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  1. Allows you to execute a map reset command after a specified amount of time with the server being empty has elapsed. Download: https://pastebin.com/UEpEKatk
  2. Made at the request of @CartmansPieHole This script will changed anyone who joins your server's name to something else if their name contains something in a list of banned words/characters. Server moderators can use this to ban bad words in names or just names you don't like. This will log a message to the console when a players name is changed. Download: https://github.com/TagiaNetwork/Tagia-Server-App-Scripts/blob/master/Open Carnage/BannedNameChanger.lua Video: Credits: OnNameRequest by @Devieth badwordsarebad by @Kavawuvi BannedNameChanger.lua
  3. Took a look at giraffe's geolocation script and though, hey I can make a map downloader that uses the HAC2 Repo with that. This does require the use of wget as well as 7zip. Just like giraffe's script, this one requires that they need to be in the same folder as the dedicated server executable. Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/kdEH3nyB Github: https://github.com/it300/Halo-Lua/blob/master/map_download.lua 7zip_and_wget.zip Search for available maps @ http://maps.halonet.net/maplist.php Commands: map_download <map_name> map_download.map <URL> <map_name.map> map_download.zip <URL> <map_name> repo <url or legacy> Oh yeah since I just added map_download.zip <URL> <map_name>, a side note is that you can use .7z, .rar, or any format 7zip supports for decompression, I think? Also the map_name is only required to also have SAPP load map into the game.
  4. This script does as it says, it spoof's scrim_mode being on. This is because scrim_mode is flawed for many reasons, one of which made this script possible. The idea of scrim_mode was to disable SAPP's cheat commands from being used by server admins in, scrims/competitive matches, but many people have found many ways around this in the past. The bonus of scrim_mode being on is it blocks all other Lua scripts from running, including ones that fix issues in the game, allow new game modes, and more. But with this script, if you type `/info` in chat, it will say scrim_mode is on, even when its not. That is as long as you do not enable scrim_mode within the init or sapp's init. spoof_scrimmode.lua
  5. So it was brought to my attention about a month ago that people were using HAC2 and Chimera (-572 and its derivatives, including mine) to cheat by setting their tickrate to 31-35 (30 = default, 36 and above and Halo's built in speed_hack_detection kicks in and ignores packets.) Today an idea popped in my head about a memory location I abused in the past to freeze players, checked the area around and sure enough, a counter that well, counts the number of updates it gets from the client, and my anti-speedhack was born. https://github.com/it300/Halo-Lua/blob/master/anti-speedhack.lua
  6. This script can execute commands when a player joins, based on the player's IP location. Note that IP locations are not always accurate. Requires wget.exe to be in the same directory as halo[ce]ded.exe Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without X-Windows support, etc. http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/ DOWNLOADS: Wget (32-bit 1.16.3) https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/releases/wget-1.16.3-win32.zip SAPP Script http://pastebin.com/HUaCSuEP
  7. This plugin will kill a player if they leave the BSP. It works on all maps, including Danger Canyon, so you won't have to worry about people getting quick and cheap caps. Note that in Death Island, jumping out of the water outside of the map is considered being outside of the BSP, which is why if you try to crouch underwater, you can't uncrouch. That means that this plugin will not kill people who exit the map unless they are not in the water. Download (SAPP): firewall.lua
  8. This script will automatically kick or kill players who are teamshooting their teammates repeatedly. It uses a score system. The score is increased if a teammate is hit. The score can only be increased once per second. This is in place to prevent players from being kicked too quickly, such as from 10 bullets from an assault rifle vs. 10 bullets from a pistol. By default, 5 points will warn the player and 10 points will kill the player, also adding 15 seconds to his or her respawn time. One point is added per hit, and two extra points are added if the player is driving a vehicle. The score will reset if the player stops attacking teammates for 15 seconds. Download (SAPP only): antiteamshoot.lua
  9. This script will allow you to ban players via their names. There is two ways you can ban them by their name, first is if they are in the server you can just enter their index number (1-16) and the second is buy manually typing in their name. Players who are name banned with be given default hash bans lasting 1 minute (this is to prevent re-joing by spamming connect <ip:port> <password> which would allow them to rejoin with a default name.) Commands: Ban player index (1-16) or string (no spaces.) nameban <index or string> <reason (only for index bans) > Unbans the ban index of a player (found with namebans.) nameunban <index> Lists all current namebans namebans Download: Pastebin - nameban
  10. This script will disable the "rcon command failed" message such as if you override EVENT_COMMAND or do not otherwise want your server to respond to failed commands. Download (SAPP): rcon_command_failed_disabled.lua
  11. This script will prevent players who leave the server more than an amount of attempts (default is 3 times) in an interval of time (default is 60 minutes) from rejoining. If a player leaves the server this many times, then they are prevented from rejoining temporarily. Note: The game ending does not count as a player leaving. Download (SAPP): exit_throttle.lua
  12. This script can be used to replace SAPP's logging system: Features: - Creates a new file with the current days (os.date("%Y-%m-%d_"))..environment.."Log.txt" (Ex: 10-26-2016_ChatLog.txt) - Saves the files into the servers profilepath.."\logs\" (Ex: C:\HaloServer\MyHaloServer\logs\) - Each environment has its own log file (join/lead, chat, and commands.) - Tracks joining and quitting. (All saved to the date..JoinLog.txt) timestamp New001 has joined the server. IP: Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h timestamp New001 has left the server. - Tracks chat. timestamp New001: Im saying words! timestamp New002: Im saying words as well! - Tracks commands. timestamp Admin: false Name: New001 Command: /info IP: Hash: t07a1y4r3alh45h timestamp Admin: true Name: New002 Command: /kill *new001 IP: Hash: 4n07h3r6ealh45h I did not include hashes/ip addresses with the chat log because those can be found in the JoinLog (and I presume people cant change their names while in a server.) Yes I know this makes more work for the person looking through these but ctrl+f is a thing and the file looked super messy with it included. NOTE: Only works in HaloCE at the moment. (p.s. Its because I don't know how to get sigs.) Logging script: Pastebin - Log
  13. This script for SAPP accomplishes the goal of keeping your server's teams balanced. When teams have been unbalanced for 5 seconds, it will warn players that teams are unbalanced. If players manually switch teams, they will not get a death, and will respawn instantly. Otherwise, the next player to die on the bigger team will change teams. Download: team_balance.lua Old 1.0 version
  14. This script detects what buttons (wasd, flashlight, zoom etc) player presses and prints that in the console. It's not perfect and suggestions are welcome. This could be used for easy navigation on menu in the console or whatever. input.lua
  15. This script will shuffle teams every few team games. It will shuffle teams only in the very beginning of the game (by default, after 5 seconds have passed and every three team games). It also provides admins with a command to manually shuffle the teams, which can be assigned to a custom command in commands.txt: shuffle_teams 'lua_call shuffler ShuffleTeams' 4 Know that shuffling teams will kill all players, not just the players who are changing teams. Download (SAPP): shuffler.lua
  16. This script announces whenever an admin uses an admin command of at least a certain level (default being 4). The idea is that some commands like the k, b, and mute are announced, but not commands like "kill" or "lag", which may also be used by admins against troublemakers. This can resolve problems like players wondering why they just randomly died when they were actually just killed by an admin for something like blocking a cave with a banshee. It shouldn't affect commands used by custom commands, events, or the console, however the custom commands themselves are affected. Download (SAPP): admin_snitch.lua
  17. Updated version of my votekick script that was posted in another thread. Noticed some bugs so I kinda re-wrote it, made it shorter, and removed crap that didn't really need to be there. Also I still allow players to kick themselves but I made a custom message if they choose to do that. Let me know if it doesn't work cause I wasn't able to test it. Changes: - Fixed a bug that made it so a second votekick could be called while one was already active. - Fixed a bug where the timeout didn't work. Votekick = votekick.lua
  18. This script will take action against players who spam grenades (particularly in infinite grenades). You can do one of four options: Kick player (optionally ban them for a specified amount of time) Take away their grenades for a specified amount of time Kill the player and optionally add time to their respawn time Kill the player without sending a death message to chat. Players can also be warned before action is taken to give them time to stop spamming grenades. Download: antinadespam.lua
  19. This basically gives you the same power that the OnNameRequest in Phasor did. So this will allow you to change the players name as they join the server, making their name in the scoreboard, chat, and kill feed become the name you set. OnNameRequest Example: https://youtu.be/259by3MEjRc Note: You can just pull the read/write_widestring right out of this script and use it as needed (although I am not sure of any other practical uses.)
  20. This script can be used as a supplement to SAPP's minimal admin system, by introducing groups that are allowed to execute different commands, essentially whitelisting the commands they can use. It allows for much more customization of admins than just using admin levels. Here are some examples of groups. They're only some examples: a group that is in charge of every admin functionality, but has no access to the "naughty" commands or cheat commands a group that has access to certain naughty and cheat commands, but not all of them a group that has access to every command, but still give other admins access to certain level 4 commands What makes this script even more helpful is that it's not limited to a level system like SAPP. You can choose to have two different groups have access to different commands that the other group doesn't have. You can also reload the groups without reloading SAPP using the reload_groups command. Know that scrim_mode will disable this script - If you don't want admins using cheat commands, don't let them use cheat commands. Setting up the script takes a little bit more effort than most other scripts: First, you're going to want to install the separate JSON parser that I'm using, as permissions are stored in JSON format. You can get it here, but I'll also mirror it on this page as well. Place this file in your SAPP folder. Next, load the script and edit the groups.json file that's in the SAPP folder. This is what it will generate if there is no groups.json file. { "group_default": "default", "groups": { "admin": { "commands": [ "sv_map", "map", "sv_maplist", "sv_gamelist", "sv_map_reset", "st", "kill" ], "inherit": "moderator" }, "default": { "commands": [ "afk", "pl" ] }, "moderator": { "commands": [ "ipbans", "inf", "ipunban", "ub" ], "inherit": "submoderator" }, "submoderator": { "commands": [ "k", "sv_kick", "bans", "mute", "textban", "textbans", "mutes", "unmute", "textunban", "sv_ban", "b" ], "inherit": "default" }, "superadmin": { "all_commands": true, "commands": [], "inherit": "admin" } }, "hashes": { "examplehash12345678": "default" }, "ignore_commands": [ "stfu", "unstfu", "info", "stats", "sv_stats", "about", "whatsnext", "login", "lead", "clead", "list" ], "ignore_rcon": false } Edit this file. "hashes" are the player hashes followed by their group. You can get hashes using the inf command if the player is online. For more information, see this post. You can then execute the command reload_groups to reload the permissions. With this setup (generated by default), if a player has the group moderator, moderator inherits from submoderator which inherits from default. This means that they have access to all moderator, submoderator, and default commands. Because ignore_rcon is set to false, rcon commands are also checked. Players that are not listed are assigned to group_default's group, which is the "default" group. Players in the superadmin group have "all_commands" enabled, giving them unrestricted access to every command. Note that SAPP's admin system has the final say, and will deny players commands if their admin levels are not high enough. You can circumvent this by setting players' level to a level that would execute the commands you want them to be allowed to execute. JSON.lua (place in sapp folder): JSON.lua groups.lua (SAPP plugin): groups.lua
  21. This script does is the same thing that an events kill spree messages would do but, it sends it to the console instead and you can choose the alignment of spree or combo message that can be said. http://pastebin.com/Dp1e00kG
  22. Newest version of my Phantom Shot Detection for Sapp, this version also keeps track of how many kills a player gets with phantom shots and will spit out a message to all players in the server when and who they killed with a phantom shot besides tell the whole server that a player is phantom shooting. In this version of Phantom Shot Detection you can have it take action when a player is just using the glitch or to take action when the player is getting kills with the glitch. It also some editable messages for when players phantom shoot and get kills with phantom shots. You can find the script at http://pastebin.com/YbGh7r6X where I will also put updates if any are needed. ~ Skylace
  23. This script was requested a long time ago, and I feel it might deserve its own topic now. What this script does is it sends a message to each new player while keeping track of the number of players online. $PLAYER and $COUNT will be automatically substituted for the player's name and the count of unique players respectively. This script was originally requested by aushrk. I have since updated to support not just CD-key hashes, but also IP addresses and IP addresses with ports (know that some networks might change the client port every game). Download: welcomewagon.lua
  24. The goal of making this was to get a slightly less annoying Carnage Bot using SAPP's new scripting system. What it does is it runs a random command from a list of commands set in its configuration. Configuration is easy to set up. You can set a delay (in seconds). Then, you can set your commands. Be sure to use single quotes to surround the commands so you can use double quotes in the commands. Separate with commas, too. Use escape characters if you need a single quote ( \' ). You can then have it set to not repeat the last X number of commands. Download (SAPP and Phasor): bot.lua Old version (1.1.0)
  25. This script will temporarily ban players for a set amount of time if they use someone's name without the correct CD-key hash. It can be used to supplement SAPP's v2 admin system by adding additional security by also requiring the correct CD hash, preventing people from blocking out admins by taking their names. It can also be used to block out people attempting to impersonate admins. Configuration is slightly complex. Separate each entry with commas. -- {"Name", "hash"}, Separate with commas HASHES = { {"Example Player 1", "00000000000000000000000000000000"}, {"Example Player 2", "0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef"} } Ban reason can be specified, and if ban time is set to 0, it kicks the player instead of banning them. Download (SAPP only): whitelist.lua Old 1.0 version: