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  1. this is little map for fun. The is inspired by savior PLEASE READ RECOMMENDATIONS -This map is too small for 8 v 8. 3v3 or 4v4 max is recommended. -Share your feedback or comment errors for the latest version as soon as possible. -This map is specially nice for arena matches (oddball,race,ctf,king of the hill) download link : Credits: -textures forerunner and crates from aerial by fubih -some assets by Kinnet -flag and ball by shadow mods
  2. Shipment 2552 A recreation of the Shipment map from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare A small port in a distant planet, ideal for 2-8 players Ideal for fast matches Suggested 2-8 players MAX 8 PLAYERS RECOMENDED 4 PLAYERS Supports -King of the Hill -Slayer -Capture the Flag -Oddball Does not Support -Race Pics Comparison More pics Credits + Me + Shadowmods crew for Testing + Infinite Ward for Original Layout + Bungie + Gearbox Download!ft1RCa6A!sAYCMtoNqhFZeNjrnEuuMQVw44m1McypEUhdGW3p2_g The map also includes 2 easter eggs, its up to you to find them
  3. [ESP] Hola de nuevo, traigo un nuevo mod festejando un día conmemorativo en Mexico, hice unos sombreros bien perrones de charros para los spartans, funcionan en el multijugador. Por el momento solo están disponibles para la versión de Custom Edition, después estará disponible para la versión de Combat Evolved. Desconozco si puede haber errores de compatibilidad por el idioma del juego. Antes de la instalación de los mapas has una copia a tus mapas por si te pasa algún error al abrir los mapas. [ENG] Hello again, I bring a new mod celebrating a commemorative day in Mexico, I made some very cool charro hats for the spartans, they work in multiplayer. At the moment they are only available for the Custom Edition version, later it will be available for the Combat Evolved version. I do not know if there may be compatibility errors due to the language of the game. Before installing the maps, make a copy of your maps in case you get an error when opening the maps. Link:
  4. This is the most updated version of the map 'Intensity'. It features more paths and cover options compared to the original map that I created. This map is for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. There is also a Halo: Custom Edition version of the map available for download. Intensity is an arena styled map for Halo Combat Evolved. It is fun for 4-8 player team matches, and also FFA. There is a secret located on the map, along with a secret teleporter to get there. Good luck. Special Thanks to: VKMT Vaporeon - Teleporter Shield Tags The_Regressor - Secret scenery model found on the map. Yes, you can take a secret teleporter to the secret area. If you notice any bugs or issues, please let me know. I'll update the map if necessary.
  5. This is the most updated version of the map 'Nitra'. This map is for Halo: Custom Edition and Halo: MCC. Nitra a symmetrical styled map for Halo Combat Evolved. It is fun for 6-10 player team matches, mostly CTF and Team Slayer. There is a secret located on the map, along with a secret teleporter to get there. Good luck. Special Thanks to: @Vaporeon - Teleporter Shield Tags The_Regressor - Secret scenery model found on the map. Yes, you can take a secret teleporter to the secret area. If you notice any bugs or issues, please let me know. I'll update the map if necessary.
  6. A classic NES game remade in Halo CE. Featuring top down view, projectiles that destroy each other on contact and overshield with effects. Including 3 maps based on stages 1, 9 and 22. Trailer: Download: Tagset This file has most of the tags you need to make your own maps like this, you can simply rip the rest of the tags using HEK+. Each block is 2x2 world units which makes placing blocks accurately very easy by manually entering the values. I have also included a blank scenario file from which you can start off. Tags download: Thanks to: SBB team and subs for testing Rododo for particle effects for sounds for sprites
  7. Oi oi Some of you may have already seen this posted on some Discord servers but here I am announcing Halo: PP Edition. Have you ever thought to yourself "I think the plasma pistol is drastically underutilized and deserves more love. Imagine no more. Halo PP Edition takes the classic Halo 1 plasma pistol and turns it on its head. This beta includes four modded original maps: Boarding Action, Chillout, Prisoner and Ratrace. Each map features the following weapons - Original PP: unmodified original plasma pistol - Uzy PP: Automatic plasma pistol that deals high rate of fire but low damage per overheat - Big PP: Double shot plasma pistol that fires Fuel Rod projectiles - Blue PP: Plasma pistol with a powerful, close range blast - Gold PP: Headshot capable plasma pistol that fires rounds similar to the carbine - Purple PP: Pseudo-grappling hook. Objects are launched toward you and you are launched in the direction you aim Please download and enjoy!
  8. This is an old forgotten map that wasn't show, I recompiled it with in it's current state to test it. It was planned for casual games and fun. Only supports Race, CTF and Slayer Images: Download: Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -343Industries -Bungie -Gearbox
  9. I don't know where to posted. But it's something that Michelle suggested. This is a posting of every map that I have created. Starting from Oldest, ending with most recent. ----U-turn---- my first map ever made. It's a crappy box map. ----Gravitary---- My 2nd map made. It's a crappy interior map. -----Conspire----- ----Ancient Sanctuary Beta---- My 3rd map, was quite successful. Great idea not having starting pistols :/. ----Airlock---- Yes, author says 'Hellhound' but it was actually me. ----Gridiron_Beta---- This map was fun to make. Probably one of my favorites. I'm too lazy to change things and finalize it though :/ ----10k POA Beta---- Probably one of the best Asymetrical maps I've made for CE. It's small but it plays awesome. It would be better with proper spawns. ----10k Halo Beta---- Probably one of the prettiest maps I've made. ----10k T&R---- One of the most uniquely designed maps that I have made. ----Nitra---- My goal for this map was learning Aether. Worked out pretty good. ----Prudhoe Beta---- This was a fun Arena map to make. I need to finish it with proper portals. Map is poorly optimized, but still plays fun. ----Hemoasis---- This is my most polished map. It's also the map that helped me win $50 from the OpenCarnage mapping competition. ----Brumal---- I made this map in 1 week with limited time for the Open Carnage competition. It's not my most favorite work, but it's a decent enough map for 1 week. ----GridironV2-Public Beta----- Version 2 of Gridiron. New Redbase area and skybox. This is a public beta of the map. Final version with better lighting might be released in the future. In terms of gameplay, it seems pretty final. -----Infint-MP----- -----Snowbind-PB----- -Ruins of Alph- -Gothra- -Intensity- ------------Old Link (Not Updated Yet)--------------
  10. This is a symmetrical map with 3 floor levels and a base on each side, it works well with most game types, but was originally designed for Slayer FFA. It also includes several characters to use with sapp's script. Recommendation: 6-16 players Supports all gamemodes Images: Download: Test: -ECD's testers Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -343Industries -Bungie -Gearbox
  11. A listing of maps on OC that've earned at least a 7/10 rating in SBB's testing (all new MP releases are tested). Maps earning such a rating after their release on OC will additionally earn 10 tickets for the Monthly Raffle! The Mercury script below will download all of these maps: 9/10 8/10 7/10
  12. Tumulus is a mid-sized multiplayer map designed for Big Team CTF and King of the Hill. The map supports all gametypes and is intended for 8v8, but it's fun to play with even only 5-6 players. The map is compatible with both MCC and Custom Edition, and I have a public CE server running CTF/Crazy King/Team Slayer. The server name is "TUMULUS 24/7 OFFICIAL SERVER." Come play! Features: All-new sound design. Destructible vehicles! New gunplay, character and vehicle stats. Playable on all gametypes. I recommend CTF, Crazy King or Team Slayer. Tips: Ammo spawns in small clusters all around the map. Plasma weapons stun enemy movement and have no recoil. Recommended for new players. Vehicles are resistant to small-arms fire. Use plasma weapons or explosives against them if you can. The Scorpion Tank has 3 fire modes. Press your primary trigger to fire a tank shell, grenade button to launch a tracking missile volley, or crouch button to shoot the machine gun. The Warthog's minigun barrels must be spinning at full speed before the gun will fire. The Plasma Pistol's overcharged bolt stuns players and vehicles for several seconds after it detonates. All projectile weapons have recoil and deal slightly less damage over distance. Tap the trigger and pace your shots to maintain tight bullet spread. Special Thanks: Altautas Petronis (altis94) for destructible vehicle scripts, Ted Stabile (wertnerve) for Spartan voice acting, and VKMT for beta testing the map. DOWNLOAD HERE
  13. Author: PopeTX28 Map Size: Small, Asymmetrical. Designed for 2v2. This is a UNSC themed map designed for 2v2 and other small party gametypes, the map is Asymmetrical in design. The map is inspired from Chrion-TL34, Rat Race, and Wizard. I hope you enjoy. --Custom Edition Version Download-- --MCC Version--
  14. [ESP] Hola a todos, modifique los mapas oficiales agregándole un simple gorrito de Santa a los spartans, funcionan bien en el multijugador con Chimera reciente, desconozco si puede servir en Hac2 o versiones viejas de Chimera ya que los mapas fueron descomprimidos y compilados con Invader, los mapas base del Custom Edition son parte de los mapas Refinados con la HUD corregida y algunas otras texturas / shaders corregidos. Antes de la instalación de los mapas has una copia a tus mapas por si te pasa algún error al abrir los mapas. [ENG] Hello everyone, I modified the official maps by adding a simple Santa hat to the spartans, they work well in multiplayer with recent Chimera, I don't know if it can work in hac2 or old versions of Chimera since the maps were unzipped and compiled with Invader, Custom Edition base of maps are part of the Refined maps with corrected HUD and some other textures / shaders corrected. Before installing the maps, make a copy of your maps in case you get an error when opening the maps. Merry Christmas! Links: Maps Custom Edition.rar Maps Combat Evolved.rar
  15. This map consists of several rooms with hallways in a symmetrical way, it works good with slayer and team slayer. Recommendation: 10-16 players Supports all gamemodes Images: Download: Help and test: -ECD's testers -DG Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -343Industries -Bungie -Gearbox
  16. Antfarm is a map I made for the Reclaimers Discord server's season 2 map making competition. It is based on layout number 1. This is basically a shitpost turned into a serious entry, the original idea was to make a shitty map with a bunch of memes in it but in the end I found myself rigging custom bipeds, running vray lightmaps and putting in way more effort than it probably deserved but it was totally worth it. There are more easter eggs than actual assets so do go look around. The map itself was originally too "spicy" so I had to make a safe for work version without controversial / politically incorrect easter eggs in order to stay in the competition. I took so long to post this because I am the king of procrastination and I accidentally deleted all the footage we recorded for the trailer, so here are Storm's reviews of both versions. SFW Version: Download: Real/NSFW Version: Download: Thanks to everyone who helped out testing, debugging, reviewing and giving me ideas for this map: The SBB team Altis Blitz Burney CC Gonza Holy Crust Kinnet Lolslayer Pope Sean Storm Vuthakral Xander Biaanca (Orange Juice) Giraffe Nix Everyone else I inevitably forgot Dennis Powers (RIP) PD: If you don't understand what the outside of the map is referencing, go watch this ->
  17. I meant to post this map after the competition, but it seems I forgot! Author: PopeTX28 Map Size: Asymmetrical, 2v2. This is a map that was designed for Reclaimer's map competition #2. It's based on the 2nd blockout. My goal was to create a forerunner ruins environment in the middle of a oasis/desert. The map is only available for Custom Edition. ---LINK BELOW--- Ruins of
  18. For nearly a decade since its release, Lumoria is one of the best known single player maps ever made in Halo Custom Edition. Because gameplay footages of Lumoria alongside its SPV3 remake are available on YouTube, it deserves a Refined version to complement Halo: Combat Evolved Refined. Also included in the download is Refined Geomar, which is an updated version of the multiplayer map of the same name. I commend and give credit to the original creators of Lumoria, CMT and the former TM Mapping Team for their outstanding work on the custom campaign maps that balance exploration with combat and a storyline. Lumoria Refined is first seen on Halo: Spartan Edition, a mod for Halo Custom Edition. Now available as a standalone download with all four maps plus the Geomar multiplayer map. Download Credits CMT and TM Mapping Team: Original maps as basis MattDratt: Drone dialog tags from HaloMaps Vaporeon: Halo 2 music tags Holy Crust: HRX HUD Jakey: Jackal leg multipurpose bitmaps Screenshots
  19. This release of Warren is an update to the beta version submitted in the recent Reclaimers map contest. I've made a few minor layout changes and fixed lightmap artifacts, as well as adjusted the placement of weapons, spawns, and objectives. I think it plays best with 8-12 people on CTF or Slayer. Assets and tags for the map can be found on GitHub: Mirror:
  20. Aerial aims to redesign Halo to resemble other arena shooters, introducing new gameplay through "launch" pads, pickups and a brand new weapon set. Almost everything was recreated from the ground up, all the models, textures, shaders and animations. so I'm proud to finally share a release. With that said, welcome to the arena! This is old and will no longer be updated, go to the MCC Workshop for the latest version. Blood Covenant MEGA Version 3 MEGA Classic version NOTES: Heavy Only game modes will spawn the Big Fuelrod Gun and the Chaingun. This tagset uses specific weapons on spawn, should this be unwanted, they will be disabled if the server runs any gametype with the general starting equipment. To enable the minimal HUD (recommended for 4:3 resolutions), make sure you are running Chimera alongside the console command chimera_split_screen_hud 1. There have been many changes over the development period of the mod, you can view some of them here. TAGSET If you want to build your own map with this tagset then you can grab the full version below. it includes unseen goodies such as the machete and energy sword, and will be updated for singleplayer later. Tagset (21/01/2021) Cubemaps (19/01/2021) Forerunner textures (03/02/2021) CREDITS Thanks to SBB for testing everything through out the years. Particle effects are by Ifafudafi from The Silent Cartographer: Evolved team. Human weapon sounds are by Magmacow from GameBanana. All other sounds come from other Halo games.
  21. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Authors: Legend996 & Pro Shooter Map: Eluded (this map is a continuation of Cartographer) Version: 3.4 Supported gametypes: All Description Eluded takes place on the picturesque island on the level The Silent Cartographer, one day after John-117's and various other forces' assault on the island in order to search for the cartographer that would lead to Installation 04's control room. Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but is best played on big team based modes such as Team Slayer, CTF and Race. The symmetries of this map are very complicated and hard to explain, but through many months of planning and thinking, it can be said that both teams are balanced well relative to the map in most if not all game modes. Red base has a more "defense" nature, it's more open and has more territory to cover and defend from enemies but the team itself tends to be more a bit exposed on the beach. It is easier to infiltrate but harder to escape from successfully. Blue base has a more "offense" nature, it's more closed and easier to defend, but once the enemies manage to break in it becomes hard to hold off the attack and the team could be sandwiched inside the base. It is harder to infiltrate but easier to escape from successfully. Below is a picture with the approximate layout suggesting the various dynamics and strategies that can be used: There are 7 hidden weapons on the map, 7 deadly sins, 7 means to apocalypse, as well as a hidden vehicle. Look out for the clues. Acknowledgement The following vehicles are heavily modded and improved variants or counterparts of already existing vehicles from other maps or sources: -Phantom, Spectre, Gausshog and Civihog from Extinction by (DA)Ender -Pelican from Hugeass by Tiamat -Wasp by Mothergoat -Shadow by Advancebo -Flamehog whose author we couldn't find Additional info -Press your flashlight button when in a Pelican or a Spirit to pick up vehicles (only works at their original spawn points, and once dropped cannot be picked up again unless at original spawn point) NOTE: This feature is experimental and will get improved in the future to be able to dynamically pick up any vehicle at any place and time. -Smoke and vine will take you to apocalypse -Lost ordnance deliveries and failed recon missions... ? Download: Eluded_v3,
  22. DISCLAIMER - This map isn't related in any way to upcoming game Halo Infinite Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Author: Legend996 Map: Infinite Current version: 3.0 Supported gametypes: All Supported players: 1 to 16 Current version release date: October 15th, 2021 Initial release date: July 13th, 2019 Last edited date: October 15th, 2021 Description Infinite takes place on top of one of the steep cliffs faces overlooking one of the many massive landscapes located Installation 04, moments after the successful rescue operation of scattered UNSC Pillar of Autumn survivors, with the Covenant reportedly still searching for something... Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but it's recommended to play on modes such as Slayer, King of the Hill and Oddball. The map consists of the cliff edge area, divided into the main middle beam emitter structure, two smaller structures, which serve as the red and blue bases and spawn areas, the underground passage and the rest of the open spaces in between. The gameplay is divided between the structures and means of getting between them, with there being different routes and paths players can take to get from side to side, the main and fastest ones being the open spaces between structures, which allow for a somewhat limited yet entertaining amount of vehicular combat, and is where most of the action and major battles will be likely taking place. Another route is constituted by the underground passage, which allows for a more sneaky approach but could potentially result in violent encounters. Control of the middle structure could result in advantage and affect the course of a match. Both entrances to the area are blocked off by rocks for indicative purposes. Showcase Changes Changes from previous version (2.0): • Added support for all gametypes • Fix and improve some spawn points and game mode related flags and issues • Added and changed some weapon placement and player spawn points in favor of all gametypes and general balance • Added some clues and easter eggs Planned changes for next version: • Fix and change some scenario items and elements Download
  23. This is a small symmetrical map with two levels, on each side there is a tunnel where in ctf are the flags. Due to its size, it can be very chaotic with a high number of players. Recommendation: 8-12 players Supports all gamemodes Images: Download: Test: -ECD's testers Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -343Industries -Bungie -Gearbox
  24. These two maps are made with the sole purpose of being fun,the maps are a what if bigass had had covenant content or more "hd" textures. if any of the authors of the tags are bothered by the use of these, i will remove the content immediately. i leave the screenshots and download links below, one is a cache mod and the other a "new" map. enjoy. they have 3 bsps. download: {neo}bigass: Bigassv2,104 Cache Mod: special thanks to: -Milecoe -Philip Hatake -agus and carbi for the help and testing Credits -Bungie -343 Industries -aLTis -Soi -Fubih -Kinet
  25. Metrobyte is a map I made for the Season 2 of Reclaimers Map Competition. It's available for Halo: Custom Edition and MCC. CE Download: MCC: Release Topic There may or may not be a secret room somewhere Thanks to everyone who contributed: The entire (SBB) team Hispanorum MrChromed Sled Holy Crust Fubih And everyone else who helped me test the map! Special thanks to Nix for the drawings UwU Some assets have been ripped from various MCC games.