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  1. Gorge is a single player map for Halo CE. It's the fist level of the custom campaign I've been working on. It's designed to fit the stock CE aesthetic while still having lots of custom weapons and some custom enemies. Legendary difficulty is recommended, since that's what I balanced it around and tested on. MCC download link: CE download link: EDIT: fixed minor version issue with MCC version. Replace if you downloaded it earlier. Credits: H2 brute models+anims: Elote Testing: Elote MA5K + spiker: CMT
  2. As some of you may know, I made an ODST mod called ODST: Feet First into Hell a while ago. Well, now that ODST mod tools are now out, I'm remaking that mod, now under the branding of ODST: Inferno (I don't think the old name was doing the mod any favors in terms of clarity, recognition, etc.). Because the map contest is coinciding with my dev and remaking process, I decided to release something for it. Since the contest only allows one map, I was recommended to release Mombasa Streets due to all it covers. My mod covers the entire campaign, but for this thread, only one of the maps will be shown off here (it's just as well. The mod is still indev.). Anyways, what is ODST: Inferno you may ask? Well, you may look here: (don't download anything here. It's old and broken.) for some information, but how about I give you some information anyways? ODST: Inferno is a mod that covers the full Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight experience. Notable features include: Drastically improved AI, both friendly and enemy. Brutes are noticeably improved. More diversified AI. Actors have a bit more defined personalities and more variance in behavior. Rebalanced "sandbox" and general game. Elements that weren't so great have been buffed or changed in various ways. Elements that where too overpowered have been nerfed in various ways. Some added or revised encounters. Notably, there are more Hunters and some Covenant troops in the campaign can be found wielding human weapons. Some cut encounters have also been restored. Some continuity changes. Some simple continuity errors have been fixed and/or addressed. Reviver allies will assist you in the first 4 flashback missions and most Firefight maps (with boons on). These are allies that act like the Arbiter or Johnson in Halo 3. The Firefight revivers are from my Halo 3 mod Yet Another Halo 3 Revamp (or YAH3R). Generic allies have been added to Firefight maps that lacked them. (If you have boons on). A mod that isn't generally too crazy on the changes. Balanced and intended to be played on Legendary. Etc. Caveats: The mod is still indev. So as such not everything might be as finally intended. Things might also get changed later down the line. The Tilt skull does nothing special right now. I have yet to make its damage table. It's just a copy of the normal one. You're only getting one map of all of them. Still, you can roam the streets of Mombasa and play two Firefight maps (the night versions of Crater and Rally Point), so you should be able to get a feel for the mod. Etc. With all this, I hope you enjoy the mod. Again, it's balanced around Legendary.... though try not to die too much. >:) Download link: (Nexus page won't be updated so as to not falsely alert people only following that page that the mod got a new update. It'll be updated once I'm done with the mod remake.) Now for some screenshots ( ):
  3. Finally got my ODST mod released, ODST: Feet First into Hell: . It's a rather simple mod that edits the AI and gives "less effective" weapons buffs and/or new niches. And more. Full campaign is supported. Brutes in particular are rather scary in this mod. Hope you enjoy it. More information about the mod is on the mod page and in its readme (attached to the post). ODST Feet First into Hell readme.7z
  4. I'm glad to present you the third update for my campaign mod, SOI's Singleplayer Adventure, after 5 years! For those not aware, SOI's Singleplayer adventure is a complete overhaul of the original campaign, with several new assets, many cut items reintroduced and unique features. This Version 3 update solves several issues from the previous version and also adds some quality of life improvements. With the latest release, the mod is fully compatible with MCC, even in coop! You can also enable optional custom subtitles! (they currently support English, Latam Spanish, French and Italian, but more languages will be implemented later down the road! If you want to contribute, let me know). You can download the mod here: Moddb: Nexusmods: FULL CHANGELOG Global: -All bitmaps have been recompiled as 32-bit, so they don't have artifacts anymore -HUD now supports wide resolutions -Zoom masks are higher resolution and are not stretched anymore -Sounds and music that are not included in the MCC or are not custom have been replaced to fit the new EULA -HUD now shows when you have an equipment in your backpack -Slightly buffed Assault Rifle -Slighlty decreased grenades explosion radius -Slighlty increased ARGL explosion radius -Synced AR reload sound and animations -ARGL now has a pair of colored lights that indicate when you have grenades or not -Increased Needler error for grunt AIs -Improvements for Shotgun, Spiker, Sentinel Beams and Battle Rifle animations -Extended areas have received huge improvements: they are properly connected to the original sections, they have full quality lightmaps, they are easier to navigate and their cutscenes are more polished -Blood doesn't glow in darkness anymore (Except Grunt and Elite blood, for stylistic reasons) -Nerfed Brutes vitality -Added more ARGL ammo across all the maps -Increased reserve ammo and reduced spread for the SMG -Hornet is less sluggish, its engine lights change if you go up or down, rockets cooldown decreased. rockets speed increased -Disabled Spectre passenger seats for players -Increased ammo pickups in all maps a10: -Improvements for Grunt and Jackal ranger shaders -Elite rangers have better hit boxes and less shields -Jackal ranger cutlass melee damage has been nerfed -Implemented equipments tutorial -Added more cover and ammo in the extended area -More checkpoints in the extended area -Increased distance between the camera and the mod title during the final cutscene, no more black background -Better audio quality for the "Find us an exit" line a30: -Added extra lines and navpoints to help the player navigate the new areas -Blind wolves are more common across the level -Bubble Shield is available in the rockslide section -Bubble Shield now uses the Energy Cutlass animations (no more Jedi tricks) -Elephant now has a squad of marines that will help you in the AA Cannon section -Slightly edited Elephant geometry to accomodate marines -Elephant is now optional, you can opt to continue the mission on foot and leave the Elephant behind as backup fire -If you choose to drive the Elephant, Johnson will use the Missile Pod turret -Added an extra LMG on the Elephant if you're playing in coop (MCC only) -AA Cannon sound now fades out instead of suddenly stopping -Improved final AA Cannon cutscene -Changed the "We're on our way" line with "We're on it, Sergeant" -Johnson now uses the LMG instead of the Shotgun a50: -Removed Gravity Lifts from the Drinol prison, Gravity Lift is now available in the Hangar bay room, allowing more vertical combat -The Drinol prison room door won't open until you kill it -Drinol cutscene animations are less awkward -Drinol has been heavily nerfed: its melee attacks don't instakill anymore, but they instead push you away, and it also flinches and leaps, making it easier to avoid. The bossfight room has also a lot of ammo and items you can use against it -Execution bipeds have been moved so that you can see them right after entering the control room b30: -Replaced Bubble Shield with Power Drain -Locust music doesn't go on forever if you skip the Locust encounter -Locust radio line now has radio effects -Increased the initial ammo count of the player startup weapons b40: -Removed Power Drain -Ziggurat encounters spawn right after you unlock the blastdoor controls -Placed an extra healthpack near the Hornet -Added bumped glass from Refined c10: -Revamped the outdoor fog -Improved fungal textures -Fixed some misaligned/floating sceneries -More foliage -Replaced Dead Space spooky ambience with spooky ambience from various Halo games -Restored Foehammer's "Good Luck, Sir" c20: -Juggernaut now uses H2 animations. It's also invincible now, but its melee attacks don't oneshot you anymore -Juggernaut doesn't get on the elevator anymore -Revamped Flamethrower particles -Added Bubble Shield -Solved an issue that made GS's tendril lightning always visible -Improved Juggernaut cutscene c40: -Replaced Warthog with Spectre -Removed Energy Cutlass -Added Brutes -Added Firebomb Grenades across the map -Added Hornet as optional vehicle in case you don't want to use the Banshee -Added bumped glass from Refined -Gravity Rifle uses the Heir of Old Lords animations d20: -Removed Beam Rifle Flood d40: -New area has been repurposed into a more interesting Doom-like encounter before the Flood Infector -Revamped Flood Infector walking animations -Zuka Zamamee's Shade in the elevator isn't invincible anymore -Chief no longer runs holding an invisible AR during the longsword cutscene -Replaced the Legendary easter egg with... something else CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS: MrChromed, Idaho: subtitles translation Advancebo, ShadowSlayer, Zteam, MMAMONSTERRR-D92209, Spartan-094: H3 models Adjutant team: Adjutant tool SorrySoldOut: Retexture inspiration CMT, Teh Lag, Ifafudafi, Zteam: several tags Hotcrusher1234: knife DMT-HDoan: H2 tags Kommandant: H3 marines Rododo: particles, sceneries and actor_variants Altis: grass, particles and Falcon Bourrin: H3 Hunter and FP arms Chocolate Thunda: HUD elements Jesse: H3 HUD Lumoria team: Drone animations Mortis: updated bitmaps Refined team: fixed bumped glass Extinction team: Covenant AA Cannon Matthewdratt: ripped dialogues Kirby_422: Juggernaut model and animations Koo294: Blind Wolf Altheros: contrails Goldkilla: Flood stuff The Doctor: Anniversary textures masterchief117: Anniversary sounds benjimod: plant sceneries GAIGHER: sceneries Peep210: Elephant tags Fubih: Super Shotgun animations xKRONNiKx: Albatros tags ofthehill: palm tree tags Some guy from Halo General: H2 tag packs EJ Burke, Arteen, and PopeAK47: BSPs Echo77: suggestions and ideas for weapons and vehicles Nex: shaders and bug fixing Masterz1337: scripting help And big thanks to Xtralaos, Dumb AI, Master Noob, xnx, greg079, Bobblehob, Rangerdanger, R93_Sniper, Spiral, Zobieking, Delicon20, 50predator50, MEGASEAN, clonecam117, WWLinkMasterX, TK421, SPV3 testers and everyone else who helped me making this project a reality With love, SOI
  5. A MCC single player level taking place on sniper canyon redux. The level features custom content like Brutes, Drones, and more. The level is also set up for co-op play including unique encounters and more enemies. A covenant remnant faction is syphoning energy out of Forerunner energy conduits. Drop in and stop them! Stay alert, as they are not the only faction out for resources in this sector... A lot of community tags I have collected over the years were used on this level, including the bsp which can be found here: Thanks to: CMT ZTEAM NP Galap Spiral Conscars VKMT and many more! Download:
  6. I swapped the skyboxes of a30 and a50, then remade the lightmaps because it seemed like it would be fun to play with. Thanks to adumbass for telling me about the -noasserts command that allowed the lightmaps for the a30_b to work and aLTis for the detail objects relighting hotkey that fixed the bright grass. Download