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  1. A mod created in 48 hours for a competition ^ Click to enlarge ^ Layout Weapons MA5C Assault Rifle The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than its predecessor at the cost of a marginally shallower clip. This weapon is best against light infantry. M6C Pistol The M6C is a single fire pistol capable of delivering quite a punch to any unit within it's short-mid ranged capability, but unlike it's cousin this version does not offer a scope and has considerable kick, making it more inaccurate when firing slugs in quick succession. SPAS-12 Shotgun This 12 gauge shotgun has a significantly lower spread due to its extended barrel, making it capable of hitting and seriously wounding targets up to mid-range distances. Though for sure kills close range combat is still this shotgun's forte. Impaler The Impaler fires ultra-dense crystalline projectiles at extreme velocities in semi-auto fire. These ultra-dense projectiles instantly shatter on impact of any hard surface with enough force to wound any units in immediate vicinity of the detonation. This weapon is best for mid-ranged support. Download Note: Designed for CTF and Slayer gametypes only. Standard weapon sets are highly recommended.