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  1. Similar to the Tutorials Shortlist, you can find many of the most useful MCC tools listed here. Invader Strives to be an open source alternative to the standard HEK. Assembly Modding tool that spans multiple generations of Halo game. QuiCript Multi-generational (de)compression tool. CeaFlate Halo 1 Decompressor. Written by kava that utilizes threading. SuP Unpacks and repacks saber s3dpaks. Partial support for texture extraction. TexMod Texture extracting and importing. Rough around the edges, but the best we've got right now.
  2. Moon is a mod loader for Halo TMCC. It wraps the DInput8 DLL and loads any custom DLLs from a mods folder. Works in the same way as Chimera's mod loader, aka Monolith. Installation Copy DInput8.dll file to your Halo TMCC folder. Create a folder called "mods" (e.g. "D:\Halo The Master Chief Collection\mods"). Drop your custom DLLs in there. Source: https://github.com/JerryBrick/Moon I made this because I want to port some stuff from Chimera to TMCC (like the Lua scripting). This is my second topic so I'm not sure about if this is the right place to post this, I hope it is. As always, any feedback would be very appreciated. moon-r4-b155e61.7z mod_test.7z
  3. blue-gen is something I quickly whipped up on request, originally being a Linux alternative to halospritedoer written in C. By request, it has been released for Windows, as well. What it does is generate TIFF sprite sheets from BMP/PNG/TGA/TIFF images to be used as input for invader-bitmap OR tool.exe. By default, it uses blue and magenta for the color plate data, but if it detects that you are using either color for your bitmaps, it will choose a different color for the color plate. There are two programs: blue-gen and Blue Genstone. blue-gen is a command-line program that does all of the work (see the readme for the exact usage). Blue Genstone is a graphical user interface for blue-gen. You can use blue-gen by itself, but if you use Blue Genstone, ensure that blue-gen as well as any dependencies (e.g. DLL files) are the same folder. Here's the command-line program in action: I also made a GUI for it as a proof of concept: And here's the Windows version which has been slightly updated: Download (Windows 64-bit): blue-genstone-r2.7z Source code: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/blue-gen