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  1. Good projects never die, they're just missing in action.
  2. If someone could upload a gameplay video it would give me something to masturbate to later.
  3. You are learning well, apprentice.
  4. Amateur
  5. Well in that case, he wins and I am a massive faggot.
  6. Wow, that looks fantastic. Totally not shit at all. You're right, everybody leave this thread now and follow that mod because it is infinitely better and not a piece of gargled cock cheese.
  7. It's a dependency in the [scnr] tag. By default it will just be plasma pistol but you can change the next dependency out as well.
  8. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise ur limits ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  9. It didn't like my custom dialogue tags either, but I think it failed when try to save that time. With these tags is failed when trying to import. Seriously though, this program is cool as shit. As soon as I can figure out what tags work and what don't, I'll post more. The good news is that Proton seems to either build perfectly or crash when building.
  10. I tried it out and I'm still amazed by how fast it works, or rather doesn't work, in my case. Seems quite buggy with what I work with (but then everything does). I'll keep you updated.
  11. Too close to home man, too close.
  12. Likes again
  13. He is working for me for FTD super version 857. Don't tell anyone, promise?
  14. I am thinking of getting a new desktop to replace my ageing and overheating laptop. I will be paying to have it built at a local shop (sorry fellow nerds). What sort of specs and budget am I looking at? It wants to be fairly powerful (playing halo in full screen is my idea of high performance), but at the same time not ridiculously expensive. Help?
  15. Yeah like Star Wars Battlefront
  16. >overclock, motherboard, chipset, GTX980, CPU, case fans, drive, RAM, USB...
  17. Do you take donations in person? Tell me where you live Tucker.
  18. Would you consider removing the frag sound when you throw a plasma grenade? I've always thought it sounds so out of place.
  19. You want to go to 'Player starting profile'. 'Starting equipment' is only for multiplayer.
  20. FUCK ME IT'S THE LIBRARY More pictures and information to follow. Please don't delete this thanx mods.
  21. I have got to do something with this. Has anybody tried Hamps program? The last time I played about with this mod in CE, nothing new would compile. Eschaton refuses to rebuild working maps. I tried internalising b30 so I could upload it but I think that gave an exception as well. So please have a play around with a30.