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Outstanding Mapper

Found 5 results

  1. This is a modified version of 002's sprinting script which gives 'sprinting animation' and hud. This only works on specific maps like TSCE_MultiplayerV1, CE3 stages and bigassV3 (not released yet). Sprint automatically disables on maps that don't have sprinting weapon or on gametypes that don't support sprinting. sprinting.lua
  2. This script allows you to strafe with falcon by pressing left or right and lock its height by pressing flashlight. Technically this should work with any type of vehicle you specify in the script. strafing.lua
  3. The Script "Custom Bigass" is designed to enhance the experience of the map "Bigass". This script spawns in a ton of additional vehicles, adds new scenery and adds a hidden golden pistol for players to find. custombigass.lua Images: Custom Vehicles New Scenery The hidden golden pistol
  4. This script disables vehicles from being able to be destroyed. Tested and works on: Bigass ColdRush H2 Coagulation [h3style]containment Why consider disabling destructible vehicles? Most maps that implement destructible vehicles don't sync. Also some people just simply don't like the feature. disable_destructible_vehicles.lua
  5. You can find many of the most useful SAPP scripts listed here. Rallied Teams This configurable script allows players to spawn at their respective team bases, like in CTF. Team Autobalance A handy autobalance script for team games that switches players appropriately only upon their death. Empty Server Reset Automatic map resetting once server has been empty for a defined amount of time. Team Shuffler Allows for configurable automatic team shuffling at the start of each game, and manual team shuffling. Votekick Allows players to vote an individual out of the server. Vehicle Telefrag Adds the telefrag feature to vehicle blockages. There are a number of ways to customize with this script how blockers are dealt with. Sprinting Adds sprint functionality to bipeds, and features a number of ways to customize or balance out. Command Bot This script runs a random command from a list that you can set in its configuration, which is handy for randomized messages and tips ingame. Admin Groups Allows for multiple different admin permission sets.