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  1. Homefront is a small to mid-sized asymmetrical BTB map set in New Mombasa, built for One-Flag CTF and other attack/defend modes. The map is designed to offer players a frenetic gameplay experience, with a balance of close-quarters infantry combat in interior sections and chaotic vehicular combat in the streets. The weapon, equipment, and vehicle set on the map include the following: 8 Battle Rifles 4 Assault Rifles 2 Automags 6 Silenced SMGs 2 Carbines 2 Brute Plasma Rifles 2 Plasma Pistols 2 Needlers 1 Brute Shot 1 Sniper Rifle 1 Rocket Launcher 1 Shotgun 1 Gravity Hammer 2 Trpmines 2 Bubbleshields 1 Gravlift 1 Active Camo 1 Overshield 2 Warthogs 2 Mongooses 1 Brute Chopper This map also includes the VKMT M6D Magnum in the Forge item list. Steam Workshop: Download Mega: (Outdated) Source Files:
  2. Steam Workshop: Download Mega: (Outdated) Source Files: Conflux is a symmetrical competitive map set in a Forerunner facility on the edge of a cliff. It was designed with a "tug of war" style of flow, where team positioning and careful movement through the center are emphasized. Teams start the match facing the center platform in the main atrium, with the base of a large beam emitter blocking the line of sight from spawn to spawn. Each team spawn has a large doorway in the middle, with a direct line of sight from the center platform. Walking through this doorway will lead you to a deployable Grav Lift, followed by a one-way drop-down to the center floor. From here, players can move to take the Overshield or move to the gold lift that will take them up to a raised platform that overlooks the center platform. Each team's base has one middle room flanked by an elevated room that grants them access to the center platform and a lower room that will lead them to the gold lift. Each team will find a Sniper Rifle in this lower room. Looking towards the back of the lower room, players will find a doorway leading to another room with a long, "elbow" shaped ramp leading them up to a bridge that will take them back to their spawn or to a hallway that leads to the top of the gold lift. Players that move to the elevated room in their base will find a small platform that overlooks their side of the central atrium, which they can also use to jump to the center platform. In this same area, players will another overlook that has dominance over an overhang on the cliffside that runs the length of the map. At the center of this location is a man cannon that players can use to launch themselves to the center platform. The Overshield spawns just in front of the man cannon. The map is designed primarily for CTF and Slayer, although it supports all of the default Halo 3 gametypes. The weapon and equipment set on the map include the following: 3 Battle Rifles per side. 2 Assault Rifles per side. 2 Brute Plasma Rifles per side. 2 SMGs per side. 1 Auto Mag per side. 1 Sniper Rifle per side. 1 Deployable Grav Lift per side. 1 Sentinel Beam under the center platform. 1 Gravity Hammer on the center platform. 1 Power Drain at the gold lift. 1 Bubble Shield at the man cannon. 1 Overshield between the man cannon and the center platform. How to install and play: -Navigate to the install location of Halo: The Master Chief Collection -Go to the Halo 3 folder, and then the maps folder -Backup the file called by either renaming it, or moving it to another folder -Drag the new file into the maps folder -Select the map Longshore in Custom Games or Forge to play
  3. Downloads: Steam Workshop: Mega: Nexus: Resuscitation is a recreation of Coagulation from Halo 2, brought into Halo 3. It is meant to be as faithful as possible to the original, while updating the visuals, and incorporating Halo 3 sandbox elements. This is the first test release, so please report any bugs that you may encounter. Changelog: Resuscitation Beta Release 1 -Initial public release Resuscitation Beta Release 2 -Altered spawn times and maximum quantities of all weapons, equipment, and vehicles -Replaced Rocket Launcher with Spartan Laser -Altered Power Drain spawns -Removed duplicate spawn points -Modified radii of KOTH and Territories objectives -Fixed bad UV -Modified exposure settings Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.0 -Initial Steam Workshop Release Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.1 -Changed list order of custom forge objects Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.2 -Recompiled to support latest version of MCC -Fixed floating decorators -Updated shader for cliffs -Decreased tessellation subdivision of water in cave -Corrected all respawn points team setting to Neutral instead of Defender -Changed location of Power Drain spawn -Replaced Spartan Laser with Rocket Launcher -Replaced Scorpion Tank with Wraith -Replaced Magnums with Maulers -Added Carbines to top of bases -Other miscellaneous changes to weapon/equipment placement Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.2b -Adjusted auto-exposure parameters -Other minor miscellaneous changes Credits: Map Creator: Aerial Dave (Discord: Aerial Dave#2236) Vehicles: Vuthakral - Spectre Playtesters: SCRAPY (@Halo2Guy) TheGhostOfFive (Discord: TheGhostOfFive#6969) fable law 458 (Discord: fable law 458#5648) defaunation (Discord: defaunation#4027) Markel (Discord: Markel#5480) WyvernZu (Discord: Alexis | WyvernZu#0001) Priception Xcaterworn2X arcdluna snapchipper (Discord: chipsnapper#7409) Fat Stink Ape Meowcat284 Mynameislol recon4322 JB Neckzilla STRYKNG NOBLE979 xGriffinx3 R93 Sniper oom9196 Heronimon wwm0nkey (Discord: wwm0nkey#8275) abyssquick (Discord: abyssquick#1971) Special Thanks: General-101 (Discord: General_101#9814) num0005 (Discord: num0005#8646) zekilk (cyboryxmen on forums) Bungie 343 Industries For feedback, contact: [email protected] Downloads: Steam Workshop: Mega: Nexus:
  4. "The Corps issued him a rifle..." MEGA link: Nexus link: Hanger is a custom made multiplayer map for Halo: Combat Evolved! A big team battle map, Hanger makes use of narrow corridors and open hanger bays to create a blend of close-quarters and mid-range combat. Verticality plays an important role in this map; do you dart across the short but dangerous hanger bay to grab the flag, or take the long and winding corridors to gain the higher ground? The map is recommended for 10-16 players.
  5. This is the most updated version of the map 'Intensity'. It features more paths and cover options compared to the original map that I created. This map is for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. There is also a Halo: Custom Edition version of the map available for download. Intensity is an arena styled map for Halo Combat Evolved. It is fun for 4-8 player team matches, and also FFA. There is a secret located on the map, along with a secret teleporter to get there. Good luck. Special Thanks to: VKMT Vaporeon - Teleporter Shield Tags The_Regressor - Secret scenery model found on the map. Yes, you can take a secret teleporter to the secret area. If you notice any bugs or issues, please let me know. I'll update the map if necessary.
  6. This is the most updated version of the map 'Nitra'. This map is for Halo: Custom Edition and Halo: MCC. Nitra a symmetrical styled map for Halo Combat Evolved. It is fun for 6-10 player team matches, mostly CTF and Team Slayer. There is a secret located on the map, along with a secret teleporter to get there. Good luck. Special Thanks to: @Vaporeon - Teleporter Shield Tags The_Regressor - Secret scenery model found on the map. Yes, you can take a secret teleporter to the secret area. If you notice any bugs or issues, please let me know. I'll update the map if necessary.
  7. "This ancient Forerunner structure acts as a hydroelectric facility of some sort. Though the science team is very interested in its power generation capabilities, the Corps is more interested in using it as Spartan training grounds." MEGA link: Nexus link: (I have other maps too, feel free to have a look) Cliffhanger is a custom made multiplayer map for Halo: Combat Evolved! A big team battle map, Cliffhanger makes use of Warthogs, Ghosts and Banshees to control a circuit around the map, while players can fight on foot in interior structures away from the vehicular carnage. The map is still in the process of being finished, as I have yet to fully texture portions of the map. However, the map works and is available to play right now, so let me know what you think and I shall make changes where possible. The finished product shall be here at some point, as I'm a little distracted with other projects at the moment. This is my second custom made Halo CE map, and I am still learning the ropes, so if you have any Halo modding knowledge feel free to give me some advice! Some YT footage from months ago: PS I know that there is already a map called Cliffhanger, so if I or anyone else can think of a clever name for this one I'll rename it. Ta.
  8. This is a small symmetrical map split between human and forerunner architecture. made to replace guardian Mega: I'm sure there's lots of problems with it still but I'm out of time so it's all I've got. I hope someone gets at least a little enjoyment out of it.
  9. Introducing: Dynamis! A Covenant-themed Halo 3 map inspired by the forge map select. This map has been a long time in the making. The original versions of the map date all the way back to 2015 for Halo: Custom Edition. I made a bunch of edits to the model to fix spawn trapping issues and ended up never testing it in game because the base design I had really didn't play well. A year ago the model found its way back onto my radar and I decided to polish it up for the impending Halo 3 tools release after deciding I liked the changes I had made back in 2017. I originally took inspiration from the forge map select from halo reach. The only part that remains similar is the center bridge and the side bridges that connect. The rest of the map is completely different and fixes a lot of the issues I had with how select plays. Special Thanks to Fritzster and ShmeeGrim for help with weapon placement and the halo 3 spawn system. And LudusRegard for help on the uv and texure work Downloads: Imgur gallery
  10. This is a remaster of a Halo Custom Edition map Municipality originally made by Chris Webster (Wave of Lag). Download: The original version of this map can be downloaded here´╗┐ The map features throwable fusion coils by noblemods. Known issues: -Underwater fog looks bad and has incorrect color; -Player customization is disabled to decrease file size; -In Forge mode you can't edit or spawn scenery objects.
  11. Metrobyte is a map I made for the Season 2 of Reclaimers Map Competition. It's available for Halo: Custom Edition and MCC. MCC Download: CE: Release Topic There may or may not be a secret room somewhere Thanks to everyone who contributed: The entire (SBB) team Hispanorum MrChromed Sled Holy Crust Fubih And everyone else who helped me test the map! Special thanks to Nix for the drawings UwU Some assets have been ripped from various MCC games.
  12. This is a symmetrical map with 3 floor levels and a base on each side, it works well with most game types, but was originally designed for Slayer FFA. Adaptation of the map for MCC. Shader modifications to suit MCC effects. Original weapons to work with skins. Bitmaps in 32-bit color format. Pictures: Download: Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -343Industries -Bungie -Gearbox
  13. This is a "remake" of Coagulation, Transfusion. it is also on Halo 2 Project Cartographer. trees, rocks, some tweaks here and there. not perfect but its def a scrapy map CoagCTF Rules I do hope it all works properly. the size of the map is slightly larger, base jumps are a tad bit more difficult. wider paths and tunnels for vehicles. did i say more trees and rocks? lol Transfusion Download
  14. With the latest MCC update and the release of the updated HEK, I am happy to announce the early release of these two map packs. NHE (Neutral Host Edition) and the more recent PE (Patch Edition) are popular in the Xbox competitive community, and it is my pleasure to bring the latest versions of the maps to MCC in an easily-distributable format. NOTE: These map packs are not intended to be an "official" or comprehensive NHE or PE release for MCC in the traditional sense. They do not include the features from the Xbox mods (notably the training mode, neutral host mode and talking timer). These are essentially "vanilla MCC" releases of the maps from those mods, built with the new tagset that was released with the updated HEK. In other words: there are no "base tagset" or gameplay modifications in these maps - they are clean (except for Pat Race, see the list of PE changes below for more information). Other features, such as the competitive sound removal mod and no-spread mod, are redundant since they were added to MCC (use the new Hardcore settings toggle in the gametype editor in-game). This release does include, however, previously-unreleased recent revisions of some maps. I have also released these map packs on Nexus Mods and future updates will be posted there first. Here's my Nexus Mods page: New Update (13 October 2021): support for the new Classic HUD (relased with MCC Season 8) has been added! There is also a ~25% reduction in filesize across the map files. Other minor fixes include the removal of a sound reference in a smoke emitter scenery used in Outbound & Decidia, as well as some small corrections to item spawn times in Atlas (frag grenades, plasma pistol, sniper & shotgun). New Update (30 June 2021): custom map preview/thumbnail images have now been added! NHE map pack: For more information about the original NHE mod, refer to this site: NOTE: Due to the limitation in MCC that requires vanilla map files to be replaced in order to run custom maps, the following maps are not included with this release: Double Take, Xbox Blood Gulch, Xbox Sidewinder, Xbox Rat Race, Xbox Wizard, Xbox Blood Gulch, Xbox Boarding Action, Xbox Sidewinder, Xbox Longest & Xbox Chiron TL34. It is only a matter of time before someone releases a "comprehensive" Xbox map pack that includes the entire original lineup. The intention with this map pack is to port the most-played NHE maps to MCC. Patch Edition map pack: Patch Edition is a brand new competitive mod aimed at "refreshing" the tournament map lineup, including some minor gameplay balance and level tweaks. Here is the full list of changes included in the PE maps: Download links: I have decided to leverage MCC Mod Manager to ease distribution and align map replacements for players wishing to run custom lobbies. More information about MCC Mod Manager can be found here: It is highly recommended that you use MCC Mod Manager to install the "modpack" version of the map packs. Otherwise you will need to manually replace the map files every time you need to run the maps, and manually restore your backed up files when you want to play with anticheat ON. All downloads below include a modified careerdb.xml file which renames the map names in the map selection screen to reflect the actual map, eliminating the need for a "cheat sheet" of which map is which. Read the included readme's for more information and installing instructions, as well as the full list of the map replacements used. NHE map pack v1.1 ("modpack" MCC Mod Manager download): PE map pack v1.1 ("modpack" MCC Mod Manager download): If you are comfortable handling the map replacements on your own, use the below download links. Note that the files have already been renamed in the interest of standardizing the map replacements used (the maps in the above "modpacks" downloads have their original names, if that's what you're into): NHE map pack v1.1 (manual install): PE map pack v1.1 (manual install): NOTE: If you wish to mix some of the PE maps in to the NHE lineup, I suggest first installing the NHE pack, and then overwriting with the desired PE maps. The packaged maps were renamed with this in mind. For example: if you wish to play a NHE mapcycle, except you want PE Dreadnought instead of Xbox Derelict, simply start by installing the NHE map pack, then copy in from the PE map pack (and overwrite). In other words, any map with both a "NHE" and "PE" variant take the same slot in the map selection menu. Credits: MCC map ports produced by: stunt_man Tester: hirsute Original NHE team: Creator/Lead Developer: dds Lead Programmer/Developer: insidi0us Developer/Lead Tester: Devilman Consultant/Contributor: stunt man Wizard: Mintograde Creator of Arsenic: CLuis Liaison Officer/Tester: Mudbone Legal Counsel: McDick HBIC: Meg Tester: NtG-Fr33 Consultant/Environment Artist: DSalimander Environment Artist: il Duce Primo Tester: Cujjer Patch Edition team: Creator/Producer: Patch Lead Developer: hirsute NOTE: For specific map credits, please refer to the readme included in the map packs
  15. Author: PopeTX28 Map Size: Small, Asymmetrical. Designed for 2v2. This is a UNSC themed map designed for 2v2 and other small party gametypes, the map is Asymmetrical in design. The map is inspired from Chrion-TL34, Rat Race, and Wizard. I hope you enjoy. Install instruction for MCC: 1) Navigate to your \steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps location. 2) Re-name the current (chiron-TL34) to or putput.old. 3) Copy this map the maps folder. 4) Be sure to either remove this map and rename the original back to its original name when you are done playing. --MCC Version Download-- --Custom Edition Version--