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Outstanding Mapper

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  1. The idea for this mod comes from one of my favorites that I've ever downloaded - AIDogfight for Bloodgulch. Expanding upon the original premise, the skies of infinity are now filled with both banshees and flying ghosts. Turrets lie in waiting, ready to launch fleets of airborne warriors into the fray. A good way to play is to hop in the nearest ghost or banshee, then attempt to take out all the turrets on the map. Be careful, for the secondary fire of both vehicles spawns additional enemies! This is a good way to increase the difficulty of play if you find the game too easy. Beware, for enemies can use this technique to increase their own ranks! While similar, there are slight differences between the airborne vehicles. Play with your favorite. I actually started and finished this mod on the same day, so there's plenty of rough edges. This is also the premiere of my flashlight trigger - press Q to fire! Banshee: Reskinned Primary Trigger - Reworked Plasma Cannon Secondary Trigger - Flying Ghost, manned with an enemy AI Flashlight Trigger - Emergency blast propels you backwards out of the fray Flying Ghost: Reskinned and Subtly Remodeled Primary Trigger - Reworked Ghost Bolt Secondary Trigger - Banshee, manned with an enemy AI Flashlight Trigger - Reworked Plasma Cannon Play on standard Slayer. I recommend using the Ghost over the Banshee - the 'shee was designed more for the AI's and their inability to use the flashlight trigger. Download
  2. A mod created in 48 hours for a competition ^ Click to enlarge ^ Layout Weapons MA5C Assault Rifle The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than its predecessor at the cost of a marginally shallower clip. This weapon is best against light infantry. M6C Pistol The M6C is a single fire pistol capable of delivering quite a punch to any unit within it's short-mid ranged capability, but unlike it's cousin this version does not offer a scope and has considerable kick, making it more inaccurate when firing slugs in quick succession. SPAS-12 Shotgun This 12 gauge shotgun has a significantly lower spread due to its extended barrel, making it capable of hitting and seriously wounding targets up to mid-range distances. Though for sure kills close range combat is still this shotgun's forte. Impaler The Impaler fires ultra-dense crystalline projectiles at extreme velocities in semi-auto fire. These ultra-dense projectiles instantly shatter on impact of any hard surface with enough force to wound any units in immediate vicinity of the detonation. This weapon is best for mid-ranged support. Download Note: Designed for CTF and Slayer gametypes only. Standard weapon sets are highly recommended.