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  1. I find myself still playing the original release of Halo for PC a lot rather than just Custom Edition, so I decided to put together a set of maps for it with recent enhancements. This includes all maps for both Campaign and Multiplayer, with the following changes applied: Every bitmap that was released with the Halo Editing Kit for Halo CE has had its source extracted and recompiled as uncompressed 32bit textures replacing the DXT compressed versions, invader-bitmap was used to do this. These bitmaps account for 860 of the 1488 odd bitmaps in the game. Note that explosions may look wrong without a current mod installed that fixes a bug in halo when using these textures in some places. Jesse's HD halo HUD has been included with a few updates Some fixes from the Refined tagset have been updated and included, like the shader replacements and Xbox music. unneeded workarounds intended to fix Custom Edition bugs that do not apply for the base game have been excluded. Many invalid tags are now fixed Download for Halo PC full version: Uncompressed - 8.6 GiB installed, works on stock clients (Updated 2020 07 07) Download for Halo PC full version: Chimera compressed - 2.17 GiB installed, requires Chimera 1.0x (Updated 2020 07 19) Download for Halo Trial - 8.1 GiB installed, Chimera highly recommend to load the extra maps. (Updated 2020 07 22) Screenshots: UPDATE 2020 07 07 A sound bug has been fixed that would cause music to sometimes play incorrectly.
  2. Christmas Creek (2016) Christmas Creek is a winter/christmas themed Battle Creek mod that I made originally somewhere late-2016 (I didn't actually make the christmas deadline) which I never finished and thus never released. But in the light of Apple phasing out 32-bit support later this year, killing Halo on newer systems, I wanted to finish up some of the stuff that I've had around for years and release it in the coming months. So here it is. It features -Winter themed map, got the snowz and the treez. -Christmas presents (I gave up on decorations) -Snowball grenades (originally by CMM, modified by me) -Health packs that are now presents -Some extra teles hidden around but nothing too crazy The map's weapons are pretty much vanilla with the exception that I changed the rocket launcher spawn to a flame thrower, all grenades are now snowballs and the shotgun has infinite ammo (because I like the Shotty Creek servers and I also can't be arsed to undo it at this point). There's not really much else to say about, so enjoy! PC/UB/MD Download Here (Mirror)
  3. A total gameplay and visual effects mod of the map Ice Fields. Installation instructions are located within the download file. CE version can be found here Moar Screens Weapons Assault Rifle Rifle features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges. Pistol Pistol retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot. Carbine Semi-automatic rifle for middle to long-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not to be confused with burst-fire), with spread that significantly increases with the rate of fire. Dicer Shotgun that fires crystalline projectiles which while individually feature a small explosive punch, can together combine into a much larger explosion if the majority impact a target. This greater explosion will kill any target. Laser Cannon Laser weapon capable of sustained fire, which while is prone to overheating, features pin-point accuracy and a 2x scope. Rod Pistol Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors or low-health targets. This weapon also features an overcharge function, which releases a projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby, and kills on direct impact. Tracer Single-fire mid-range weapon capable of firing up to 3 homing projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 1 burst. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe. Credits Model, shaders, texture, and animation for the Carbine by CMT. Download Note: All gametypes are supported, however the "Normal" weapon set is strongly recommended. Note: Specifically balanced for no-lead gameplay, so ensure that it's enabled for optimal balance.
  4. ...this was my very first mod release, back in 2008 when I was a total noob and thought I was good at things. This was finished only a month before the first Bomb Run was released. The water looks cool and the tank's headlight is neat (don't know how I made it so multi-shaded, but don't care enough to actually check the tag). Also the hogs and ghosts fly like Pelicans, of course. Hey, at least it's not a log mod! Download (Play on CTF with all vehicles enabled ...but do promise that you never play this with any serious intent)
  5. Bomb Walk 4K 144 Hz Basebuilder Edition is the best Blood Gulch mod ever made on Halo PC. Accept no substitutes. It provides a modified sandbox, a new quest, and lots and lots of dynamic lights. Tools and assets used: Fire Dragon with Tritium 0.6.0 (map editing, reflexive manipulation, tag importation) by 002 Eschaton (map editing) by Altimit01 Metallic Deuterium (live map editing) by 002 Pixelmator (image editor) by Pixelmator bloodgulch.map (base map) - Stock ui.map (skybox) - Stock c10.map (rain) - Stock A new quest: In what is normally a desert, it is raining, and it has been raining for several days. However, there is a secret floating world where you can call upon the Goddess to save Blood Gulch from an underwater doom. Dynamic lights everywhere: Many assets now have dynamic lights attached to them such as the flamethrower flame, beacons, plasma weapons, certain projectiles, and more. Even the health pack has a dynamic light. Sandbox modifications: Assault Rifle – The assault rifle now uses health as ammo. Its firepower has been greatly increased, and it can overheat, though you will have to rely on the indicator on the weapon itself to look at the heat. This weapon is a default starting weapon for all gametypes. Pistol – The pistol now has night vision. This weapon is a default starting weapon for all gametypes. Plasma Pistol – This weapon’s primary fire launches plasma that is considerably denser than the surrounding atmosphere. The secondary fire now glows red and generates an electromagnetic field that pulls equipment towards it and drains the shields of nearby units, with direct contact pushing metallic objects forward as well as stunning units. Plasma rifle – The plasma rifle fires faster projectiles at a higher rate of fire. The projectiles do a lot more damage and pass through vehicles, increasing damage to passengers by a large amount. It drains the battery faster and generates more heat, however. Sniper rifle – This weapon has been balanced and now has a 10% chance of spawning as a dud. A dud is indistinguishable from a regular sniper rifle, aside from the fact that it cannot fire projectiles. Needler – The needler now uses blue crystals instead of purple and fires four of them at a time as a shotgun. These crystals travel faster, but lack homing. They can still supercombine, however. Rocket Launcher – It now has night vision. The rockets now generate light, even while they’re in the barrel, which will let you identify how many rockets are in a rocket launcher. At the cost of damage output, they have a bigger damage radius and greater force as well as two additional spare rockets. Gravity Rifle – The gravity rifle is cursed. Don’t look for it. Shotgun and Fuel Rod Gun – These two weapons are now in 4K. Warthog (Machine Gun) – This vehicle can hover. The machine gun is also fixed to the front of the warthog, eliminating the gunner seat. The machine gun can only be aimed vertically, requiring the driver to rotate the warthog to aim horizontally. Warthog (Rocket Launcher) – The armor on this vehicle has been increased greatly and is the only vehicle that resists the plasma rifle. The weapon no longer uses a traditional ammo system, but rather it recharges over time, with each rocket draining 25% of its energy. There is an indicator above the reticle for how much energy is remaining. Banshee – The banshee fires four lasers at once. Two from the weapon in the front and one on each wingtip. The primary fire does extra damage to vehicles, but not quite as much of a degree as the plasma rifle. The fuel rod projectile also comes from the wingtips, thus two are fired at once. This weapon can overheat quickly, so watch your fire. Ghost – The ghost has utilizes a similar weapon as the banshee, but without a fuel rod projectile. Two projectiles are fired from each barrel. It can also overheat, so watch your fire. Players can also sit on the right wing of the ghost to increase the ghost’s firepower. I couldn’t find a stock animation for the left seat that looked right, sorry. Gun Turret – Each tree is now a gun turret. The gun turrets fire slowly and the projectiles arc more, but will instantly disrupt any energy shield and deal more damage to vehicles. Fall damage scaling has been modified. The minimum velocity for taking fall damage has been increased, the distance damage tag damages over time (though you can still die from a big enough impact). Download: bombwalk_4k_144hz_basebuilder_3.map.7z
  6. I'm surprised I never released this here. Assault Run was a small mod @DeadHamster and I made on one of the Hog Run BSP's from The Maw, back in 2009. It replaces putput.map (Chiron), and while it was never 100% completed, it got pretty close. Download
  7. As7raios and I had an idea to make a mod on Chiron where everyone was entirely invisible, and had unlimited ammo for the Incendiary Shotgun and Rod Pistol from Phoenix. After many awesome matches with the addition of 002, Vuthakral, and WaeV, it became clear that this was the greatest mod of all time, so it had to be released. Update: This has been ported to CE! Download
  8. This mod is the one and true successor to Bomb Run 3D. There are many changes from the past version. All of the weapons have been balanced in the style of Bomb Run 3D, but in 4K. The Plasma Pistol has been nerfed due to being overpowered. Now, if you use its secondary fire, you will immediately explode. The Plasma Rifle is now a throwable weapon that sticks to any surface and explodes while leaving a trail of deadly plasma. The Shotgun has been nerfed due to being overpowered. If you fire it seven times, it will explode. The Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Gun will explode if you fire them, but at different times. The Assault Rifle has been buffed, and will shoot fragmenting rounds that, if directly hit, will slightly damage the target's health in addition to their shields. The Sniper Rifle has been nerfed and will jam if you fire it too quickly. This is to deter people from abusing it. The flamethrower shoots plasma rifles that explode. And some modifications to the vehicles: The banshee and ghost are now in 4K and they can hold 16 players. That's right. 16. The machine gun warthog can hold 16 players, too, and can also fly. It also shoots explosive popcorn. The rocket warthog rapidly fires rockets in front of itself, while also being able to fire rockets from the gunner seat. Some misc. changes: The overshield and active camouflage have been upgraded to 4K. The flashlight has also been upgraded to 4K. The sky is in 4K. (pending video) Download (Halo PC/ HaloMD): bombrun4k_1.map.7z
  9. Hi all, Pepness Project presents a whole collection of first version FTW series before FTW2. The FTW collection contains all maps (except sound.map) as .map file in .rar which completed a total re-skin for both campaign and multiplayer maps. Full details in original post: halomods read only archive. Credits: Pepness Project (Pepsi + Nessa) along with other contributors. If you want to upload other hosting as mirror (no paid per download please). I will gladly to add more mirror links. Downloads: MEGA *.rar file size is about 400MB Screenshots gallery imgur (compressed after uploaded) minus (uncompressed; full quality) OP Note: I posted here for archive purposes. I found whole collection in .rar sitting in my external HDD for years. So recently I extracted this maps to folder for nostalgia.
  10. An annoying trait of Halo PC race gametype, is that chain hogs spawn first, then ghosts, then rocket hogs. Most race servers prefer only chain hogs and rocket hogs for race. The first rocket hog spawns on entry of the 5th player, and on the 7th player to enter if ghosts are enabled. I edited the maps global dependencies and swapped chain hogs and rocket hogs. This means the first 4 vehicles to spawn in race will be rocket hogs first, then chain hogs. No other edits were done. Note: these maps should be put into the servers map folder. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1croybcp6vsea5x/rh_spawns_first_maps.zip maps included in the zip: bloodgulch dangercanyon deathisland gephyrophobia icefields infinity sidewinder timberland
  11. FTW2 was a joiner-friendly overhaul of Halo PC multiplayer maps, consisting primarily of new themes, textures, and visual effects. The team consisted of Pepsi, Nessa, DeadHamster, and myself. The v2 maps provided here are from the last reboot of the project, featuring newer assets- FTW2 v2 Blood Gulch FTW2 v2 UI
  12. Hello, here's another mod i made. Description: A revamped version of bloodgulch. The scenario, vehicles, original and new weapons have been finely tuned to spice up the gameplay without changing it too much from that of the original map. List of changes: • General: -- More player spawns added, some vehicles have been moved around. -- More KOTH hills added. -- New racetrack. -- Less eye-pounding look of the environment. -- Trees, rocks and covenant torches have been placed around. -- More weapons and ammo placed around the map and in the bases. -- New sniper spot easily accessible by blue team. -- Generic weapon set gives player pistol and SMG, Custom weapon set gives them random weapons in all gametypes and a needler in race. • Original Weapons: -- Assault rifle now holds 32 rounds, does more damage and is shinier. -- Shotgun pellets' spread has been decreased. -- Needlers have a different look. Needles travel faster and home more. -- Increased rate of fire of plasma rifle and decreased spread. Its bolts travel faster. -- Plasma pistol bolts travel faster. Overcharged shot is left unchanged. -- Flamethrower has a new HUD. (the usual one i use) -- Fuel rod's, shotgun's, sniper rifle's and assault rifle's hidden shaders have been reactivated. -- Pistol, rocket launcher, fuel rod, flamethrower and sniper rifle are otherwise left unchanged. • Custom weapons: -- Assault shotgun: the bastard offspring of an AR and a SG. Its magazines hold 8 shells that can be fired in fast succession. (Previously known as autoshotgun) -- Pummelshot: the good ol' taxi's best friend. A shotgun that holds two powerful shells that pack one hell of a punch. They'll push you and whatever they hit backwards. (hud has been renewed, and the gun cocking animations have, sadly, been removed) -- Blowtorch: Fires a relatively long, focused flame that stuns and does heavy damage to players and vehicles. >The range is really short.< -- Carbine: Uses the MA5K model, but acts more like a DMR. It holds 15 rounds that act exactly like those a pistol, but that travel faster and further. Comes with a x3 zoom. In auto fire mode the spread becomes huge, so use it like you would a pistol. -- Heavy sniper rifle: Uses the gauss rifle model, but acts more like a TF2 sniper. After each shot the zoom fades, requiring you to zoom again. It is a bolt action rifle, and Its magazine holds 9 rounds that act almost exactly like the original sniper rifle round, with the only difference being that they can also somewhat push backwards what they hit. (If used sapiently, you can even flip jumping enemy warthogs). -- SMG: stolen from a random CE map, you'll often be relying on this weapon until you find something better. Holds 60 rounds that do well in close quarters but perform worse on longer ranges. Other stuff: -- The bases and sniper spots of both teams now have radios! Red team radios play Deceptacon, by Le Tigre, and blue team radios play The Safety Dance, by men without hats. ; ) -- A Taxi Hog is hidden in the map. Should you acquire it, you'll be able to carry three passengers and scare off enemies with the warthog theme song from red versus blue. -- The radios' and warthog's music can be toggled from the game's preferences. (music volume) -- ? Media: -- Here are some environmental pictures. -- A quick little montage showing what it's like. Downloads: -- You can download the mod from Halo Mini Demo's install mod menu. Its name is "Bloodgulch+" -- Or download the map file directly from mediafire. (bgplus_2.map, version 1.0) Known Issues that are gonna be fixed in a future update: -- There's a typo in the item ustrs. -- The Carbine's range of the reticle turning red might be a little too short (not a big issue at all) -- (UNCONFIRMED) One of the taxihog passenger seats doesn't let you shoot your weapons. Further testing hasn't shown this to be the case though. -- I might have to nerf the needler a bit.
  13. I felt like throwing something together. Nothing special, knocked it together in a few hours. Screenshots of the Map Weapons on Map Credits hangemhigh.rar Download contains .MAP file, place into your Halo's map folder. All required bitmaps are internalized.
  14. A total gameplay and visual effects mod for the map Danger Canyon. Installation instructions for PC and Mac are located within the download file. ^ Click to enlarge ^ Weapons Assault Rifle: The Assault Rifle is an accurate automatic rifle for short to medium range infantry combat or suppression. Pistol: A semi-automatic pistol capable of delivering a heavy punch to any unit within its medium range. As a result of its firepower, it has a noticeable kick, making ranged targets harder to hit than with most weaponry. Carbine: The carbine features a 2x optical scope and fires three projectiles in semi-automatic with high accuracy in mid to long ranges. Considering the amount of lead delivered per shot, the barrel heats up and expands quickly when fired in quick succession, causing a considerable loss in accuracy over time. Incendiary Gun: This shotgun fires multiple incendiary projectiles per shot that can ignite most surfaces on impact, which can easily burn away a targets shields. For the duration of burn, it leaves the target very vulnerable to further damage. Nade Launch: This grenade launcher features three barrels capable of firing a single low yield rifle grenade each, with good accuracy. These grenades detonate instantly on impact, making them great against large moving targets such as vehicles. Rod Pistol: Capable of two firing modes, semi-auto and charged fire. The semi-auto primary fire delivers small radioactive capsules down range that are capable of penetrating any energy based shielding, cooking anything behind them. The secondary fire expels an extremely energetic ball of energy. A direct impact from this secondary projectile will cause instant death to infantry targets, however impacts from its stray plasma plumes on flyby will only flare energy shielding. Impaler: The Impaler fires ultra-dense crystalline projectiles at high velocities in automatic fire. These projectiles instantly shatter on impact with any hard surface, and wound any units within the immediate vicinity. This weapon is best for mid-ranged support. Credits Flag textures by Sceny. Carbine model/animations and teleporter model from CMT Snow Grove. Download Note: Fully compatible with all game variants, however standard weapon sets are strongly recommended.
  15. Howdy folks of OC, I've been stewing some new ideas recently for Revolution, and decided to test a lot of it at once by making a "proof-of-concept" map. Once I got enough of it working at once, I figured, hell, I may as well complete it and release it as a mod anyway. So here it is: Selenium Background: Selenium takes place in the midst of a canyon forest, set high in the mountains of the Halo ring. These snow capped mountains can be seen contrasting the red rocks of the warmer inset canyon. The canyon walls insulate this little forested paradise, with many deciduous and coniferous trees growing amidst flowing grass. The covenant and UNSC decided this would be a great overlook and air superiority location, but the updrafts make reaching the canyon by air a nightmare in the best conditions. Testimony to this, the Spec-Op strike teams sent by both forces crash landed within the canyon, and their smoking wreckage can be found scattered about. Several crewmen piloting lifeboats during the exodus from the Pillar of Autumn tried to make for this oasis amidst the freezing mountains, meeting a similar fate. Weapons: Standard weapons are all featured, with every weapon being populated in the map. This map is bulit for close-mid range combat, with foliage and fog from the insulating nature of teh canyon blocking visibility at longer ranges. Because of this, sniping can be devastatingly sudden and unseen, however, snipers beware, this map is prime territory to get Scope Lock. Maintain awareness of your surroundings. Featured: the wreckage from the Spec-Op transports has left some special weapons scattered around. These are prototypes and as such have different HUD information (i.e. I'm lazy). These don't constantly respawn, they'll have a 50/50 chance of spawning one or the other. Silenced Battle Rifle - this gives you the ability to take a few shots without the target being aware of the direction of your shots. Tracers are still evident, but the quieter shots from this rifle make it ideal for medium/long range combat from cover. Silenced SMG - this weapon has the same magazine capacity as the standard MA5B Assault Rifle, however it has less punch, a slightly higher rate of fire, and less accuracy at range. Use this in close quarters against an enemy who isn't aware of you, and they'll be down before they know what hit 'em. Brute Plasma Rifle - 'nuff said. You know what it is. Shoots faster, hits lighter, less accurate, overheats faster. Brute Plasma Pistol - this guy shoots 3 bolts at once, but with a wide spread. It has a charged shot, but it doesn't dump all the energy into one destructive blob - it pops anywhere from 15-20 shots out in rapid succession, making it potentially devastating at close range, and a serious annoyance at mid range. Spiker - a bit of a cliche, but honestly this is a nasty piece of work in this map. Basically shoots sharpened re-bar made of tungsten. Oh, and they're red hot. Yeah. Don't forget the two giant, spiked, curving blades running down the underbelly of the barrel. Close quarters combat? This is your guy. Other Features: Long Grass - Detail objects kindly shared with me by Altis, with a few tweaks it suited this map perfectly. It should be very evenly spread throughout the map where the grass bitmap is on the ground, but there were 30,000+ to put down for both the day and night BSPs, so I'm sure I missed a spot somewhere. Environmental Sounds - breezy forest teeming with animals during the day, ambient crickets and light breeze at night. Caves have their own sounds as well. Day or Night Mode - pause the game and click the "Time of Day" button at the bottom of the pause menu to switch your game from day to night. Neither has an inherent advantage over the other, but personally I find Night mode more fun. It also tends to make you stealthy, which is how this map was designed to be played. Random non-CTF/RACE spawns - basically if you're doing team/solo slayer, you're not confined to spawning at the bases anymore. Now that the whole map is a viable warzone, the spawns have been distributed to match Screenshots Download .zip (halo MD format, meant for Vanilla Halo: Combat Evolved for PC) If you guys have any issues let me know so I can fix 'em EDIT: Bug fix for projectile errors. Tagging was funky but I fixed it. Version in link is now correct and updated. EDIT2: Since I'm about done, here's some credits: Altis - your DOBC grass tags were invaluable in completing this. Thanks 1000% CMT - Your SPv3 weapons came in handy in giving the map a little bit of "extra", and I used the skies from Tensity. Script for day/night was a modified version of the CMT tensity script as well. L0d3x and Elefant - Used some of your Animated Halo 2 trees, they're pretty badass. YEZUGAN - red and bue standards koko and waffles - portable covvie lights TheCerealKiller/DeadHampster - Tutorials and help getting the UI widget to switch BSPs working [HMF]Rambo - custom environment sound help sparky - tutorial on background sound palletes and how halo handles sound tags in general If I forgot anyone, please let me know! If I add anything else I'll update these, but other than that the rest should just be modification of what's already there.
  16. A total gameplay and visual effects mod for the map Death Island. Installation instructions for PC and Mac are located within the download file. CE version can be found here Weapons Assault Rifle Features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges. Pistol Retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot. Carbine Semi-automatic rifle for middle to long-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not burst-fire), with spread that increases significantly the faster it's fired. Incendiary Gun Shotgun that fires incendiary projectiles, which burn the surface of most targets for a short period of time. Burn damage is limited to shielding, so the damage from impact must be relied on for affecting health. Nade Launcher A grenade launcher that fires 3 small explosives at a time, which detonate instantly on impact. Laser Cannon Fully-automatic long-range laser weapon, with perfect accuracy and a 2x scope. Rod Pistol Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors. Weapon also features an overcharge function that releases an unguided projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby, and upon direct impact will instantly kill infantry, or deplete player shielding if victim's in a vehicle. Impaler Fully-automatic mid-range weapon which fires accurate headshot-capable projectiles that shatter on impact, dealing splash damage, and yet more for direct hits. Tracer Single-fire mid-range weapon that fires up to 3 tracking projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 3 hits. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe. Vehicles Fighter Air-supremacy fighter featuring dual machine guns and an unguided missile. Both of these weapons contribute to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid weapon jams. Carpet Bomber Aircraft capable of sustained carpet bombing and features explosive countermeasures as an air-to-air defense. Countermeasures will blind targets and kill in three hits, however since they are deployed aft of the aircraft and detonate after little more than a second, their use against other aircraft must be well-timed. Anti-Personnel Tank Tank which fires high-velocity shells with a relatively high rate of fire and perfect accuracy, at the cost of much lower damage and splash radius. A flak screen is deployable for close range engagements such as against infantry or aircraft, however the vehicle is also well armored against small arms, so that only direct hits through the driver's hatch or use of explosives are significantly damaging. Both of these weapons contribute to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid weapon jams. 30-Cal Hog Weaponry much like the original chain-gun Warthog, but with buffed damage and weaker aim assistance. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid weapon jams. Laser Hog A Warthog featuring a fully-automatic laser with perfect accuracy. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid weapon jams. Bubbler A stationary turret which fires three electrified bubbles per shot, which instantly depletes player shielding upon impact. The projectiles are lighter than air, so they will rise into the sky as their velocity lowers, making this weapon ineffective against ground units. Weapon is prone to overheating, which should be monitored to avoid weapon jams. Credits Some reticles (the good ones) by Sceny. Model, shaders, textures, and animations for the Carbine and Teleporter by CMT. Download Note: All gametypes are supported, however the "Normal" weapon set is strongly recommended. Note: Specifically balanced for no-lead gameplay, so ensure that it's enabled for optimal balance.
  17. This is a Laser-Gaming Based Mod for Rat Race. -Lasergaming background music. -Laser Gun. -3 Overshields. (other powerups/healthpackages are removed) -Darker map. -4 Plasma shields. Also -There will soon come a new skin/texture for the LaserGun. AND -There are 2 hidden EASTER EGG'S. -WEAPONS- The 002 Beam (a.k.a Laser Gun) Shoots a red Laser-Beam, good for a 1 hit kill just like rl-lasergaming. The Weapon has infinite ammo and no overheat. Also is the LaserGun equipped with Warthog-Headlights, because the map is very dark. This weapon is based on the real life Lasertag weapons, it was inspired by the LaserMaxx Evolution 5 Weapons, and originally made by 002 for HHE. But as i lost my earlier tags/files he gave me permission to use the LaserGun from his WIP file. -CREDITS- LaserMaxx, because the background music in the map is my remix of their mix "Keep Going". 002, for letting me use his WIP Laser Gun. Testers: HandOfGod Waylander Cedricen RC VD B 28 René TheMenni007 CuttleFish Rex9046 DOWNLOAD (MD) http://www.mediafire.com/download/17sblhqefl795p1/Aureole_TLE.zip DOWNLOAD PC COMING SOON!
  18. So, Tucker finally decided that it was time for his famous "Bomb Run" series to become the trilogy everyone always wanted. Sadly enough, he was unable to finish it himself. Fortunately he gave the project to me and told me to do one thing. That thing was to make it absolutely everything the Halo PC community wants. Well, here it is: Weapons: Halo 3 Assault Rifle (AKA Automatic Rocket Launcher) Halo 3 Battle Rifle Nade Launch Spastic Needle Grenade Miner's Gun (Shoots out marine flood with primary fire and shoots stationary logs with its charged fire to recreate everyone's favorite PC game "Minecraft"!) Vehicles: Flying Warthog (Can fly from turret or shoot from driver seat! Shoots plasma cannon fire automatically!) Flying Tank (Shoots sniper rifle rounds automatically at 360 degrees) Enhanced Needler Bomber Flood spawned from the Miner's Gun surrounding a crashed Covenant Dropship! Just like Minecraft, amirite? EVERYONE LOVES FLYING WARTHOGS!!!!11!!11!!one!!1!1 ...and FLYING MOTHERFUCKIN' TANKS Don't forget dem Halo 3 models! Download me now, motherfucka.
  19. Warning: This mod is old as fuck and I made it when I had little idea what i was doing. I will still admit to this day it is actually an improvement over default Halo (excluding most of the metal panels, I have no idea what the fuck younger me was thinking with that.), granted it changes up the overall art style a bit. Warning #2: This mod is unoptimized as fuck and will drop your FPS insanely. a10 - HD Textures By Vuthakral For the record compared to anything current I've done this texture pack is horrible. Whopping large texture pack for The Pillar of Autumn which is re-stylized and visually overhauled, dynamic lights, better environment details, better closeup details, etc. Nothing on the map is internalized, due to the high memory usage causing an exception on start if you try to internalize all of this. (As younger me was dumb enough to include some textures up to 4096x4096 in the game itself, even though it doesn't render anything but a mipmap up to 2048x2048.) In the event you want to use any of these god awful textures I made, don't ask me for permission to use anything from this pack, and do not credit me. I'd sooner love this mod to be forgotten. However I believe in letting things be archived for any form of historical purposes so I'll keep up the download for this POS as long as I can. Oh also I would now and days not recommend ENB Series. So just ignore it if it's still in the archive. To install just drag the maps into your Halo PC maps folder. Issues: - Skip the intro cutscene (I'm so sorry.) otherwise your game will crash after a certain amount of time. - literally 90% of these textures honestly look like shit now that I come back to this mod four years later. - seriously what the fuck was I thinking. Download
  20. Bomb Run 2 is the last in an evolutionary trilogy of mods; Bomb Run, Bomb Run: Redux and Bomb Run 2. Bomb Run was my first large scale gameplay revamp project, bringing to Blood Gulch a wide variety of diverse yet original gameplay features, all nestled within a new midnight forested theme. The Bomb Run Series was a proving grounds of sorts for which I built my foundation in gameplay design and visual effects. At the end of the series with Bomb Run 2, I had spent a year of on and off development as my modding knowledge increased. The Bomb Run Series presented a lot of unique challenges in development, which as a result drastically redefined my modding techniques and approaches for new mods to come. In short, if it weren’t for Bomb Run, I wouldn’t be where I am today. ^ Click above to enlarge ^ Weapons- MA5C Assault Rifle: The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than is predecessor at the cost of a shallower clip. Though this weapon also features head shot capabilities, meaning any enemies with downed shields are susceptible to instant death, making this weapon best against infantry. M6D Pistol: This is the pure unadulterated Halo 1 Pistol, need I change such a godlike death machine? I think not. 50-Cal Rifle: This high powered bolt action sniper rifle is capable of downing infantry in a single shot due to its depleted uranium tipped .50 Caliber ammunition, causing a micro explosion on impact. Making this weapon best against infantry and light armor. Dicer: The Dicer fires multiple crystalline projectiles per shot, similar to a shotgun but with an explosive punch. If enough projectiles impact an unshielded enemy they can super-combine into a much larger explosion, instantly killing the target. Plasma Rifle: The Plasma Rifle is the Covenant's main infantry rifle; capable of firing bolts of superheated plasma at high rates of fire with moderate stunning capabilities, making this weapon best against infantry. Laser: The Laser, (obviously enough) fires a steady focuses beam of light for several sections, capable of cutting through almost any type of vehicle with precision and even slicing up infantry. The Hammer: This cartridge style rocket launcher has mid to long-range tracking capabilities, however due to it's low yield rockets it takes two to kill the standard shielded opponent. Plasma Cannon: The Plasma Cannon is the Covenant's primary infantry artillery cannon, and when firing in full-auto, is capable of decimating any enemy position. Vehicles- Bomber: The Bomber is likely your main heavy assault vehicle. This aircraft features sustained carpet bombing capability, which acts as a highly effective suppression weapon against vehicles and bunkers. Also in its arsenal; deployable countermeasures which can easily blind enemies within a large radius on detonation and act as an effective distraction for enemies attempting to shoot you down. Another advantage of these countermeasures is to ally forces, providing the ability to light up the battlefield. APT: The Anti-Personnel Tank fires a relatively smaller shell compared to a Main Battle Tank's, making it weaker against armor. However due to it's higher rate of fire due to the lowered recoil, it is much more effective against infantry and .30 Caliber integrated machine gun. 50-Cal Hog: This vehicle is a highly maneuverable LRV, even more so than it’s predecessor. But this variant offers a .50 Caliber mounted turret which can easily tear up armor and turn infantry into chum, though due to its low rate of fire, hitting infantry isn’t as simple as in the past. The sheer firepower this vehicle can unleash makes it a good suit for heavily armored engagements. Rocket Hog: This vehicle is a highly maneuverable LRV, even more so than it's predecessor. However this variant offers a light mounted cartridge rocket launcher with mid-range tracking capabilities. Though due to it's low yield rockets, it will take two to kill the standard shielded opponent, you will have to pick your shots wisely as you only have two rockets per cartridge. Ghost: The Ghost is the Covenant's standard LRV which is capable of firing twin bolt's of superheated plasma with stunning capabilities, making this vehicle best at cutting down infantry. Flak Turret: This Covenant stationary anti-aircraft weapon; due to its design, cannot aim low enough to easily pick off enemies below it's own level, making AA targets it's only option. The trio of bolts this weapon is capable of firing will, upon impact; detonate, dispersing shards of crystalline flak in every imaginable direction on short detonation fuses themselves making it idea for tearing aircraft into pieces. Credits Suiadan- He has helped me along the way like none other, with outstanding tag work and advice. Without him Bomb Run 2 wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. Deadhamster- Hamp has helped me since the beginning of Redux, he's always offered great advice, knowledge, and even a couple skins. Thanks Hamp. Altimit- You've helped me out of countless sticky situations since back on the first Bomb Run. Thanks for all of the bug help. Pepsi, ModFox and Dirk- You guys have both offered me great advice along the way, for that I thank you. =] Testers- Suiadan Cola Kyra icstars2 j0ndrugz SIL3N7HAWK xastrosrulex PerfectDark Pepsi Grav DeadHamster Nessa Godlike Assasin USSR Sniper 01 JK-47 powerofagun bg1 Dylan DRL333 Danation Aipha Sniper91 The Slayer Andrew_b Dirk quandao GS-A Fredkrueger MezZz Skeezix the Cat Arklite retardednerd The Ghost Chosen Kamikaze Download Note: This mod is fully compatible with all game variants and will support up to 12 players. This mod does not work on Macs.
  21. This map was made over 3 hours. It wasn't really planned, but i reckon there is some gameplay value Made for 8 players. Supports: Slayer, CTF and even oddball (i think). Team games best. Download
  22. I made this reskin of longest over a weekend around the only MOTM I ever entered. longest.rar
  23. The idea for this mod comes from one of my favorites that I've ever downloaded - AIDogfight for Bloodgulch. Expanding upon the original premise, the skies of infinity are now filled with both banshees and flying ghosts. Turrets lie in waiting, ready to launch fleets of airborne warriors into the fray. A good way to play is to hop in the nearest ghost or banshee, then attempt to take out all the turrets on the map. Be careful, for the secondary fire of both vehicles spawns additional enemies! This is a good way to increase the difficulty of play if you find the game too easy. Beware, for enemies can use this technique to increase their own ranks! While similar, there are slight differences between the airborne vehicles. Play with your favorite. I actually started and finished this mod on the same day, so there's plenty of rough edges. This is also the premiere of my flashlight trigger - press Q to fire! Banshee: Reskinned Primary Trigger - Reworked Plasma Cannon Secondary Trigger - Flying Ghost, manned with an enemy AI Flashlight Trigger - Emergency blast propels you backwards out of the fray Flying Ghost: Reskinned and Subtly Remodeled Primary Trigger - Reworked Ghost Bolt Secondary Trigger - Banshee, manned with an enemy AI Flashlight Trigger - Reworked Plasma Cannon Play on standard Slayer. I recommend using the Ghost over the Banshee - the 'shee was designed more for the AI's and their inability to use the flashlight trigger. Download
  24. A mod created in 48 hours for a competition ^ Click to enlarge ^ Layout Weapons MA5C Assault Rifle The MA5C Assault Rifle is capable of delivering more accuracy than its predecessor at the cost of a marginally shallower clip. This weapon is best against light infantry. M6C Pistol The M6C is a single fire pistol capable of delivering quite a punch to any unit within it's short-mid ranged capability, but unlike it's cousin this version does not offer a scope and has considerable kick, making it more inaccurate when firing slugs in quick succession. SPAS-12 Shotgun This 12 gauge shotgun has a significantly lower spread due to its extended barrel, making it capable of hitting and seriously wounding targets up to mid-range distances. Though for sure kills close range combat is still this shotgun's forte. Impaler The Impaler fires ultra-dense crystalline projectiles at extreme velocities in semi-auto fire. These ultra-dense projectiles instantly shatter on impact of any hard surface with enough force to wound any units in immediate vicinity of the detonation. This weapon is best for mid-ranged support. Download Note: Designed for CTF and Slayer gametypes only. Standard weapon sets are highly recommended.