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  1. This script will periodically announce defined messages from an announcements array. You can manually broadcast a message from this array with a simple command (see below). /broadcast list (view list of available announcements) /broadcast [message id] (force immediate announcement broadcast) Download Page
  2. A discord bot framework built using the Discordia API and Luvit runtime environment. Easily connect one (or more) halo servers to a Discord Server. Features: 1). Event Messages The Discord Bot will relay a message to your Discord Server when the following SAPP events are fired: Event Announcement Description * Bot Load The Bot has loaded successfully. * event_death Killed by the server, Squashed by a vehicle, Run over by a vehicle, Betrayal, PVP, Suicide, Zombie-Infect, First blood, Guardians, Killed from the grave, Unknown death. * event_join Player connected to the server. * event_quit Player disconnected from the server. * event_game_start A new game starts (incl map & mode). * event_game_end The current game mode ends (and shows who won). * event_chat Global messages sent to defined global-channel. * event_score Message sent when player scores. * event_command Command logs sent to defined command-log channel. [note] The bot will ignore commands containing sensitive information (namely passwords). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2). Two-way chat integration: Send messages directly to the specified Halo server from discord (and visa versa) The chat format example: [discord] Chalwk: "Hi" (Discord to halo, as seen in-game) [CHAT] Chalwk: "Hi" (halo to Discord) 3). End-Game winner results: The bot will feedback on the name of the winning player (or team) on discord after each game. For full project details and installation instructions please see THIS PAGE. If you need help with installation and/or setup, DM me on discord: Chalwk#9284 Updates: Updated on 16/03/2021 @ 10:12 AM NZST Couple of minor bug fixes & tweaks Updated on 15/02/2021 @ 22:17 PM NZST Fixed bug causing inbound & outbound messages not to send to respective destinations. Updated file documentation in settings.lua Updated on 14/02/2021 @ 16:48 PM NZST Fixed bug causing Discord.lua not to load
  3. This script is intended for use on public servers. It is best used within a group of players that have trust among each other. The script is triggered by a slash command from halo chat like /register <password> or /unregister <password>. The password is configured in the script, and is the same for anyone who registers. For added security the command names "unregister" and "register" can both be changed in the script configuration. If you run a public server and have a group of people you know that often visit, then you can give that group this method of registration. If someone were to join with their name without it seeing their registered IP address the server would announce that they are a possible imposter. They would be automatically kicked within a configured time (20 seconds by default). The time limit is set to allow players with dynamic IP addresses to re-register their new IP. Which some may not want to register to begin with because it will become a hassle. Anonymous players that join will be unaffected as long as they do not attempt to impersonate someone who has registered. To them this script will be more or less invisible other than the messages it sends to all players. A name can be registered to as many IP addresses as necessary. When someone unregisters their name, all IP addresses associated with it are cleared from the match list. This script is only as strong as the people in the group who use it. If you intend to use this then keep in mind that the password may leak to parties that you do not wish to have it. The configuration section of the script is commented to give an idea of what each option does. This has been an issue believe it or not where an anonymous player joining as someone else and acting and chatting similar to what the real person would do. This does not ensure that will never happen due to the human element of using a password, but it's a good countermeasure against that type of trolling. This is basically a dynamic block / allow list based on IP address controlled from a slash command and password from within halo Use /register <password> to register your name to your IP Use /unregister <password> to no longer keep track of your name Both /register and /unregister can be changed to different command names to add extra security This may not be worth the effort for some, but if it's a legitimate problem then this script works as a solution, even if it can be a hassle. There may be some bugs, it would be cool if you posted them here so I can fix them when / if they do happen. Also I probably or maybe missed something important in the code, but it's my first release on OC FTW. Also I welcome improvement upon this or new ideas or angles on mitigating this type of problem. I'm probably just lazy so this is the best I could come up with for now. clan_register.lua
  4. So I created a Discord bot that will allow you to run console commands from Discord. First thing is you will need to set up a bot with Discord and copy its Token over for use in the Discordia Script. https://discord.com/developers/applications When inviting your bot, do not give your bot administrative privilege, this is to make sure you make it so the bot can only read messages from admin channels by specifically adding that bot to category permissions or per-channel permissions. Here are the permissions you want to give it: How to invite your bot: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/discord.html ____________________________________________ After that you will need the Discordia + Bot package [ discord.lua ] and the server side script [ discord.lua ]. Setting up the Discordia bot: 1. Unzip the luvit.zip onto the same system your server is going to be running on. 2(a). Open the haloce.lua in the luvit.zip, at the top you should see this: -- Set up bot local bot_prefix = ">" local bot_token = "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN" -- Path to haloceded/haloded(s) local servers = {} servers['ce01'] = {"C:\\Users\\Gigabyte\\Desktop\\CE_Test", '-path "C:\\Users\\Gigabyte\\Desktop\\CE_Test"', "haloceded.exe"} --servers['ce01'] = {"C:\\Users\\Gigabyte\\Desktop\\PC_Test", '-path "C:\\Users\\Gigabyte\\Desktop\\PC_Test"', "haloded.exe"} 2(b). Take the bot token you got from your discord developers page and paste it in replacing `YOU_BOT_TOKEN`, and make sure that the quotations are still around it. 2(c). Now below `servers` you will want to set your server short-name (in my case it was ce01, so `servers['ce01'] =`). Set the server path, launch arguments, and executable name as well. (The second line is an example how to do a HaloPC server, or add another server.) NOTE: You cannot have 2 servers with the same short-name like I did by accident. 3(a). Take the discord.lua and paste it into your SAPP server's lua folder. 3(b). Remember to add `lua_load discord` to your SAPP init.txt. 4(a). Open t he discord.lua, at the top it should look like this: -- Path to Discordia bot. local discordia_path = "C:\\Users\\Gigabyte\\Desktop\\luvit\\" -- Path to read commands from. local command_file_path = "\\ce01\\command.txt" 4(b). For discordia_path, put the path were you have the the bot unzipped to, like shown above. 4(c). For command_file_path you need to put the server short-name where I did otherwise the server will not be able to pick up commands. 5. Start your Halo server + the bot (using the start_bot.cmd) Preview of how it should work when set up correctly: luvit.zip
  5. This library will enable you to send defined console text messages to a player for a specified period of time. Please see THIS PAGE for download link and usage. ~EDIT: Updated just now with a bug fix for a minor oversight and updated the GitHub page documentation to include an example script.
  6. Admin Chat enables admins to chat privately in a custom text channel. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DEMO:
  7. WorldBuster is an advanced profanity filter mod that automatically censors, replaces or blocks chat messages containing profanity. Features: Pattern matching algorithm to detect variations of words, like "asshole", for example, "a$$hole", "assH0l3" or "a55h01e. Censor, Block or Replace bad words (optionally mute players) Supports multiple languages Warning System + Grace Period Customizable messages Install Instructions: Click here for download link and install instructions Supported Languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto French, German, Hungry, Italian, Japanese Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Mute System Support: See download page for details.
  8. This script will periodically change the name of the server. The default interval between name changes is 15 seconds. There is an array with multiple server names in the config section. Repeat the structure to add more entries! SCRIPT DOWNLOAD
  9. This lets you specify coordinates to spawn weapons. Currently you'll have to use a delay on the event but if its possible to extend the time before a weapon despawns I will add that later on. Should resolve the duplicate weapon spawning issue, hopefully. Video: Download: WeaponSpawner.lua How to Use: Must load the script first. Adapt the follow events (put in events.txt) event_start $map:bloodgulch 'w8 2;cevent shotgun1' event_custom $ename:shotgun1 'lua_call "WeaponSpawner" "spawnWeapon" "weap" "weapons" "shotgun" "shotgun" "97.73" "-155.51" "2.31";w8 32;cevent shotgun1' WeaponSpawner.lua
  10. Took a look at giraffe's geolocation script and though, hey I can make a map downloader that uses the HAC2 Repo with that. This does require the use of wget as well as 7zip. Just like giraffe's script, this one requires that they need to be in the same folder as the dedicated server executable. Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/kdEH3nyB Github: https://github.com/it300/Halo-Lua/blob/master/map_download.lua 7zip_and_wget.zip Search for available maps @ http://maps.halonet.net/maplist.php Commands: map_download <map_name> map_download.map <URL> <map_name.map> map_download.zip <URL> <map_name> repo <url or legacy> Oh yeah since I just added map_download.zip <URL> <map_name>, a side note is that you can use .7z, .rar, or any format 7zip supports for decompression, I think? Also the map_name is only required to also have SAPP load map into the game.
  11. Allows you to execute a map reset command after a specified amount of time with the server being empty has elapsed. Download: https://pastebin.com/UEpEKatk
  12. Made at the request of @CartmansPieHole This script will changed anyone who joins your server's name to something else if their name contains something in a list of banned words/characters. Server moderators can use this to ban bad words in names or just names you don't like. This will log a message to the console when a players name is changed. Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TagiaNetwork/SAPP-Scripts/master/Open Carnage/BannedNameChanger.lua Video: Credits: OnNameRequest by @Devieth badwordsarebad by @Kavawuvi BannedNameChanger.lua
  13. This script does as it says, it spoof's scrim_mode being on. This is because scrim_mode is flawed for many reasons, one of which made this script possible. The idea of scrim_mode was to disable SAPP's cheat commands from being used by server admins in, scrims/competitive matches, but many people have found many ways around this in the past. The bonus of scrim_mode being on is it blocks all other Lua scripts from running, including ones that fix issues in the game, allow new game modes, and more. But with this script, if you type `/info` in chat, it will say scrim_mode is on, even when its not. That is as long as you do not enable scrim_mode within the init or sapp's init. spoof_scrimmode.lua
  14. So it was brought to my attention about a month ago that people were using HAC2 and Chimera (-572 and its derivatives, including mine) to cheat by setting their tickrate to 31-35 (30 = default, 36 and above and Halo's built in speed_hack_detection kicks in and ignores packets.) Today an idea popped in my head about a memory location I abused in the past to freeze players, checked the area around and sure enough, a counter that well, counts the number of updates it gets from the client, and my anti-speedhack was born. https://github.com/it300/Halo-Lua/blob/master/anti-speedhack.lua
  15. This script can execute commands when a player joins, based on the player's IP location. Note that IP locations are not always accurate. Requires wget.exe to be in the same directory as halo[ce]ded.exe Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without X-Windows support, etc. http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/ DOWNLOADS: Wget (32-bit 1.16.3) https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/releases/wget-1.16.3-win32.zip SAPP Script http://pastebin.com/HUaCSuEP
  16. This plugin will kill a player if they leave the BSP. It works on all maps, including Danger Canyon, so you won't have to worry about people getting quick and cheap caps. Note that in Death Island, jumping out of the water outside of the map is considered being outside of the BSP, which is why if you try to crouch underwater, you can't uncrouch. That means that this plugin will not kill people who exit the map unless they are not in the water. Download (SAPP): firewall.lua
  17. This script will automatically kick or kill players who are teamshooting their teammates repeatedly. It uses a score system. The score is increased if a teammate is hit. The score can only be increased once per second. This is in place to prevent players from being kicked too quickly, such as from 10 bullets from an assault rifle vs. 10 bullets from a pistol. By default, 5 points will warn the player and 10 points will kill the player, also adding 15 seconds to his or her respawn time. One point is added per hit, and two extra points are added if the player is driving a vehicle. The score will reset if the player stops attacking teammates for 15 seconds. Download (SAPP only): antiteamshoot.lua
  18. This script will allow you to ban players via their names. There is two ways you can ban them by their name, first is if they are in the server you can just enter their index number (1-16) and the second is buy manually typing in their name. Players who are name banned with be given default hash bans lasting 1 minute (this is to prevent re-joing by spamming connect <ip:port> <password> which would allow them to rejoin with a default name.) Commands: Ban player index (1-16) or string (no spaces.) nameban <index or string> <reason (only for index bans) > Unbans the ban index of a player (found with namebans.) nameunban <index> Lists all current namebans namebans Download: Pastebin - nameban
  19. This script will disable the "rcon command failed" message such as if you override EVENT_COMMAND or do not otherwise want your server to respond to failed commands. Download (SAPP): rcon_command_failed_disabled.lua
  20. This script will prevent players who leave the server more than an amount of attempts (default is 3 times) in an interval of time (default is 60 minutes) from rejoining. If a player leaves the server this many times, then they are prevented from rejoining temporarily. Note: The game ending does not count as a player leaving. Download (SAPP): exit_throttle.lua
  21. This script can be used to replace SAPP's logging system: Features: - Creates a new file with the current days (os.date("%Y-%m-%d_"))..environment.."Log.txt" (Ex: 10-26-2016_ChatLog.txt) - Saves the files into the servers profilepath.."\logs\" (Ex: C:\HaloServer\MyHaloServer\logs\) - Each environment has its own log file (join/lead, chat, and commands.) - Tracks joining and quitting. (All saved to the date..JoinLog.txt) timestamp New001 has joined the server. IP: Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h timestamp New001 has left the server. - Tracks chat. timestamp New001: Im saying words! timestamp New002: Im saying words as well! - Tracks commands. timestamp Admin: false Name: New001 Command: /info IP: Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h timestamp Admin: true Name: New002 Command: /kill *new001 IP: Hash: 4n07h3r6ealh45h I did not include hashes/ip addresses with the chat log because those can be found in the JoinLog (and I presume people cant change their names while in a server.) Yes I know this makes more work for the person looking through these but ctrl+f is a thing and the file looked super messy with it included. NOTE: Only works in HaloCE at the moment. (p.s. Its because I don't know how to get sigs.) Logging script: Pastebin - Log
  22. This script for SAPP accomplishes the goal of keeping your server's teams balanced. When teams have been unbalanced for 5 seconds, it will warn players that teams are unbalanced. If players manually switch teams, they will not get a death, and will respawn instantly. Otherwise, the next player to die on the bigger team will change teams. Download: team_balance.lua Old 1.0 version
  23. This script detects what buttons (wasd, flashlight, zoom etc) player presses and prints that in the console. It's not perfect and suggestions are welcome. This could be used for easy navigation on menu in the console or whatever. input.lua
  24. This script will shuffle teams every few team games. It will shuffle teams only in the very beginning of the game (by default, after 5 seconds have passed and every three team games). It also provides admins with a command to manually shuffle the teams, which can be assigned to a custom command in commands.txt: shuffle_teams 'lua_call shuffler ShuffleTeams' 4 Know that shuffling teams will kill all players, not just the players who are changing teams. Download (SAPP): shuffler.lua
  25. This script announces whenever an admin uses an admin command of at least a certain level (default being 4). The idea is that some commands like the k, b, and mute are announced, but not commands like "kill" or "lag", which may also be used by admins against troublemakers. This can resolve problems like players wondering why they just randomly died when they were actually just killed by an admin for something like blocking a cave with a banshee. It shouldn't affect commands used by custom commands, events, or the console, however the custom commands themselves are affected. Download (SAPP): admin_snitch.lua