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  1. Downloads: Mega: Nexus: Resuscitation is a recreation of Coagulation from Halo 2, brought into Halo 3. It is meant to be as faithful as possible to the original, while updating the visuals, and incorporating Halo 3 sandbox elements. This is the first test release, so please report any bugs that you may encounter. Changelog: Resuscitation Beta Release 1 -Initial public release Resuscitation Beta Release 2 -Altered spawn times and maximum quantities of all weapons, equipment, and vehicles -Replaced Rocket Launcher with Spartan Laser -Altered Power Drain spawns -Removed duplicate spawn points -Modified radii of KOTH and Territories objectives -Fixed bad UV -Modified exposure settings Credits: Map Creator: Aerial Dave (Discord: Aerial Dave#2236) Vehicles: Vuthakral - Spectre Playtesters: SCRAPY (@Halo2Guy) TheGhostOfFive (Discord: TheGhostOfFive#6969) zekilk (cyboryxmen on forums) fable law 458 (Discord: fable law 458#5648) defaunation (Discord: defaunation#4027) Markel (Discord: Markel#5480) Special Thanks: General-101 (Discord: General_101#9814) num0005 (Discord: num0005#8646) Bungie 343 Industries For feedback, contact: [email protected] Downloads: Mega: Nexus:
  2. Homefront is a small to mid-sized asymmetrical BTB map set in New Mombasa, built for One-Flag CTF and other attack/defend modes. The map is designed to offer players a frenetic gameplay experience, with a balance of close-quarters infantry combat in interior sections and chaotic vehicular combat in the streets. The weapon, equipment, and vehicle set on the map include the following: 8 Battle Rifles 4 Assault Rifles 2 Automags 6 Silenced SMGs 2 Carbines 2 Brute Plasma Rifles 2 Plasma Pistols 2 Needlers 1 Brute Shot 1 Sniper Rifle 1 Rocket Launcher 1 Shotgun 1 Gravity Hammer 2 Trpmines 2 Bubbleshields 1 Gravlift 1 Active Camo 1 Overshield 2 Warthogs 2 Mongooses 1 Brute Chopper This map also includes the VKMT M6D Magnum in the Forge item list. Download Mega: Download Nexus: Optional UI Files: Soon
  3. This is a small symmetrical map split between human and forerunner architecture. made to replace guardian Mega: I'm sure there's lots of problems with it still but I'm out of time so it's all I've got. I hope someone gets at least a little enjoyment out of it.
  4. Download Mega: Download Nexus: Optional UI Files: MLG Conflux variant: Conflux is a symmetrical competitive map set in a Forerunner facility on the edge of a cliff. It was designed with a "tug of war" style of flow, where team positioning and careful movement through the center are emphasized. Teams start the match facing the center platform in the main atrium, with the base of a large beam emitter blocking the line of sight from spawn to spawn. Each team spawn has a large doorway in the middle, with a direct line of sight from the center platform. Walking through this doorway will lead you to a deployable Grav Lift, followed by a one-way drop-down to the center floor. From here, players can move to take the Overshield or move to the gold lift that will take them up to a raised platform that overlooks the center platform. Each team's base has one middle room flanked by an elevated room that grants them access to the center platform and a lower room that will lead them to the gold lift. Each team will find a Sniper Rifle in this lower room. Looking towards the back of the lower room, players will find a doorway leading to another room with a long, "elbow" shaped ramp leading them up to a bridge that will take them back to their spawn or to a hallway that leads to the top of the gold lift. Players that move to the elevated room in their base will find a small platform that overlooks their side of the central atrium, which they can also use to jump to the center platform. In this same area, players will another overlook that has dominance over an overhang on the cliffside that runs the length of the map. At the center of this location is a man cannon that players can use to launch themselves to the center platform. The Overshield spawns just in front of the man cannon. The map is designed primarily for CTF and Slayer, although it supports all of the default Halo 3 gametypes. The weapon and equipment set on the map include the following: 3 Battle Rifles per side. 2 Assault Rifles per side. 2 Brute Plasma Rifles per side. 2 SMGs per side. 1 Auto Mag per side. 1 Sniper Rifle per side. 1 Deployable Grav Lift per side. 1 Sentinel Beam under the center platform. 1 Gravity Hammer on the center platform. 1 Power Drain at the gold lift. 1 Bubble Shield at the man cannon. 1 Overshield between the man cannon and the center platform. How to install and play: -Navigate to the install location of Halo: The Master Chief Collection -Go to the Halo 3 folder, and then the maps folder -Backup the file called by either renaming it, or moving it to another folder -Drag the new file into the maps folder -Select the map Longshore in Custom Games or Forge to play
  5. Introducing: Dynamis! A Covenant-themed Halo 3 map inspired by the forge map select. This map has been a long time in the making. The original versions of the map date all the way back to 2015 for Halo: Custom Edition. I made a bunch of edits to the model to fix spawn trapping issues and ended up never testing it in game because the base design I had really didn't play well. A year ago the model found its way back onto my radar and I decided to polish it up for the impending Halo 3 tools release after deciding I liked the changes I had made back in 2017. I originally took inspiration from the forge map select from halo reach. The only part that remains similar is the center bridge and the side bridges that connect. The rest of the map is completely different and fixes a lot of the issues I had with how select plays. Special Thanks to Fritzster and ShmeeGrim for help with weapon placement and the halo 3 spawn system. And LudusRegard for help on the uv and texure work Downloads: Imgur gallery
  6. This is a remaster of a Halo Custom Edition map Municipality originally made by Chris Webster (Wave of Lag). Download: The original version of this map can be downloaded here´╗┐ The map features throwable fusion coils by noblemods. Known issues: -Underwater fog looks bad and has incorrect color; -Player customization is disabled to decrease file size; -In Forge mode you can't edit or spawn scenery objects.