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  1. i will build a distillery and provide the good people of the wasteland with much needed booze. that old world stuff will run out eventually. and when it does i will be a king
  2. avoid saints row 4. it is not worth the price on sale
  3. say goodbye to your life if you wanna play some message me man
  4. just picked up Styx: Goblin Simulator and Neon Struct in the steam stealth sale
  5. Well, according to bethesda my rig is officially behind now. I wasn't going to get it right away anyway (if at all?). I bet it's still going to look like shit though. Dat gamebryo engine
  6. Leaks and spoilerwatch are the way the video games industry is nowadays man. Halo is no exception
  7. oblivion sucks. morrowind is better
  8. I have a stable of different characters I like to choose from to make in create-a-characters based on different methods of combat or ofher aspects of play, in fallout's case speech for example
  9. I haven't read the bible. But please try to tell me that the old testament is reasonable with a straight face.
  10. look also at the bible, like the part that says if you rape a woman from another village, you have to be circumsized, you have to marry her, and then everyone from both your villages is killed. the general sentiment of a religion is not necessarily reflected in every single part of its holy text
  11. >implying
  12. where were you when the last bastion of split screen decided to cash out
  13. i like dog companions and i dont like ones that talk at me and have a certain morality cause that means eventually theyre gonna bitch about something i do even if im doing good stuff. conversation wheel doesnt cover srguments about morality. just give me a dog
  14. I go full good but don't take shit if you try to fuck me. I hope they fixed that thing they love where you misclick and steal an ashtray and suddenly the whole town that loves you and owes you their lives several times over is out for your blood.
  15. I believe that a weapon's name should reflect not only its function but also the manner it's used. "The Problem Solver" is an obvious one. Most include a variation of "fuck" and some descriptor of their function. But when I find the One, it is simply Fucker. That's what it does and that's what it is.
  16. too many unnecessary panels/10
  17. that was definitely a cool thing about reach. they didn't really pull if off well though. a lot of times it felt like i was pulling 100% of the weight. plus the driving/turret AI wasn't any better.
  18. I'm going to vomit. Can these people even read?
  19. drop pods make my penis feel funny
  20. i hate video games
  21. i think it's been like that since halo 1 but ramped up more and more every time. to think it started with just plasma weapons doing more against shields
  22. Even besides that, the vidya hobby "community" is 20 different types of Cancer everywhere you look. It's a cesspool. I've been transitioning into a normie for weeks now
  23. Politics and Law

    this just in, no government is a "good guy" and they all dabble in fucked up shit