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  1. Frigid Keep A frigid Forerunner outpost located on the edge of a valley on Basis. By DSalimander 7-30-19 A snowy mod of Desolate Keep. The level has been optimized and refined. From the level geometry to the spawn points and everything in between. [Pictures taken before Plasma Pistols and Sniper Rifles were swapped.] This was a mod requested by @Devieth. He had some input on the changes that were made. The original level was Desolate Keep by Dontu. As of 11:26PM CST 7-30-19 the map file was updated. If you downloaded it before this time and date, replace the old one with this one and clear your HAC cache. Download: Frigid_Keep.zip
  2. Butter The remnant of an old refinery now serves as a location for your duels. By DSalimander 7-27-19 Use its intricate layout and verticality to your advantage. Don't lose track of your enemy in the spaghetti. Designed for Deathmatch... I mean Slayer. The other gametypes are great too! Thank You: Testing/Ideas - Hasuku, Hirsute, Derj, Pfhunkie Most Halo Tags - Fubih's Dredwerkz PB4 [featuring m00kz, SBB and their subs, aLTis, Aquilum, Xylodrin] Pickup Icon Tags - m00kz's UT2K4 Map Pack for Halo CE Original Level Design - Alexander Lehmann, Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004 To quote Fubih, the author of Project Aerial's Dredwerkz PB4, the tags feel like gameplay from Unreal, Doom, and Quake. This map, Butter, uses a newly modified version of those tags. The level itself is a light remodel of Unreal Tournament 2004's Deathmatch 1on1 map, Roughinery. [Beta test was nicknamed Smoothery.] Player mobility has been retweaked, which complement the map's features. Instead of throwing grenades, you have an alternate firing mode for your gun. It's more useful than you think. The backpacked weapon you spawn with is called the Shield Gun. Charge up it's alternate fire and release it at the ground and jump. You just jumped higher. Failure to jump higher sometimes means you can't navigate some parts of the map. Keep this in mind before throwing "that useless thing" away. Slanted surfaces give you a small speed boost. Some slanted surfaces with a special animated illumination strip will help you boost even higher when you run against them. There is a Redeemer that spawns on a ledge every four minutes. Keep an eye out for it. This was the development topic and public beta: Notable changes since beta: Corrected Flak Cannon ammo pickup model/textures. Increased player control in air. Rebalanced Minigun damage. Fixed bounding radius of many items in tagset. Full quality radiosity. Renamed. Download: Butter.zip
  3. A listing of maps on OC that've earned at least a 7/10 rating in SBB's playtesting (don't worry; they'll find your release). Maps earning such a rating after their release on OC will additionally earn 15 raffle tickets! (list sorted newest to oldest) Frigid Keep by @DSalimander Butter by @DSalimander Ballyhoo by @DSalimander Drunk Tank by @Tucker933 Crossguard by @DSalimander Ascend by @Lateksi Shipment 2552 by @EmmanuelCD Brumal by @PopeTX28 Epicenter by @aLTis Hornet's Nest by @SBBMichelle Hemoasis by @PopeTX28 Battle City by @aLTis
  4. THE SIDEWINDER Español Autor: Reus Descripción: Mapa basado en el original "The_Sidewinder0.95" de @EmmanuelCD. La propuesta del mapa ha sido terminar lo que ha sido el gran proyecto del mapa. Integración de assets de SPV3, Kinnet KGM verision 4, Bigass, tagsets de Rododó y Gamma927, también muchos efectos totalmente nuevos en lo que se lleva de conocimiento en mapas compartidos a la comunidad de Halo CE. Quiero agradecer a los mappers que han aportado su trabajo y su tiempo para que yo pueda obtener todos estos archivos e incluirlos en un solo mapa a dedo para el entretenimiento de todos. Compatible en todos los gametypes. English (Google translator) Author: Reus Description: Map based on the original "The_Sidewinder0.95" by @EmmanuelCD. The concept of the map has been to finish what was a great map project. Asset integration of SPV3, Kinnet KGM verision 4, Bigass, Rododó and Gamma927 tagsets, as well as many totally new effects based on knowledge shared by the Halo CE community. I want to thank the mappers who have contributed their work and their time for me to get all these files and include them in a single finger map for everyone's entertainment. Compatible with all gametypes. Download: https://mega.nz/#!6w8ThK6Z!W9g8j0DgGegiDYrbu0SF2hi4mbp8d8UghWdiOxHYQe4
  5. Longershot A snowy symmetrical outdoor map with vehicles. Designed for CTF with about 8 players. This is an update to the previous build- LongShot. The map made in under 4 hours because I misread the map contest submission date. I have made this my submission into Round 2. With this new build I have fixed several phantom BSP and added full gametype support. I ran full lightmaps this time so inside bases look very nice. The map's name is now even more accurate. Longershot.zip
  6. Ballyhoo - Extravagant publicity! This is a small indoor map. I recommend playing Team Slayer with 4 players, Team Oddball with 6 players, CTF with 3-6 players, Crazy King with 4-10 players. This was a losing entry in the GMYF map contest. The goal was to make a fully developed competitive 2v2 Team Slayer map. I neglected to release the map after the competition so I'm doing it now. It's an indoor, medium-small, asymmetrical map with multiple levels and several paths to move between them. I have kept the outdated training mode items in the map but they have to be activated by console commands. Use object_create randoms to place the random geometry. Use object_create_containing spawn_marker to place spawn markers. If you want to place both, use object_create_containing "". To remove both, use object_destroy_containing "". The point of these items is to help learn how to manipulate the Halo spawn system for the new map, a common practice at GMYF. Full Download (read me and pictures): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tr1kq9zkq8oyyev/Ballyhoo.zip?dl=1 HAC2 repository: http://maps.halonet.net/maps/Ballyhoo.zip
  7. Due to popular demand from no one, here's the port of Drunk Tank from HPC. The map is just Chiron, where everyone has only the Incendiary Shotgun and Rod Pistol from Phoenix ..oh and everyone's 100% invisible (guns visible in FP). Best paired with alcohol. Download
  8. (Thread re-posted from Halomaps) UNSCDF Training Facility 23 "Crossguard" This is a medium sized, symmetrical, indoor human map, designed for CTF with about 6-8 players. Big thanks to everybody at GMYF for feedback! Developement of this map started over 2 years ago and was originally designed for competitive 2v2 Team Slayer with emphasis on CTF as well. Through testing it has been determined that symmetrical map design is horrible for competitive 2v2 Team Slayer, so the map's focus and developement dramatically shifted. While technically the main goal for this map was a failure, it's still incredibly polished and thoroughly thought-out so it's being released. I have turned some lights from other Bungie maps into functional light fixture tags and have been included as a supplementary release. Previously they were part of BSPs, now they can be easily placed and you can adjust the light they give off in Sapien! (Tags included in the map download.) Here's a cool GIF of progress to the map over time, starting with a simple blockout based on a sketch. Here's the original MS Paint sketch I embarrassingly started with. https://i.postimg.cc/C5Q31GYZ/map-concept-a.png Full Download (light fixture tags, read me, and pictures): https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqa89t6kuq4i9pj/Crossguard.zip?dl=1 HAC2 repository: http://maps.halonet.net/maps/Crossguard.zip
  9. We here at Halo CE HQ care dearly about our players. One of the most recent concerns brought up to us was the possible inclusion of Custom Edition in The Master Chief Collection. Here we are proud to announce our new partnership with MountainDew. This sponsorship will help us raise money to petition Microsoft and 343i to get Custom Edition into the MCC. Our first release is Chiron-MD69. A favorite with all long-time team phantoms players. Get this free DLC right here:https://www.mediafire.com/file/25op4gwys4vsm6l/chiron-md69.7z/file You can support the game by playing this map on youtube, hosting it on your server, or buying a pack of MountainDew Custom Edition.
  10. Hi, this is my third map. Fight for the high ground on four blocky towers standing on a lonely space island. Supports all game types. I used a Minecraft texture pack to make this. Thanks to Michelle and DSalimander for the help regarding my lightmapping questions. The map has a few errors and could definitely use some grass scenery but I'm too lazy to keep working on it. Have fun! Mirror 1: https://megaupload.nz/E5eaTfvfb1/ascend_zip Mirror 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5xmsuvkelfjlug/ascend.zip?dl=0
  11. This is my first attempt at making a map for Halo Custom Edition despite having played for over 10 years. It's a canyon with some overhead sniper bridges, a tunnel, and two bases. The map also has a few custom tags. Because it is my first map, it's probably not all that great, but I promise my next map will be much better! Attached is the .zip file containing the map. The map is also available on the HAC2 database. Anyways, enjoy! BAZ_Canyon.zip
  12. Shipment 2552 A recreation of the Shipment map from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare A small port in a distant planet, ideal for 2-8 players Ideal for fast matches Suggested 2-8 players MAX 8 PLAYERS RECOMENDED 4 PLAYERS Supports -King of the Hill -Slayer -Capture the Flag -Oddball Does not Support -Race Pics Comparison More pics Credits + Me + Shadowmods crew for Testing + Infinite Ward for Original Layout + Bungie + Gearbox Download https://mega.nz/#!ft1RCa6A!sAYCMtoNqhFZeNjrnEuuMQVw44m1McypEUhdGW3p2_g The map also includes 2 easter eggs, its up to you to find them
  13. I might as well post this here too. If anyone is interested, I have put together an archive of the stock maps with the fixes contained in the refined tagset, that was started off by Moses of Egypt. They also contain other things like better versions of the stock bitmaps taken form the xbox version of the game. Download There is no requirement for using these maps other than replacing the default stock ones. r10, a couple of HUD fixes and fixed a bad bitmap on infinity. r11, hud warnings are now translated. r12-13, more fixes, this game is a meme
  14. I simply recompiled "tutorial.map" in multiple languages with the refined tagset. Every map are compiled with Invader and they have the same checksum. I tested them and they are "netcode-compatible" between them. English Español Deutsch Français Italiano 日本語 漢語 Just place them in the "maps" folder located in the root directory of the game.
  15. ----- Important for server hosts ----- If you downloaded the maps before june 7th, please redownload them as there was a bug that set the max frag and plasma counts to 3 and 2. That is fixed now and the maps are compatible with the originals and the client would never notice as they can see themselves pick up the right numbers as long as the server has the fix. -------------------------------------------- A few days ago I quickly converted the halo 1.5 map pack from Xbox to Custom Edition. There is no tag edits in this, the maps are left mostly untouched and for most maps I only redid the lightmaps and made the shaders render on CE. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C0SkWIZdRK-QD6OLi9PVaL4VmTDlZqo1 We'll soon also have a server up with these maps and a few others that we believe to play nice with halo 1 tags. Server Info: [Coming soon] The maps: Crossway by dds: Levee by insidi0us: Hotbox by insidi0us: Red Shift by insidi0us: Exhibit by PwNytar: Madhouse by PwNytar: Uplift by dds: Doubletake by insidi0us: Imminent by PwNytar: Downrush by PwNytar, Sic, dds: Zero Hour by PwNytar: Decidia by dds: Outbound by dds: The only map I touched outside of lightmaps and shaders is levee, which now has a spawn for a ghost which you have to manually enable in the gametype settings.
  16. Off Ground was my second multiplayer map I made back in 2015, it was shitty, broken, etc. Now it has returned with stock weapons and a new balaced layout in weapons and player spawns Sugestion was by The Culo\HCE Player TM to bring this map back Storm's video on my map Changes -No SMG -BSP -H3 Weapons to stock H1 -Player Spawns -No SMG -Fixed issues with CTF -Fized lightning -Add SMG Easter Egg (basically Assualt rifle with SMG model and animations) -Did I said no OP SMG? PICs Final Lightmaps Download here https://mega.nz/#!WodxyKgQ!9qciCCzNVGt9aznlpoa52v7j53kVE1BsF03yIPQkhO8 Credits Belong to + Me + Rock Candy for testing and putting a server + Bungie + Gearbox
  17. I don't know where to posted. But it's something that Michelle suggested. This is a posting of every map that I have created. Starting from Oldest, ending with most recent. ----U-turn---- my first map ever made. It's a crappy box map. ----Gravitary---- My 2nd map made. It's a crappy interior map. ----Ancient Sanctuary Beta---- My 3rd map, was quite successful. Great idea not having starting pistols :/. ----Airlock---- Yes, author says 'Hellhound' but it was actually me. ----Gridiron_Beta---- This map was fun to make. Probably one of my favorites. I'm too lazy to change things and finalize it though :/ ----10k POA Beta---- Probably one of the best Asymetrical maps I've made for CE. It's small but it plays awesome. It would be better with proper spawns. ----10k Halo Beta---- Probably one of the prettiest maps I've made. ----10k T&R---- One of the most uniquely designed maps that I have made. ----Nitra---- My goal for this map was learning Aether. Worked out pretty good. ----Prudhoe Beta---- This was a fun Arena map to make. I need to finish it with proper portals. Map is poorly optimized, but still plays fun. ----Hemoasis---- This is my most polished map. It's also the map that helped me win $50 from the OpenCarnage mapping competition. ----Brumal---- I made this map in 1 week with limited time for the Open Carnage competition. It's not my most favorite work, but it's a decent enough map for 1 week. ----GridironV2-Public Beta----- Version 2 of Gridiron. New Redbase area and skybox. This is a public beta of the map. Final version with better lighting might be released in the future. In terms of gameplay, it seems pretty final. ------------LINK TO DOWNLOAD ALL THE MAPS-------------- http://www.mediafire.com/file/vab6yx5zgfc96t5/Maps.zip/file
  18. Well, it's finally here. After 2 years in development and countless hours of work, including 2 complete restarts, this project is finally in the final stage before its completion. This post itself is a tad premature, as only the CE versions of the maps have been loaded onto HAC2, but within the next few weeks MD versions of the maps will be uploaded to provide server(s) for MD and PC players. Once sehe finishes the codecaves to allow changing object spawns at runtime within SAPP, Spartans vs Elites and Flood servers will be available as well. With the release of TSC:E, I'll be incorporating some new sounds, effects, and a model or two into the tagset before the final release. This post will be updated if/when new servers open up. Links can be found in the Revolution WIP thread if manual downloads are preferred, although they are a bit redundant as they are on HAC2's database. Map List: Beavercreek Deltaruins Icefields Lockout Midship Prisoner Ratrace Sanctuary Snowcast Trench Valhalla Images ____________________________________ Servers ____________________________________ 1) The Cave Server Hosted by Iggy and Blue Iris All maps on rotation with a variety of gametypes
  19. Spent only 1 week making this map with limited time due to work.....lol. I hope you guys like it. ------------Link to the map file-------------------- http://www.mediafire.com/file/swubwk0qh08ipra/brumal.zip
  20. @killzone64 and @SBBMichellepresent: Hornet's Nest, a remake of Halo 3's Rat's Nest, except it's a space station! ---This map is not finished--- You have no idea how happy I am to show off this map in the state that it is in, even though it isn't finished The map works best on CTF and Team Slayer. It is set up to work with: CTF, Slayer/Team Slayer, Oddball (Not suggested), King of the Hill/Crazy King, Race, And any derivatives. More screenshots!: Download link for all the versions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin Known issues with this version: -The portalling is bad, so the map will de-render at times. -Some small phantom BSPs. -The warthog can be put under the platforms in the main loop. ---Change Log--- Version 0.1.0: First release.
  21. A 2v2 map designed for CTF and KOTH gametypes. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1maz7qnmwgm6lpo/epicenter.rar Pictures:
  22. This was mostly made during the day before the deadline. The map wasn't properly tested and it's likely it will crash sometimes when playing online. If people are interested, I might make an update fixing whatever the hell is wrong with this map. Now that we got that out of the way, this is a multiplayer map inspired by GTA 2. It has quite a few ripped assets from that game but the map model is custom made. It requires build -366 of Chimera (-369 doesn't work because 002 broke scripting on it) and you won't be able to play this map without it, you can get it here chimera -366.rar . Map supports all gametypes except race. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8vnitic388onotn/gta_beta7.rar Some screens Thanks to giraffe for helping with scripting. After some testing I found out that the map doesn't crash anymore. I also found out that I forgot to fix one glitch - when a player picks up the flag or oddball then the arrow shows the wrong place.
  23. The final map in the BEST MAP series. Only works on Slayer gametype. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!aktBRYJB!uS6xwxV_vvSHB0XXvQKCm71-zAEBr-PNRreKHWonQBs
  24. A new multiplayer map, with a maze-like layout, ideal for CTF and Slayer game types. The map takes place at a new hipothetic Instalation 04 C, in a Forerunner wáter pump instalations Download it here Some Pics
  25. The CE port of my Ice Floe release for HPC, which was a total gameplay and visual effects mod of the map Ice Fields. Weapons Assault Rifle Rifle features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges. Pistol Pistol retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot. Carbine Semi-automatic rifle for short to mid-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not to be confused with burst-fire). The high initial accuracy suffers greatly with increased rate of fire, dramatically changing its role to that of a close-range weapon. Dicer Shotgun that fires crystalline projectiles which while individually feature a small explosive punch, can together combine into a much larger explosion if the majority impact a target. This greater explosion will kill any target. Laser Cannon Laser weapon capable of sustained fire, which while is prone to overheating, features pin-point accuracy and a 2x scope. Rod Pistol Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors or low-health targets. This weapon also features an overcharge function, which releases a projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby, and kills on direct impact. Tracer Single-fire mid-range weapon capable of firing up to 3 homing projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 1 burst. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe. Credits Conversion to CE by @002. Model, shaders, texture, and animation for the Carbine by CMT. Download Note: All gametypes are supported, however the "Normal" weapon set is strongly recommended. Note: Specifically balanced for no-lead gameplay, so ensure that it's enabled for optimal balance.