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  1. you're both not even wrong i'm being mostly facetious though. the only truthful part is i hate country music
  2. i don't like kentucky but i really hate country music and tennessee. tennessee is like kentucky but country music and can't say i live in the "cincinnati area"
  3. yeah except tennessee is the garbage music capital of the world
  4. fuck off back to your garbage state wild turkey is good stuff.
  5. i'm just saying, they don't seem to be responsible even as far as young parents go. the fact that not only could the mother not smell the pure vodka in the bottle but the fact that the father was going to some sort of party with a water bottle full of pure vodka. maybe it isn't fair to criticize but they don't strike me as being the most aware parents. i've heard worse though
  6. the statement from the company is more than a little slimy
  7. being a responsible parent is hard
  8. mine is **** **** **** **** woah it blocked itself, everyone try it out
  9. and nothing of value was lost
  10. fucking hot and humid forever. i have to wear jeans for lab and run my ass around around campus every other day. it sucks. i want summer to end.
  11. phantom pain
  12. I got it during the devolver digital sale. it's pretty fun
  13. Floridians being naked is the cause of Erika
  14. Forks' Big List for Gun Control Rules:
  15. 1 like=1 prayer
  16. mostly alternating between mountain blade warband and getting my completion for ground zeroes done. i extracted all the important targets though so i'm not worried about completion.
  17. fighting the Rastaguardians
  18. camouflage index:99%