back into the wall so it doesn't stick out too far but not so much that the wall behind it clips into the center of the telebox. Don't forget to run radiosity after placing scenery! Notice where the Sapien gizmo is for the scenery object. This will help you also place the netgame teleporter flags in the correct spot. Push the scenery this far into the rear wall if possible. It is much larger than it should be in case the wall is uneven such as a cliff wall. The bottom of the geometry also protrudes downward more than it needs to, but not as much. You shouldn't be placing these on extremely uneven ground anyway. This requires some tags not included in this release. All of these tags should have been included in the default installation of HEK. If you find the scenery is not working, you are probably missing these tags for some reason. Download: Telebox