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  1. If you plan on continuing to expand OpenCarnage, it would be a good idea.
  2. fak u buddy
  3. http://revealjs.herokuapp.com/ Check it in the latest version of chrome, pretty spiffy and shows off some pretty awesome html5/js stuff.
  4. http://cl.ly/0H24070a2i20 chrome extension
  5. like this! Here you go, chrome extension: http://cl.ly/0H24070a2i20
  6. Tea, don't ask dumb questions. ;D
  7. https://github.com/WillsonSmith/JSDrop "JSDrop is a small bit of javascript, as well as some css tricks in order to have custom drop down arrows cross-browser using css "content:" and data-* attributes." Essentially, fixes problems with custom drop down select box arrows and whatnot. Read the readme on the github page, its 1500 words in markdown and the forum doesn't do markdown ;P Demo: http://codepen.io/Wi...mith/full/DobEJ Excerpt:
  8. doing a backflip out of an airplane while eating an ice cream sandwich
  9. If the Chinese get their hands on any plans, chances are they can build it. Or have some 6 year old build it. My answer: Go for it.
  10. Would make learning a lot easier. Two (summer) to seven (summer + semester) months between learning maths isn't fun. But on the other hand, there are 4 months off for university, so the high school long summers help prep for that. You can't really get rid of the long summer for uni, that really requires working all summer. I work a full 40hr work week during the summer and probably wouldn't be able to cover my tuition, books, rent, and food. I am lucky and I don't require loans, I can't imagine trying to lighten the loans in the US without the long breaks of no school. While it would be great for high school to go full year, or, have smaller more spaced out breaks as opposed to 2 months at once, it is better preparation for university by having a long summer. It's unfortunate, but the summer is necessary for students to earn money, because school is expensive. If it weren't an issue of money, I'd say school all year round for everyone all the time. I would gladly take a week or two here and there spaced across the year over a 4 month break. I would remember more, and things wouldn't all get crammed together. As it is now, we have roughly a two week exam period, which any full time student will have 5 exams for (usually). It's almost never spread out nicely, for example: Finals for this year I had 4 exams in 5 days. They were all at the end of the exam period, which luckily gave me study time, but some students are no so lucky. Even with this luck, by the time I finally got to exams, everyone was finishing exams and I just didn't care any more. Luckily I managed to study mostly everything before I stopped caring. If we had a full year schedule, we could have more spread out, and more useful testing material. As it is now, many students cram to remember everything for that one day, and then forget it. If it were throughout the year, they could focus more on one exam at a time. This, however, is a perfect world scenario where nobody has to pay money for school, and I doubt that will happen any time soon. Now back to high school and why full year classes would be good: re-learning. So much time is wasted at the beginning of a school semester with re-learning subjects that were taught in the previous year that must be remembered after long break periods. If school was year round, you would not get the extra long breaks, and would be more likely to remember what you previously learned in an earlier class of that subject. In this case, you could learn at an accelerated rate, and possibly finish high school much quicker, or, learn more in the time of high school, this preparing you more for after high school. Preparing for after high school is important whether you attend post-secondary school or not. Whether you're preparing to go to university, or go straight in to the work force, there are certain things that I feel are important to learn, that aren't taught in high school. How many times are you taught how to get, and manage a mortgage? How often are you taught how to do your taxes? How often are you taught how to get a family doctor? I only learned about calculating what kind of mortgage I could afford, given a certain income. I was not taught how to approach a bank for a mortgage, or how to do my taxes, or any number of other, very practical things that everyone needs to know. With extra time, more people could be taught practical things for life, as well as important other classes. Many people look at maths or sciences and don't see the value. I could go on for a while about why they would be mistaken, but that is for another time. What you learn in school, for the most part, is very important, but you are also NOT taught a lot of other important things. tl;bra (but read anyways) School throughout the year would be beneficial, but isn't practical for preparing for post-secondary school. Schools are made to prepare you for the next level, and thus the long breaks make sense. If it were possible, I wouldn't mind school throughout the year, as it would be a more spread out load.
  11. Oh awesome, was just thinking about this a month or two ago when I went to make a mod and then didn't because of moving spawnpoints. Glad to see an update, nice work hampy.
  12. Learn python the hard way, sublime text.
  13. I have no idea how old these two are, but here's Bloodgulch and Timberland Bloodgulch: https://www.dropbox....g_ftw2_beta.zip Timberland: https://www.dropbox...._timbo_beta.zip I SHOULD have them all somewhere... considering I hosted them all, but I have no idea where they are. If I do have them they'd be at my computer at home, which i won't be at for another few weeks. O, found waev's mediafire: http://www.mediafire.../?gc7xc48wy35ce
  14. http://chameleonproject.org/
  15. Finally hooked up my Raspberry Pi http://www.raspberrypi.org/ after having it sit around for a few months (no card reader to install OS). Those who don't know: Raspberry pi comes in 2 models: model A) 256MB RAM, Model B) 512MB RAM (rev 1 [mine] 256MB RAM) 700MHz ARM1176JZF-S core Full 1080p output (HDMI) 2 USB ports, SD card slot for OS etc. 10/100 Ethernet More specs here: http://en.wikipedia....#Specifications Set it all up remotely via SSH and then VNC (no usb keyboard/mouse available - would rather not need one anyways) Plugged in: VNCd in: (top is scrolled up a bit due to size on screen) Runs on an OS based on a raspberry pi optimised version of Debian Looking forward to running web services and stuff, personal push notification services and whatnot. Probably going to get another for some other things. Still need a dedicated power supply (just a usb charger), using my phone one right now. Will probably have it run something like seti@home when I'm not using it for other things. Just wanted to share, I think it's an awesome piece of hardware, and it's dirt cheap. Also interested in ideas as to what I should use it for. Also will answer questions if you have any.
  16. That was him, he knows his shit etc. Also not the thing that he was talking about.
  17. Neat. Side note: NOT GOING THERE AGAIN.
  18. I've had some idea with this, definitely going to look in to it for status indicators at least. Thanks! This is a pretty cool idea, could definitely be a good little note taking computer if you got it set up right/ The idea behind this is a low cost, low power computer. It runs on a mobile processor. Intel is barely in the mobile processor race yet.
  19. Lies, you like online shopping because you don't have to go outside.
  20. They've all been shit, this one will be shit.