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  1. .... To easy... But There's been talk apples going to start making things in house more now so... Also I think They are doing less business with Samsung now anyways.
  2. "waits for a proper game" Like Left 4 Dead 3... No seriously make niggas.
  3. They got the patent to detour out right fakes and counterfeits... Just like the iFone5 in Mexico not everything apple does is some crazy anti-android fuck all non apple products thing. Honestly Jesus drug cartels come under less scrutiny then apple, The apple team can't take a shit without people freaking out.
  4. Explorer or some kind of traveller cause you know like stars said free commute. If not some kind of freelance P.I. or negotiator (I just finished watching Big O in HD this past week...) Or just own some profitable business that ran with out my presence.
  5. So much talk about vagina and non of it is hot... But nah HK that is really shitty if I was a doctor I would try to help but My medical knowledge doesn’t pertain to anything to do with that ;.; so sorry... Get well soon!
  6. Quality write up stars! Also looks like an actually pretty good game.
  7. We give them all the shitty aspects of being a state and we keep all the good stuff... Oh and we keep the flag at fifty stars.
  8. How about we give them all the shitty and keep the fifty?
  9. Truly terrible, maybe these are the prices we pay for our own ignorance. Perhaps though in one tragedy we can learn to make sure no one should ever suffer the same fate.
  10. So will I be able to to say my slow torrents are... Water logged?
  11. Do you remember all the bacon you had as a child?... Patsy Swine!!!!
  12. China doesn't have the room to let cows grow ya know? All them fucking people so they eat cat whatever... On what I will or won't eat I've had rabbits, squirrels, raccoons nothing bad about it and if you're hungry enough that cat will start to look pretty good.