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  1. Good projects never die, they're just missing in action.
  2. If someone could upload a gameplay video it would give me something to masturbate to later.
  3. *cough*
  4. You are learning well, apprentice.
  5. Amateur
  6. Well in that case, he wins and I am a massive faggot.
  7. Wow, that looks fantastic. Totally not shit at all. You're right, everybody leave this thread now and follow that mod because it is infinitely better and not a piece of gargled cock cheese.
  8. It's a dependency in the [scnr] tag. By default it will just be plasma pistol but you can change the next dependency out as well.
  9. Too close to home man, too close.
  10. He is working for me for FTD super version 857. Don't tell anyone, promise?
  11. Yeah like Star Wars Battlefront
  12. >overclock, motherboard, chipset, GTX980, CPU, case fans, drive, RAM, USB...
  13. I am thinking of getting a new desktop to replace my ageing and overheating laptop. I will be paying to have it built at a local shop (sorry fellow nerds). What sort of specs and budget am I looking at? It wants to be fairly powerful (playing halo in full screen is my idea of high performance), but at the same time not ridiculously expensive. Help?
  14. Do you take donations in person? Tell me where you live Tucker.