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Outstanding Mapper

Found 5 results

  1. This fire effect dynamically spreads from a central point, and can attach to non-static objects. In its current state, it's only set to spread on dirt materials (for demo purposes), but that can easily be changed by altering the material effects on the projectiles chained off of the main effect. This tag was never entirely finished for practical use, but wouldn't take too much work to get in such a state. It's however going to be a bitch to get working if you plan on importing it into another HPC map, just because Eschaton gets confused with all the references in this tag tree, and jumbles them. So if you do, you'll have to take notes on what tag references what, or just compare to the map in the download as reference. This can be converted to CE with Combustion, if anyone is interested in it there, but I imagine it would only ever be dissected as a curiosity. The effect is called "flakspawn", and in this map it's attached to the Plasma Rifle's impact effect for dirt. You can test it out ingame just as in the above video. Download
  2. I made this at @DeadHamster's request a few years ago, to just be a huge explosion. That's mostly what this is, but it also incorporated a couple interesting corkscrew visuals for shrapnel, which @002 helped figure out based on projectile experiments @Sudo did a decade ago (but never released). The download is a Gephyrophobia map, which features the effect repeating in the center of the map, as shown. If you actually want to use it, you'll probably want to change the dynamic light's duration as well as improve the lens flare, but I imagine if anything this will just be used to check out the corkscrewing projectiles. A CE version can easily be made using Combustion. Download The effect tag you'll be looking for is called "effects\boomer".
  3. These can replace the shitty or non existent PC multis, eg assault rifle. There's also some textures that can't be used without some modding, since xbox uses different shaders from PC. That's why shields look shite in PC. Enjoy. xbox multi pack.rar
  4. I've fixed the original HUD ammo meters. There was an issue where 2 bullets disappeared before they should, its due to incorrect alpha value. Simply download and inject over the original bitmap. If it asks you to update the image size, decline. Import bitmap here: ui\hud\bitmaps\combined\hud_ammo_meters AR Ammo HUD Fix.zip
  5. This was my first snipe skin. Please ignore xfire's FPS thing... This picture was taken a long time ago on my shitty shitop. Sniper.zip