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  1. Explorer or some kind of traveller cause you know like stars said free commute. If not some kind of freelance P.I. or negotiator (I just finished watching Big O in HD this past week...) Or just own some profitable business that ran with out my presence.
  2. So much talk about vagina and non of it is hot... But nah HK that is really shitty if I was a doctor I would try to help but My medical knowledge doesn’t pertain to anything to do with that ;.; so sorry... Get well soon!
  3. Quality write up stars! Also looks like an actually pretty good game.
  4. Yeah it's the name I use on my computer I started using linux right around iron man was all new and cool again... Never got around to changing it.
  5. This is the first time I have ever said this to a man...I like dem buns....
  6. That is A very interesting concept. Do you happen to know of penalties as per distribution / manufacturing?
  7. LOL Sandy who? We didn't even get clouds....
  8. How about this everyone? Maybe we should consider what we are letting loose into the wild, This isn't under doctors orders just like xanax or any other prescription drug this is being sold at a gas station near you... And besides what would Raoul think?
  9. I thought it was amphetamines Not Meth...
  10. I feel like I'm going to regret this but OK, inform me of the so called "legit medical purposes"
  11. What are you talking about? I never mad a statement pertaining to the relevance of medical uses...