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  1. As some of you may know, I made an ODST mod called ODST: Feet First into Hell a while ago. Well, now that ODST mod tools are now out, I'm remaking that mod, now under the branding of ODST: Inferno (I don't think the old name was doing the mod any favors in terms of clarity, recognition, etc.). Because the map contest is coinciding with my dev and remaking process, I decided to release something for it. Since the contest only allows one map, I was recommended to release Mombasa Streets due to all it covers. My mod covers the entire campaign, but for this thread, only one of the maps will be shown off here (it's just as well. The mod is still indev.). Anyways, what is ODST: Inferno you may ask? Well, you may look here: (don't download anything here. It's old and broken.) for some information, but how about I give you some information anyways? ODST: Inferno is a mod that covers the full Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight experience. Notable features include: Drastically improved AI, both friendly and enemy. Brutes are noticeably improved. More diversified AI. Actors have a bit more defined personalities and more variance in behavior. Rebalanced "sandbox" and general game. Elements that weren't so great have been buffed or changed in various ways. Elements that where too overpowered have been nerfed in various ways. Some added or revised encounters. Notably, there are more Hunters and some Covenant troops in the campaign can be found wielding human weapons. Some cut encounters have also been restored. Some continuity changes. Some simple continuity errors have been fixed and/or addressed. Reviver allies will assist you in the first 4 flashback missions and most Firefight maps (with boons on). These are allies that act like the Arbiter or Johnson in Halo 3. The Firefight revivers are from my Halo 3 mod Yet Another Halo 3 Revamp (or YAH3R). Generic allies have been added to Firefight maps that lacked them. (If you have boons on). A mod that isn't generally too crazy on the changes. Balanced and intended to be played on Legendary. Etc. Caveats: The mod is still indev. So as such not everything might be as finally intended. Things might also get changed later down the line. The Tilt skull does nothing special right now. I have yet to make its damage table. It's just a copy of the normal one. You're only getting one map of all of them. Still, you can roam the streets of Mombasa and play two Firefight maps (the night versions of Crater and Rally Point), so you should be able to get a feel for the mod. Etc. With all this, I hope you enjoy the mod. Again, it's balanced around Legendary.... though try not to die too much. >:) Download link: (Nexus page won't be updated so as to not falsely alert people only following that page that the mod got a new update. It'll be updated once I'm done with the mod remake.) Now for some screenshots ( ):
  2. Finally got my ODST mod released, ODST: Feet First into Hell: . It's a rather simple mod that edits the AI and gives "less effective" weapons buffs and/or new niches. And more. Full campaign is supported. Brutes in particular are rather scary in this mod. Hope you enjoy it. More information about the mod is on the mod page and in its readme (attached to the post). ODST Feet First into Hell readme.7z