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  1. man, adding to a lore is the same thing as changing the lore. come on.
  2. Pour one out for old Halo and Chief
  3. i never played halo 4 but i always thought the fact that someone came into the space hulk chief was in in order to change his clothes and then leave, and then cortana forgot all about it was /strange/ at best
  4. you guys are nuts
  5. not even. whoever this "locke" guy is, they're hyping him up to be the new arbiter but even more "literally who" and on par with the chief, which is horseshit. in halo the less you play as a non-chief human the better. aliums are okay cause they still show some of the mysterious and cool scifi world without bordering on "average fps scifi super soldier wankfest" i dont want to see another playable spartan ANYWHERE the tone of halo 1 is perfect. getting out of the escape pod onto a mysterious, hostile alien ring world is one of the best moments in the series. dont ruin it by having players play as spartan #40373 that is as good as the chief but we never heard of him for some reason.
  6. lul gotta sell those consoles
  7. I'm glad they decided to let the series die with grace after they realized H3 can't be topped
  8. master chief died at the end of halo 3
  9. I just want Halo 3 PC release. That's the only video game I would ever need. It's never going to happen though literally who
  10. full
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't NASA been saying consistently for years and years that there is evidence of liquid water having been on Mars? And more and better evidence is discovered frequently?
  12. i write halfway between print and cursive. i think loops look like fucking ass but i like to connect the letters, or at least write in a fluid motion.
  13. I learned to write cursive in year 2. I had learned from my mom before that though.
  14. i got that yesterday. i thought i had missed some plot and got surprised
  15. the truth may shock you
  16. cry more
  17. thanks nerds
  18. i cant wait to buy booze. im gonna get like 4
  19. It's better than Star Citizen. At least E:D isn't asking you to pay thousands of real life dollars for video game space ships that you can't even fly yet (ever?)
  20. who are you people
  21. i'm the best though
  22. All that "ebony" in the deep south. LEL
  23. im high on life nerd