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  1. Oracle/Sentinel HUD: I made this years ago as part of my entry for the 2017 OC modding competition, but never actually finished my entry. I doubt anyone has any use for it, but meh. (Unit HUD only) Oracle HUD.rar
  2. Regular Marines By: King Feraligatr Overview: If you've seen me on one of the various Halo Discords, you might have heard me talk about my modded Marines. Well, I figure I might as well release some of the tags I've worked on. They're probably not good, but that's to be expected from someone like me. Anyways, what are the Regular Marines? Regular Marines (or RMs) are my take on making more competent Marines without them being too busted. Basically they can hold their own more, kill better, survive longer, etc. than Bungie's vanilla Marines (or as I call them, Dumb Marines, or DMs). Essentially if you want more competent Marines but don't want to make them yourself, I've got you covered. But what are some of the more "indepth" features of RMs? Well, let me tell you: Equalized health amongst ranks. Much greater accuracy. Don't have your Marines shoot each other in the back as much. Have more consistent damage output by them. Tad more lethality. While it's not too much greater than vanilla, the RMs are tad more lethal. Full auto. Mostly just a formality. The Marines don't really send out more shots than vanilla, but they will hold down the trigger. Better grenade throwing. Don't get grenades thrown into your back near as much. Or ever. Greater will to live. RMs will self preserve a bit better and and dodge grenades more. Better beserking behavior. While RMs will still beserk, they will do it better. They will definitely shoot their gun longer with a little less burst wait time, And they'll keep some slight distance from the enemy when beserking. Better panicking behavior. While RMs still panic and break ranks, they no longer do it in groups and have a higher threshold for doing so. Spread out. Marines spread out more to further reduce friendly fire incidents. Support for every vanilla human actor variant. And then some. While you'll have to reference the new tags, this mod includes support for human actor variant in the vanilla game. So you could replace the entire vanilla campaign with Regular humans, for instance. Slightly nerfed Snipers. Emphasis on slightly. Sniper Marines have a tad more projectile error. It's not much though, and with the other AI enhancements, they've a net gain. (New version has actually majorly nerfed Sniper Marines. Don't worry, they're not too bad ;). If you prefer the old versions, there's a folder with the old tags.) Still flinch on every shot. I made the RMs with this feature in mind and is part of how I balanced them. Needler Marines won't corpse taunt and thus won't have a chance of ever blowing themselves up. More health for unarmored Marines and mostly unified AI for armored and unarmored Marines. Unarmored Marines are a bit more defensive though. (Optional) Support for more weapons. Optional files for support of more weapons, like Plasma Pistols, Rocket Launchers, multiplayer Fuel Rod Guns, and a bit more. Said optional files also include some fixes for a few model animations (not perfect though). AI for Rocket Launcher Marines comes already made. They're generally okay. Etc. Also included is support for Crewmen (not nearly as buffed as Marines), ODSTs, and Captain Keyes (who generally has the AI of an ODST....give or take). While Keyes and the Marines should work out of the box, ODSTs and Crewmen will need a bit of fiddling around. Crewmen might need their model animations pointed to the Marine one. ODSTs will need you to point to your own ODST model/biped. There's also tags for female ODSTs....but they really only work in my tag environment. They're no different from their male counterparts though. As expected, Crewmen are still dumb and, as I said, only slightly improved. ODSTs have improved AI over the Marines and are more durable. Unlike the Marines though, they've not been really playtested, so I cannot say how balanced they are, Use them at your own risk. Also, while the Marines and ODSTs have "ranks", there's no difference between the ranks barring health. This is to allow them to scale better for the difficulty they're on. In terms of around how I tried to balance each actor type, here it is as follows: Crewmen: Shit tier. Basically Grunt level or worse. Marines: Good tier. Better than Grunts and maybe Jackals, but should be worse than Elites overall. ODSTs: High tier. Should be better around or better than most Elites. Probably inferior to Specops Elites though. Installation: Extract the "Regular Marines" folder to your "characters" folder in your tag directory. Outside of the optional files, this mod does not overwrite vanilla files and is self contained. Suffice to say though, you should have a complete "vanilla tags" installation though. Stuff like the Marine models, voices, etc.are not included, though the tags included reference vanilla paths. To use the tags in a scenario, do the usual. To install the optional files, backup your original "characters/marine/marine.model.animations tag". Then extract the optional tags to the proper folders in your "characters" tag folder. Note that this step is necessary if you want the Marines to wield Rocket Launchers and the like. Ignore this step if you already have a Marine .model animations tag that allows for this. As I said, you might need to fiddle around with some tags to get them to work properly, especially the ODSTs and Crewmen. Use your preferred tag editor to set them up as you wish. Uninstallation: Remove the "Regular Marines" folder from your "characters" folder. To uninstall to optional files, delete crewman.model animations from the "characters/crewman" folder and restore your old marine.model animations tag. Permissions: You are free to repurpose and use this mod in any way you wish. All I ask is that you credit me and those who helped me. Credits and Thanks: Masterz: Some moral support. Edited HEK team: For Kornman's Guerilla. Refined team: Tags. The Awesome Marines: For providing a base for the RMs (which was a bad move in hindsight....). Gearbox: For making Custom Edition/Halo PC. Bungie: For making the game in the first place. You: For using this resource or just reading here in the readme. I hope you have a nice time with these Marines. Please give me feedback if you wish to. Regular Marines.7z
  3. ambients devices impacts detonations projectiles most visual sound effects +more http://www.mediafire.com/file/blvrwz23opv6dh6/halonimator_2019_sound_sfx.7z/file
  4. Give credits to Halonimator/Janus if you are going to use them. Those are effects i use for the JANUS project/game, so download and enjoy. Sub for more halonimator and play my campaign maps please. File format is targa. Example: https://i.imgur.com/rqNY21b.mp4 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/if90oytwxytg56e/fractualnimator_janus.7z/file
  5. Complete DBZ Dragonball Collection: Goku HD Bipeds, Dragonball Skins, Dialogues, Scenery and Energy Blast (CMT) FP weapons DOWNLOAD (Updated): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1 PREVIOUS RELEASES (Included): Tachikoma Bipeds Collection: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=51020 Forerunner Sentinels Collection: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=51005 Sonic the Hedgehog Collection: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=50984 BIPEDS INCLUDED (20+): Goku HD God Forms, Goku Saiyan, Goku SSJ4, Trunks Hayabusa, Vegeta Saiyan Vegeta SSJ4 and Vegeta Elite armored Frieza, Cell, Cell Jr. Kid Buu, Majin buu minions, Android16, Bardock, Broly Nappa, Paragas, Raditz, Turles WEAPONS INCLUDED (10) (CMT): Energy Blast Blue / Purple Energy Shots: Cannon, Rifle, Pistol Energy Beam Focus Charge Energy Beam Hunter Charge Energy Blast Wraith Energy Bolts Majin Shade Energy Lightning Blasts DIALOGUE COMBAT SETS (12): Bardock, Broly, Kid Buu Cell, Cell Jr., Frieza Goku Old, Goku Young Nappa, Raditz, Turles Vegeta Old, Vegeta Young DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1 New weapons effects created/owned by CMT Skins and Dialogue combat sound sets created by DarknessSamurai. Weapon FP Hands by Yoda and Jawa, modified from the "Co Challenge01" map The HD GOKU biped is originally featured in TheFugitive's "Supercity" map DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1
  6. The Complete Sonic Collection: Get all Sonic, Shadow and Silver bipeds, vehicles, scenery, devices and weapons! All three are now vehicle-compatible, plus custom weapons. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1 Assets originally created by Sonic Mapping Team & SonicXtreme. Assets modified, upgraded and collected by DarknessSamurai. BIPEDS INCLUDED: 1) Hyper Mode Sonic, Shadow and Silver 2) Super Sonic, Shadow and Silver 3) Normal Flying/Running Sonic, Shadow and Silver 4) Tails, Nights and Robotnic Robot characters 5) Multiplayer Mode (color-change) Versions 6) Broly Mode Shadow and Super Saiyan Sonic VEHICLES INCLUDED: 1) Tornado 2 airplane by Tails 2) Homing Energy Aura flying vehicle SCENERY INCLUDED: 1) Rings spinning animated 2) Chaos Emeralds multicolored DEVICES INCLUDED: 1) Giant Gold Ring spinning 2) Red Spring Bouncer (jump on) WEAPONS INCLUDED: 1) Chaos plasma cannon 2) Chaos plasma chargeshot 3) Chaos plasma pistol 4) Chaos plasma rifle 5) Chaos plasma rifle red 6) Chaos telekinesis force DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1