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  1. Its pretty fantastic to get to relive the early days of my Halo PC modding but in Reach... it feels soooo good
  2. Holy fuck it's been a long time... I am following this whole red beard trend too
  3. We have done basic arrays. I tried to reference data from the $_POST array, but I really don't understand the syntax there.
  4. Yeah, I understand the assignment, but what I'm confused about is how to go about recording the previous sum, so that the next number submitted in the form can be added to it. Sorry, I wasn't very specific about the issue I am haviing. I get the basic Arithmetic logic, but I don't get how they expect me to save the previously submitted numbers to add back together with the next number that I type in.
  5. Got a problem here, with an assignment for an internet programming class. I don't understand the logic they looking for here, anyone got some advice for me? So confused
  6. In the youtube avatar? Well, the white face is a cartoony version of me, and the black face is a cartoony version of my friend David, both drawn by me so I doubt you saw it on shirt xD If you did though that would be awesome!
  7. Episode 3 is up!
  8. Episode 2 is finally up on youtube! You know the drill! <3
  9. Thanks Mars We try... I should be uploading episode 2 tonight. Also, if you like what you are seeing, then you should definitely subscribe to us. If you have a youtube account
  10. Thanks TCK xD Anyways, part 2 of Episode 1 is up! Please check it out, and let me know what you think!
  11. Hello everyone! My friend David and I have just started a gameplay commentary channel on youtube called Back to the Future Gaming. We will be recording our thoughts and differing viewpoints on many different Retro and Modern games on PC, Wii, and Xbox 360. Our first video, Portal 2 co-op has just been uploaded. Please take a look, and let us know what you think! Likes, subscribes, and all that jazz. <3 P.S. There were a couple technical annoyances with our first video, i.e. Fraps fucking up. We will also have rather odd animated intro to start off new videos fairly soon!
  12. ... that might happen, easter eggs anyone? Anyways, did a bit of playtesting today, got some things to tweak, but overall happy with the new abilites and effects, and changes it makes. Going to do some more fine tuning of particular weapon tags, and also adding in the flamethrower with its new effect and functionality set. I have a couple ideas for the sniper, but it still is up in the air. I would really appreciate more ideas sniper wise so I can make a decision on it soon.
  13. Nah, needs to be more different from the original.
  14. notice I wasnt talking only about physx xP
  15. Nah, what is great is when playing the game out of the box you can have all the same shit, including physx sex without having to go edit a config file.