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  1. the lighting is shit, that's a chaurus, right? i only hate centipedes in real life. i do hate chauruses though, but because they're goddamn hard to kill and make me use up all my health potions. fuck them
  2. get out, INTJ is the best. you guys are just hatin because you're jealous.
  3. huge centipede like thing in my basement. another one. tons of fuckig legs. but this one... this one is having babies. i saw one. NOPE fuck my life. last time i was terrified to go down there until i hunted the fucker down with febreze. also, they appear to be quite fond of being under my spot on the couch. i think a small nuclear explosion is in order.
  4. i got 4 on introversion
  5. >pregnant >big no shit they wouldn't happen to be an idiot, would they?
  6. cleaned out my ps3 memory. turnw out i had some nasty saving habits that filled up my memory a lot. deleted everything i didn't need which was almost everything. feels good to purge.
  7. dear god, i don't know who i hate more. the poster, the dumb lady, or the people who Liked it.
  8. >implying september isn't the best birth month you guys are just jealous
  9. i've never heard of that. i have heard the name though.
  10. i like pushing myself to do more and more, even when it feels like i should stop. there's something awesome about expanding one's limits. i look forward to the day when i can go fast up stairs or walk fast around school between classes without getting out of breath.
  11. tucker's weird ;p
  12. hell yeah, getting healthy high five tomorrow i'm going twice as much because my mother didn't run today and i need to motivate her while i'm making her run twice
  13. DIVINE CLAYMORE +10 MAX POWER, MOTHAFUCKAS SUCK MY OP PALADIN DICK also, had a better jog today than last week, and my chest wasn't exploding afterward fuck yeah, health
  14. dark souls. upgraded my claymore to divine +5. bitches love divine claymore +5s.
  15. just solo'd the capra demon boss for the first time in dark souls shit, i just found ot i'm a Regular now
  16. today my friend came over and we were having fun and all, but then my mother started telling her my entire life story (again[as she does with every goddamn person she meets]) and showing her pictures of me from vacation (which i reeeally didn't want to be in anyway) and then everyone started talking about me like i wasn't listening, embarrased in the next room. that was so goddamn embarrassing. i hate feeling exposed like that. being even close to the center of attention makes me want to fuckig disappear. after i gave my mother a few ugly looks, she got the message to shut the fuck up about me. fuck my life. i'm never going to be photographed again in my goddamn life, just to avoid this shit. i'm a fucking human being with a psychological need for privacy, not a goddamn dog or piece of furniture to show off to everyone you fucking meet.
  17. goddammit i lol'd
  18. internet tough guys, huh? lol so edgy
  19. fantastic movie. e-high five
  20. don't be afraid to elaborate. also, i'm still sore from last time i went to sceny's room.
  21. mirror's edge, fuck yeah i just started working out to get healthy (fat and out of shape) and had a decent jog. feel awesome for getting a little bit healthier, and taking a cold shower afterwards to cool off. i'm gonna put clothes on now. peace
  22. to be fair, my first halo was 3, before i owned it. after that i bought halo PC and played that.
  23. i'm annoyed with any annoying idiot, i don't restrict myself to a certain series' fanbase. yes, i do hate screaming children. solution: private party chat alone, invite only, don't invite anyone. problem solved.
  24. Heute muss ich duetsche Hausaufgaben machen :/
  25. that's awesome, some of us even post!