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  1. This banner saids it all!
  2. Um? why you have 2?
  3. Ninja Nuke Showdown!
  4. np:)
  5. I hope you liked my topic about you tucker I bet you fill all warm and fuzzy about your pic now XD Thank you tucker for showing me a this web Or maybe i found it on my own with no help!!!! XD
  6. XD ha ha ha Nice one:) yea same.
  7. Ha ha wow. For some way that i don't know how but i knew that you was going to change back to your old picture id tucker. IDK if you will change it to a new one again or not but what i do know is that i like that old pic better then the new blue one you had, It works for you, ( to me that is) : ) I like it, it makes you look more in control of this web or open carnage... That is what i think ... What do you all think?
  8. RL] I'm getting too old for this.
  9. STD

    IDC about people names and stuff, just what thy do in life..
  10. STD

    Wow you have no hard care about what you just said to Dom do you?XD Why am i'm i even talking to you about this??? YOUR QC Seb or are you sequel to awesome to say i'm sorry? O well i have to say ShikuTeshi your awesome and welcome to open carnage which you may already know and got bored and sick of anyways.XD M_M dang i'm texting to BIG!!!!