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  1. Web Resources GameSpy SDK Documentaion Help Luigi Auriemma GameSpy Research OpenSpy -Soneek- (Original Github) OpenSpy -Masaq- (Current Github) Downloadable Resources Gamespy OpenSDK v1.00 w/GameSpy SDK Documentation Help Wireshark GameSpy (XOR) Lua Filter OpenSpy Source -Soneek- OpenSpy Source -Masaq-
  2. I have received a request for source for Sector 09, so I figured I'd publicly release it (I know, its been long overdue.) Sector09 RAW Release - ALL BSP's - Nickster5000 NOTE: Files preceded in _ means that they are important. I marked them with this underscore as I was going through the files. Description: Included in this release is ALL of the iterations that sector09 went through from 2012, all the way to its release in 2016. Included in this release is the following directories, and notes about what this directory consists of: ***bitmaps -RPG_Rips and RPG_Rips2 should contain all of the bitmaps that I ripped from halo 3 ODST. NOTE: SOME OF THE FILES WILL HAVE BROKEN REFERENCES. I DID NOT RENAME ANY OF THE FILES, but they may be in different locations. I recommend that you rip your own version of the Halo 3: ODST bitmaps using adjutant to suit your needs. ***misc -Contains files that were used in showing sector09, and other documentation used in its development. ***sector09-2012 -The very first iteration of sector09. I could not find the original... however, I found two animation demos that I created on the original model, which should suffice. ***sector09-2014 -Old sector 09 build. I believe one of these didn't even make it ingame. Don't remember a whole lot about these files, so have fun playing around with them! ***sector09-2014-b -Another old sector 09 build. More files that I made for sector 09. Don't remember a whole lot about this one either, so have fun playing around!!! ***sector09-ce3-2015 -Second to most significant file in this pack. This was the demo that was showcased at CE3 2015. ***sector09-2016 -Most significant file for sector09's release. Contains the version of the BSP that was in the final release, as well as some updates to it. xtra -Extra files that I found laying around. README.txt - this file. Download Here! Please let me know if there is anything missing. Enjoy! -Nickster5000
  3. As requested by @DSalimander, I bring you the Tasty Optic Pack for HAC2. Nothing too special. Just a little something to relieve all the stress by cheering you on with moans and groans. All moans and groans were from: And here's gameplay of it in action: Enjoy! tasty.zip
  4. Crosspost from Halomaps <3
  5. On Halo CE, unlike Halo PC, you'll need the bitmaps.map, sounds.map, and loc.map files for the dedicated server. The bitmaps.map and sounds.map are quite large together, totaling over 150 MB of data. However, this topic provides an alternative modified version of both the bitmaps.map and sounds.map. The bitmaps.map I have is now 384 KB (0.4% original size) and the sounds.map is now 313 KB (0.8% original size). This allows for fast uploading even on poor connections. Since they're valid files and contain the tag data, the dedicated server won't crash with an exception error. They have the bitmaps and sounds data stripped, so they're about as big as loc.map. Most people probably won't ever need this at all, as hosting providers who host Halo CE will likely include every map. These maps also come with a standard installation of Halo CE. However, for those of you who have to upload a whole installation of Halo CE, this can save you some time, bandwidth, and space. These files are intended for servers, only. Do not use these on the client. Download (modified bitmaps.map and sounds.map): bitmaps_sounds.zip
  6. I do not take any credit for this piece of work. I randomly found a guy who recorded and uploaded a bunch of Halo 4 sound effects ranging from Weapons, Armor Abilities, and Announcer voices. It also comes with medals and weapon blueprints. Download: http://ge.tt/9NG5SBS/v/0?c Alt Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/16v7daegpy63szw/Halo+4+SFX+-+by+SillyGoose+v1.0.rar Note: He did some audio editing work to remove some background noise, and it has affected some audio files to sound a bit wonky. Most of them seem perfect however.
  7. WIP = Work In Progress TBD = To Be Decided Postponed = Paused development Future Project = Will begin development later Converse = In discussion (I want to talk about it) Green Text = Development is going fast Yellow Text = Few problems/errors but it will be done Red Text = Having many problems with development Necro http://www.mediafire...tnbsmah9hfn0sbt (place in characters folder) Shoulder Nader v1 (feedback on balance) http://www.mediafire...lu4vs633m5mwhly 12 round average 6 shots = 1 kill fast projectile, noticeable arcs Shoulder Gat v1 (feedback on anims, shades, balance) http://www.mediafire...4trd0vajofoxazu 100 rounds -requires revising- Blazer(5 Burst Marksman) http://www.mediafire...lxn0xh2hicbxx3g -requires revising- Monitor Ball http://www.mediafire...cqm80wudgbgc5w0 Replacement for odd ball Special features included Ghoul Lost mod files. Going to redo since I like this idea. Slow strong primary, projectiles lock on constant wing contrails -secondary undecided- -WIP- Elemental Weapons MAGIC! http://www.opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/1806-wip-halo-ancient-combat/page-6#entry36416 POW! HAHA! -Future Project- V.S. (remake) -Future Project- Prone -Future Project- Failed Mod List (FML)