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  1. Map insipired on Theed from Star Wars Battlefront II 2005 Recommendation: 10-16 players Supports: -Slayer -Oddball -King of the hill -Race -CTF Images: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8abt94fezfdyk1c/Capital_Plaza.map/file Credits: -Environment Cartography Department -Bungie -Gearbox
  2. UNSC still uses fossil fuels in the future with their extraction operations in distant water worlds... Small map focused on 2v2 Suggested 2-8 players MAX 8 PLAYERS RECOMENDED 4 PLAYERS Supports -King of the Hill -Slayer -Capture the Flag -Oddball Does not Support -Race Pics Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gv-ARQoKEYFaW00-aM3k-F7nCUrYzbt7/view?usp=sharing Credits + Me + Shadowmods crew for Testing + Bungie + Gearbox Includes 1 easter egg
  3. When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock! Octagon is a map concept that has been implemented in other Halo games like Halo 2, Reach, Etc. It's used to improves reflexes and aiming. Comisioned by @DaRockCandy in 2019, it never saw a public release until this day. Using stock tags to mimic the HCE aesthetic, its the best version I've made SUPPORTS ONLY SLAYER 2 PLAYER RECOMENDED, MAX 8 PICS Octagon gamplay in other Halos. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fBc9wy_lH0mzhVMK5iPswg2ta7aaTcIq/view?usp=sharing Credits + Me + @DaRockCandy For the original idea + Bungie + Gearbox
  4. Icon is a small multiplayer map originally made by @Sceny a few years ago and modified by @PopeTX28 to support all gametypes. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8n8fh62fr7euucr/icon-beta1.0.zip/file
  5. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Author: Legend996 Map: Spatial Version: 3.0 Supported gametypes: All Description Spatial takes place in the mysterious not so natural cave featured in the level Halo, shortly after the very first encounters between the crash-landed and scattered survivors of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and the Covenant on the ring surface. Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but it's recommended to play on modes such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Slayer. The map consists of two main structures, which constitute the red and blue bases, a third and higher overlooking structure in the middle and a deep abyss that separates them. The gameplay is divided between the forementioned structures and means of getting between them, with there being many different routes and paths players can take to get from side to side, the main and fastest one being the active light bridge, where most of the action and violent encounters will take place, including vehicular combat. Other routes include the more sneaky bottom of the dark and heavy-fogged abyss, which provides a safer but much longer travel, or the top of the overlooking structure, which provides a good sniping spot, but is vulnerable to other snipers on the map. Teleporters are placed for convenience to make getting between places easier. All teleporters are represented as teleporter bases for aesthetic purposes. Below are the approximate map blueprints showing the bases and routes, suggesting the strategies and dynamics that can be applied: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bkczrdxr7b0p62d/Spatial_v3%2C0.zip/file
  6. Skedar is, more or less, my first CE map. I say "more or less" because it actually originates from Perfect Dark, a classic fps by Rare from the N64. Medium sized, close quarters map. Supports all gametypes, but works best with KOTH and FFA modes. This was always the map you would see by default in the map list of Perfect Dark's multiplayer. I ported the map and revamped it with high quality textures I made in photoshop, along with very subtle alterations to make the map more friendly to Halo CE's gameplay. I spent more time learning the modding tools than actually working on the map, but in the end, I got to put a map from one of the games of my childhood, in Halo All the people who helped me with this map have been credited in... the secret room. Map download: Skedar.zip More info on the Readme_Gonza.txt -GonzaTDL
  7. A listing of maps on OC that've earned at least a 7/10 rating in SBB's testing (all new MP releases are tested). Maps earning such a rating after their release on OC will additionally earn 10 raffle tickets! 9/10 8/10 7/10
  8. Carl Johnson's house, sealed, edited and ported to Halo CE by Asestec. Originally ripped from GTA by AlexanderGRV. I just sealed, edited, added portals, tracks and checkpoints to the map. Map designed for race only for now, works best with TAXI and vehicle spawn mods. Might add CTF later. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/92ijmevytdxzre1/AAARud8s9zMUx7jkh8fp2eLsa?dl=0
  9. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Author: Legend996 Map: Released Version: 2.0 Supported gametypes: All except CTF Description Released takes place during the early stages of the Covenant explorations and supplies moving into the mysterious hidden facility just before the arrival of the UNSC, with seemingly promising results... Gameplay The map supports all game modes except CTF, both team and free for all. Don't start the map on CTF or your game will crash (planned support in the future). Recommended modes are Slayer, King of the Hill and Oddball. This map is symmetrical and pretty straightforward, consisting on two main rooms (set as the bases for red and blue teams) connected to the main hall through small rectangular corridors and smaller side rooms. The gameplay is divided between the top floor and the bottom floor and strategic moving between them. Most of the fighting will be going on in the main hall, while the small corridors and side rooms might serve as traps for unexpecting victims. Controlling the elevator chamber might also affect the course of a match. Each team has one one-way teleporter in their base, plus two more in the main hall to facilitate movement between floors. All teleporters are represented as teleporter bases for aesthetic purposes. Red team has easier access to the top floor besides just the teleporter, through a collapsed platform, which is balanced by blue team having one extra corridor with a few items. Below are the approximate map blueprints showing the bases and routes, suggesting the strategies and dynamics that can be applied: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tmg9snphzqt1vfa/Released_v2%2C0.zip/file
  10. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Author: Legend996 Map: Extraneous Version: 3.0 Supported gametypes: All Description Extraneous takes place in the loading and storage section aboard the Truth and Reconciliation ship featured in the level The Truth and Reconciliation, en route to what supposedly is new mysterious location. Or is it? Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but is best played on modes such as Slayer, King of the Hill and Oddball. The symmetries of this map are complicated yet interesting, making this map both symmetrical and asymetrical. It consists of two bases that connect to each other through two different routes, the main muster corridor and the regular infantry corridors. The main muster corridor route is straightforward and leads directly into the enemy base, which allows for big scaled and coordinated attacks, this is where most of the major fighting will be going on. The other more sneaky and complex route consists of the smaller infantry corridors, which can be used to infiltrate the enemy base. Small unpredicted and violent encounters are likely to occur here. Red base has a more "offense" nature, it's easy to defend but also easy to escape from successfully once infiltrated, with the advantage of having three escape routes compared to only two in blue base. Blue base has a more "defense" nature, it's more open and has more space and angles to defend from attackers, including the overlapping platform on 1st floor, which is the middle point between both bases when taking the infantry corridors route. This is balanced by the fact that the base has only two escape routes, making it harder to escape from successfully. Below are the approximate map blueprints showing the bases and routes, suggesting the strategies and dynamics that can be applied: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cbus8btkd6091hv/Extraneous_v3%2C0.zip/file
  11. Excavation is an old map shared on halomaps 16 years ago, i have reused it to test tagsets in scripts. it started as an idea from a friend and ended up being something weirdly cool. (work in progress) map description : "A deep snowy valley with a deep shaft under the main structure". recommendations: -4v4 -CTF,KING,SLAYER,ODDBALL (RACE has a bug with vehicles) -If you use backpack_lua change it only for this map: backpack_weapons.lua -This map has 2 bsp,you can use night mode using switch_bsp 1 original map: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=1473 screenshots: download:https://www.mediafire.com/file/bkbnh01dzc4819g/%7Bneo%7Dexcavation.rar/file credits: what is neo revolution?
  12. KGM WIP Thread About this mod: This mod replaces the classic stock multiplayer maps of Halo Custom Edition while bringing new looks to the maps, like models, textures, sounds, etc. And yes you can use this mod to play in stock servers without issues even if other players don't have the mod installed. All weapons, animations timings, particles, decals, lights, collision of structures, etc. Have been modified to fit perfectly fit with their og Halo 1 counterparts so you wont have any kind of advantages, disadvantages or desyncs issues while using this mod. The mod is also compatible with OS, HAC2 and Chimera. Since it was compiled with invader it should not have issues with any kind of addons since its treated like a regular .map by the game Special thanks to: aLTis94 SBB team CMT Shadowmods Team Gamebanana Reus Zteam Kinnet (having infinite patience to work alone on the whole project for 4 years is something that I wont ever forgive myself :V) MosesOfEgypt PopeTX28 Invader team Halo Online modding Team Chimera team My YT subs (their wholesomeness made it a lot easier to work on this long project <3) (sorry if im forgetting somebody but it has been so long that I can't remember everybody who helped) 21/02/20 v4.6 Beta Release: This small beta release is so people can give feedback and thoughts about the project before I release the full thing, so make sure to do so! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/plmsn3r7fl4dvnq/KGM_Bloodgulch_v4.6_2020_FIXED.rar/file More Pics: Notes about this version: - Its only bloodgulch since im too lazy to compile all the other maps and I'm going to release them soon in the final version anyways - The weapons and models in general look kinda scuffed (shaders look dark and reflectionless) and without proper shadows in the map since I did some shenanigans to have the original collision with a remodeled map, this will be fixed for the final version. - The map has a "switch time of day" button on the menu to change to the night mode and back - The map has no portals, this will also be fixed for final version - Some weapons don't have flashlights (mostly covenant guns) - The ball is replaced by the energy sword (it works exactly the same as the ball) since the zombie gametype is way more played than oddball - Player models have a bunch of different variations (around 70 in total) in an attempt to make the multiplayer feel more varied - Player models have no LODs (yet) so they will perform bad in really (really) low end PCs since everything else has LODs and are very optimized - It lacks the Lua chimera scripts designed for it since the lua injector for maps doesn't work on maps compiled by invader (hopefully it will be fixed in the future) - Backpack weapons only work in local games saddly (another invader bug) Donate: You can support me and the creation on this mod through here, it will be infinitely thanked paypal.me
  13. By Mystical Mapping Team Introduction: https://mega.nz/file/900QAY5a#rk4eOw4gfsVZFGNF0VBkMmpn7syDIQ6R_1Pe1xCat6Y Credits: shm - zteam - cmt - bungie - 343 industries - altheros - kinnet
  14. well this map is a "remake" of beaver creek made for revcave with a modification and addition of weapons and equipment http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qjbak0n8y8vp2n/beavercreek_rev_beta.rar/file Credits: -Kinnel -Yawdee Sandoval -aLTis94 -Cs177 -sphinxbio - SpreadDANTE - DSalimander - CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T - NeX more screenshots if you want to help , just chat with me.
  16. Cold Shoulder is a small competitive-oriented MP map based on an unfinished Installation 01 map layout by Blaze Lightcap. It takes place at a Russian power plant and has a symmetric layout, supporting all game modes. This map was made for the CE Reclaimers Season 1 map contest and might have a few issues since I was rushing to finish it. Map sources: https://github.com/csauve/cold-shoulder Download mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/cold-shoulder/cold_shoulder.7z cold_shoulder.7z
  17. This is for the reclaimers map competition hosted by CE3. The map is a public beta. The map is obviously an inspiration of the Halo 3 map Snowbound. I wanted to create a larger symetrical version of the map for CE. Plus, there aren't a lot of covenant maps. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with where this map is now. Recommended Gametypes: CTF and Team Race. Please post any issues here as well, I eventually want to release a final version of this map, which will be 10x more prettier. Thank you OC for remaining cool. Link to the map file: Snowbind-PB.zip
  18. Disconnect (Beta 2) Disconnect is a map I started roughly two weeks ago, but had 99% of its work done in the past three days, so B2 is basically a map made in three days. There's a couple of visual issues, but no game-stopping issues that I caught. This map is compiled using the Refined tagset & Jesse's High Resolution HUD. This map is very much still unfinished, and I've got a lot more bsp work to do, but I've got (most of) the playable area done. This is a very fast-paced map with team-oriented spawns. All gametypes should be supported. If you want to see what this map was three days ago: ABOUT THE MAP Disconnect is a derelict Forerunner relay station adrift somewhere in space near Installation 04, relay stations like these are used to coordinate all communication within the Forerunner Empire, but with the violent destruction of Installation 04, this station now sits adrift, barely able to sustain power floating through the orbit of the gas giant Theshold. The station's distant groans can be faintly heard as parts of the station which were impacted directly shift and tear themselves apart, with no coordination center left for the sentinel subsystems of the station it will forever drift in disrepair. SCREENSHOTS A thanks to SBB for helping me with testing in beta1 to expose some pretty bad screwups. Download from Google Drive
  19. Alpine is a large outdoor map with asymmetric bases, designed around CTF and Race but supporting all game modes. Credits to Jesse for the HUD and Refined project for the base tagset used. More info and map sources: https://github.com/csauve/alpine Download mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/alpine/alpine.zip Vaporeon's fork with better quality lightmaps and textures (MP compatible): https://github.com/Vaporeon/alpine alpine.zip
  20. Part of the campaign levels turned into multiplayer maps series. Authors: Legend996 & Pro Shooter Map: Eluded (this map is a continuation of Cartographer) Version: 3.4 Supported gametypes: All Description Eluded takes place on the picturesque island on the level The Silent Cartographer, one day after John-117's and various other forces' assault on the island in order to search for the cartographer that would lead to Installation 04's control room. Gameplay The map supports all game modes, both team and free for all, but is best played on big team based modes such as Team Slayer, CTF and Race. The symmetries of this map are very complicated and hard to explain, but through many months of planning and thinking, it can be said that both teams are balanced well relative to the map in most if not all game modes. Red base has a more "defense" nature, it's more open and has more territory to cover and defend from enemies but the team itself tends to be more a bit exposed on the beach. It is easier to infiltrate but harder to escape from successfully. Blue base has a more "offense" nature, it's more closed and easier to defend, but once the enemies manage to break in it becomes hard to hold off the attack and the team could be sandwiched inside the base. It is harder to infiltrate but easier to escape from successfully. Below is a picture with the approximate layout suggesting the various dynamics and strategies that can be used: There are 7 hidden weapons on the map, 7 deadly sins, 7 means to apocalypse, as well as a hidden vehicle. Look out for the clues. Acknowledgement The following vehicles are heavily modded and improved variants or counterparts of already existing vehicles from other maps or sources: -Phantom, Spectre, Gausshog and Civihog from Extinction by (DA)Ender -Pelican from Hugeass by Tiamat -Wasp by Mothergoat -Shadow by Advancebo -Flamehog whose author we couldn't find Additional info -Press your flashlight button when in a Pelican or a Spirit to pick up vehicles (only works at their original spawn points, and once dropped cannot be picked up again unless at original spawn point) NOTE: This feature is experimental and will get improved in the future to be able to dynamically pick up any vehicle at any place and time. -Smoke and vine will take you to apocalypse -Lost ordnance deliveries and failed recon missions... ? Download: Eluded_v3,4.zip
  21. Aerial aims to redesign Halo: Combat Evolved to resemble Old School Arena shooters, introducing new gameplay through "launch" pads, pickups and a brand new weapon set. Almost everything was recreated from the ground up, all the models, textures, shaders and animations. so I'm proud to finally share a release. With that said, welcome to the arena! There have been many changes over the development period of the mod, you can view some of them here. MAPS Blood Covenant Download: MEGA Updated to version 3 (19/01/2021) NOTES: Heavy Only game modes will spawn the Big Fuelrod Gun and the Chaingun. This tagset uses specific weapons on spawn, should this be unwanted, they will be disabled if the server runs any gametype with the general starting equipment. To enable the minimal HUD (recommended for 4:3 resolutions), make sure you are running Chimera alongside the console command chimera_split_screen_hud 1. TAGSET If you want to build your own map with this tagset then you can grab the full version below. it includes unseen goodies such as the machete and energy sword, and will be updated for singleplayer later. Tagset (21/01/2021) Cubemaps (19/01/2021) Forerunner textures (03/02/2021) CREDITS Thanks to SBB for testing everything through out the years. Particle effects are by Ifafudafi from The Silent Cartographer: Evolved team. human weapon sounds are by Magmacow from GameBanana. All other sounds come from Halo Online/Reach.
  22. THE SIDEWINDER Español Autor: Reus Descripción: Mapa basado en el original "The_Sidewinder0.95" de @EmmanuelCD. La propuesta del mapa ha sido terminar lo que ha sido el gran proyecto del mapa. Integración de assets de SPV3, Kinnet KGM verision 4, Bigass, tagsets de Rododó y Gamma927, también muchos efectos totalmente nuevos en lo que se lleva de conocimiento en mapas compartidos a la comunidad de Halo CE. Quiero agradecer a los mappers que han aportado su trabajo y su tiempo para que yo pueda obtener todos estos archivos e incluirlos en un solo mapa a dedo para el entretenimiento de todos. Compatible en todos los gametypes. English (Google translator) Author: Reus Description: Map based on the original "The_Sidewinder0.95" by @EmmanuelCD. The concept of the map has been to finish what was a great map project. Asset integration of SPV3, Kinnet KGM verision 4, Bigass, Rododó and Gamma927 tagsets, as well as many totally new effects based on knowledge shared by the Halo CE community. I want to thank the mappers who have contributed their work and their time for me to get all these files and include them in a single finger map for everyone's entertainment. Compatible with all gametypes. Download: https://mega.nz/#!6w8ThK6Z!W9g8j0DgGegiDYrbu0SF2hi4mbp8d8UghWdiOxHYQe4
  23. Frigid Keep A frigid Forerunner outpost located on the edge of a valley on Basis. By DSalimander 7-30-19 A snowy mod of Desolate Keep. The level has been optimized and refined. From the level geometry to the spawn points and everything in between. [Pictures taken before Plasma Pistols and Sniper Rifles were swapped.] This was a mod requested by @Devieth. He had some input on the changes that were made. The original level was Desolate Keep by Dontu. As of 11:26PM CST 7-30-19 the map file was updated. If you downloaded it before this time and date, replace the old one with this one and clear your HAC cache. Download: https://opencarnage.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=995
  24. Download: ODST_BattleCreek 2.1.rar Tags by Zteam.
  25. hi , i just wanna share this with yall :3 probably update it in a month with more weapons, grenades credits -Kinnnel - arbiter901 -aLTis94 http://www.mediafire.com/file/c009e4sjg36lep5/putput.rar/file