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  1. This script allows you to play in third person. You can use hotkeys on the mouse and numpad to toggle and move the camera. Open the script in notepad to customize it. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-581 or 1.0). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Current version: 2021-03-07 DOWNLOAD: third_person_camera.lua 2021-01-09 changes: small fix for maps compiled using Invader 2021-01-09 changes: fixed some issues related to the second reticle (red dot) fixed ammo icon appearing on the player in blood_covenant map fixed some issues related to scripts getting reloaded while in third person Features: A console command to enable/disable third-person camera: tp 1 / tp 0 Should work in all maps, even if they are protected Camera position customization: allows you to change where the camera is (open the script with notepad) Third-person camera zooming: doesn't switch to first-person when you zoom (optional) Dynamic reticle. Adds a lens flare that shows where your shots will actually land. Works in most maps (optional) Bigass V3 dynamic reticle: moves the reticle where your shows will actually land Player animation fixes: fixes most animation glitches that happen in multiplayer (optional) Camera shake removal: no camera shake when firing weapons (optional) Compatible with fp legs script Known issues: The dynamic reticle is delayed and doesn't look that good in most cases There might still be some animation glitches Sometimes reloading animation doesn't play at all In rare cases you can see explosion lights where the dynamic reticle is
  2. This restores the colored rcon messages from the older build of Chimera and also disables redirecting rcon messages to the server messages. Download: classic_rcon.lua
  3. Here's a heavily requested feature by... everyone. Safe zones (or more accurately HUD margins). It does not work with protected maps. Have fun. Download: safezones.lua Download (if on Refined): safezones-refined.lua Disclaimer: This script is highly map dependent and will PROBABLY not work correctly on custom HUDs. You may be able to tweak the top/left values to get things working. But please do not report bugs with custom HUDs (or protected maps of course).
  4. Hi Guys, at the moment my son and I are having loads of fun on my halo server with LAN parties and I'm glad the guys love it too. Everyone loves this very nostalgic game. I introduced them to a lot of stuff they or even I for that matter didn't have back in the day while playing halo and a good example of this is the emoji chat and chimera as well for the interpolation feature which is great especially on our beastly PCs. The question I have is how can I get chimera to work with hac2, which is need to make emoji chat work, because I already have chimera build -581 but I don't know how to install this one and if this version supports interpolation as well as its custom chat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. This script is for those who are using emoji chat only. If you are tired of entering wrong emoji names and not knowing what emoji are there then this script is for you! It will show you suggested emoji as you're typing one in the chat. update: fixed some issues with symbols updated: fixed issues with special characters DOWNLOAD: emoji_chat_helper.lua If you don't have emoji chat first you need HAC2 with custom chat enabled. Then you need to download this emoji_chat.rar Extract it to the controls folder in your Halo CE directory. Modify chat color and shadow using emoji_chat.ini if you'd like. Credits go to giraffe and me.
  6. This script shows your ping when you are on a server. I also put in a command that allows you to enable/disable the thing. It works like any other Chimera command, it saves your setting, so you don't need to type the command every time you start the game. show_ping [true/false] This script only works in the latest version of the Lua API (2.056) which comes with latest version of Chimera. Uh, this is my first topic, any suggestions will be appreciated. player_ping.lua
  7. This simple script allows you to change the velocity/speed of the debug camera using "Z" and "X" keys, if you prefer this instead of killing your thumb using the scroll wheel. Download and updates will be provided from my GitHub repository:
  8. This script fixes grenade throw animation when walking, jumping, crouching and riding a vehicle. The script should work on any map even if it's protected. Known issues: only works on multiplayer and only if you are the client only fixes in client-side so what you see other players doing will not match what's happening on the server spamming grenade throw key will repeat the animation The script was updated to fix grenade spamming in first person view. Another update to add support for multiple bipeds in one map. Current version: 2021-02-20 DOWNLOAD: grenade_throw_fix.lua
  9. You can find many of the most useful Chimera scripts listed here. MP Death Sounds Restore the dialog played on death in multiplayer. Grenade Throw Fix Fixes the grenade throwing animation on all maps.
  10. This script will show player's secondary weapon. Features: Works on all unprotected maps that don't already have backpack weapons Automatically detects where weapon should be placed if the tag is not listed in the script Known Issues: Only one backpack weapon is shown Some custom weapons may not be placed correctly Some custom weapons may not render when viewed at certain angles May cause issues on single-player maps when reloading checkpoints Current version: 2021-03-07 DOWNLOAD: backpack_weapons.lua
  11. This script will enable death sounds in multiplayer. It doesn't work 100% of the time but I don't know how to improve it. Should work on most unprotected maps. I've updated the script to let you choose if you want to use violent or quiet death sound variant. DOWNLOAD: death_sound.lua
  12. Here is a little global script for Chimera -572 (and its derivatives) that removes the Flag nav/distance indicator from CTF game modes. Made it because the distance indicator is always in front and can block your view of players or entire bases in the case of using the semi-refined maps by Vaporeon.) remove_ctf_nav.lua
  13. This script will move the HUD when you aim, walk sideways, jump, etc. Works on all maps even if they are protected. Should work fine with HAC2 and Chimera widescreen fixes. DOWNLOAD: hud_sway.lua
  14. This script gives you more ways you can use zoom: You can zoom in by holding a mouse button of your choice and unzoom by releasing it You can zoom in and out using scroll wheel Known issues: For some reason scroll wheel input doesn't work sometimes and you need to restart the game for it to work again DOWNLOAD: scroll_zoom.lua
  15. Hello everyone, this is a Chimera Lua script that basically changes your weapon reticle's color to green whenever you aim at an allied player, this is achieved through some real-time tag manipulation. Don't expect it to work on protected maps, also, as far as I know the reticle doesn't change if you're in a vehicle (unless you're in a passenger seat). Like always, let me know if you find a glitch and I'll try to fix it. Enjoy: ally_reticle_enabler.lua UPDATE: @aLTis's edited script (Latest version): ally_retical_modified_by_altis.lua
  16. These scripts contain the following features: Show FP animation permutations for maps (and specifically weapons) that support them (this is a known cool feature in OpenSauce). Enable first person sound reverberation for non-reverb sounds in weapons, by changing the class type on-the-fly. Of course, you need either Creative ALchemy or DSOAL to enable EAX effects. You'll need Chimera -572 or -581 to use these scripts (in fact, any Chimera with Lua script support should work just fine). Drag and drop the files into Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global - DOWNLOAD (GITHUB REPOSITORY'S ZIP): - GITHUB (CONSTANT UPDATES WILL BE AVAILABLE HERE): VIDEO:
  17. This allows you to steer some of the vehicles using your keyboard instead of a mouse. This will not work on flying or hovering vehicles. The Chimera script will not work on a server unless the server has the sapp script. If people join the server without this script then they will probably warp a lot when driving vehicles. I haven't tested this in singleplayer but it might break some cutscenes where marines drive warthogs (I could fix this but can't be bothered). There are a few settings you can edit on both server and client scripts but the client's settings will be overridden by the server settings when you join a server. I would recommend not hosting a public server with this and just keep it for private gamenights or something. DOWNLOAD CHIMERA SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_chimera.lua DOWNLOAD SERVER SCRIPT: vehicle_turning_sapp.lua
  18. Here's the latest version of my first-person legs script. The script requires a chimera version that supports scripting (-581 or Chimera 1.0). Drop it in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Current version: 2021-03-07 DOWNLOAD: fp_legs.lua Features: Console command to enable/disable the script: fp_legs 1 / fp_legs 0 Works on all unprotected maps with humanoid bipeds Works on both singleplayer and multiplayer maps You can blacklist the maps on which you want to disable this script by editing the script with notepad The script will now also work on unprotected maps and maps compiled with Invader if you're using Chimera 1.0!
  19. Despite the fact that a devcam command will be present in the final release of Chimera (1.0), you can use this simple Lua script for older builds (like -572 or -581) in the meantime. This is useful for people like me that only kept using HAC2 because of its "devcam 1/0" command. To use it, you can type the following commands (you can type whichever command you prefer): To exit devcam mode, just replace the "1" with a "0". Drop this script in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera\lua\global Author: Sled. DOWNLOAD: devcam.lua
  20. clua_version = 2.04; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); set_callback("command", "OnCommand"); set_callback("map load", "OnMapLoad"); --set_callback("",""); musicPlayer = false; --this controls whether the music player is off or on skipSong = false; --this allows the player to skip a song in the playlist songCount = 6; --amount of songs in the playlist --used for array access minSongs = 0; maxSongs = songCount - 1; isPlaying = false; --checks to see if a song is playing or not. Controlled by tick count. tickCount = 0; --used to determine if a song is over or not. songSelection = nil; --used for array access SONGS = --playlist { [0] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\dragula ", [1] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\gentlemenStartYourWeapons ", [2] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\objectIdentified ", [3] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\raceToDestruction ", [4] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\ready2Die ", [5] = " twisted_metal\\music\\loops\\readySetDestroy ", } --to calculate song lengths: -- given a song length of 3:15 as an example. -- 1. Multiply 3 * 60 (since there are 180 seconds in 3 minutes) -- 2. add + 15 (since there are 15 additional seconds in the song -- 3. multiply the entire result by 30 (since there are 30 ticks in one second) -- RESULT: (3 * 60 + 15) * 30 for a 3:15 long song. SONGLENGTHS = --lengths of each song in the playlist. They align with their respective slots in SONGS { [0] = (4 * 60 + 37) * 30, --8310 [1] = (3 * 60 + 23) * 30, --6090 [2] = (3 * 60 + 9) * 30, --5670 [3] = (3 * 60 + 17) * 30, --5910 [4] = (3 * 60 + 50) * 30, --6900 [5] = (3 * 60 + 37) * 30, --6510 } function OnTick() if musicPlayer then --if player wants music if isPlaying == false then --if a song is not playing --pick a random song to play, math.randomseed(os.time()); songSelection = math.random(minSongs,maxSongs); --and play the song playMusic(songSelection, 1); isPlaying = true; else --if a song is playing if tickCount >= SONGLENGTHS[songSelection] or skipSong == true then --if the song has ended or the player wants to skip the song --stop the music. tickCount = 0; playMusic(songSelection, 0); isPlaying = false; skipSong = false; else --if the song has not ended --increment the tick count. tickCount = tickCount + 1; --console_out(tickCount); end end else --if the player does not want music for i = 0, maxSongs do playMusic(i, 0); --safely stop all songs from playing. end isPlaying = false; end end function playMusic(songSelection, toggle) --playMusic is a utility function if toggle == 1 then execute_script("sound_looping_start"..SONGS[songSelection].."none 1"); else execute_script("sound_looping_stop"..SONGS[songSelection]); end end function OnCommand(command) if command.sub(command,0,4) == "play" then --if the command is play musicPlayer = true; --turn on the music player return false elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "stop" then --if the command is stop musicPlayer = false; --turn off the music player return false; elseif command.sub(command,0,4) == "skip" and musicPlayer == true then --if the command is skip skipSong = true; --skip the song return false; else return true; end end A music player that I made for Chimera. Hopefully someone will find it useful!
  21. heres a simple velocity changer that I wrote: clua_version = 1.0; set_callback("tick", "OnTick"); adjustedSpeed = false; player = nil; velocityMultiplier = 5; playerSpeed = nil; function OnTick() local object = get_player(); if object ~= nil then if adjustedSpeed == false then playerSpeed = read_float(object + 0x6C); write_float(object + 0x6C, playerSpeed * velocityMultiplier); adjustedSpeed = true; end else -- cout("object is returning nil"); end end