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  1. i wouldn't call it a roll at all. it's round around the circumference but it's long and flat along the side. it's more akin to a baguette than a roll but even that isn't right. a roll is more like a brötchen (google it)
  2. the second one is a sub
  3. was it worth missing the points? shit's easy. board+hinges
  4. was complacent and let a migraine get too bad. but this time i had time to take meds and let them kick in. camped out in a nice quiet spot on campus till that happens. hope it goes away before i tutor for 2 hours
  5. probably not too much once the cost is distributed among them
  6. I maintain that I will be the moonshine king of the wasteland
  7. damn dude that's cold
  8. It doesnt matter if chief is the center of the halo universe or not, it matters that he is the center of the halo video game series
  9. do you also suspect people who volunteer with nonprofit organizatons of just trying to look good? i find it difficult to believe this a purely selfish decision
  10. while i see where you guys are going with them being "understanding" i don't really think that sesame street has any kind of agenda
  11. I wasn't talking about a firing squad. I don't even support execution, I'm just saying there are cheaper, more efficient ways to do it that involve a much quicker death (bullets are cheap and go fast).
  12. why don't they just shoot them? double tap to the head is a lot cheaper and faster than lethal injection. is it seen as inhumane or something? i'd rather get shot in the head a couple times to make sure i'm dead than have my heart stopped
  13. i can see those student loans they're waiting
  14. Yo that's sick
  15. you won't do it
  16. get the big one nerd
  17. this is meme science the actual things they're looking for are always 100% sensationalized shit that the actual study is not actually looking for. i don't even have to read the article/paper to know that.
  18. i dont believe you. i think you love memes you fucking
  19. DLCs in NV turned you into a god
  20. come on man
  21. i thought it was okay. most of the movie was in the theming and symbolism and all that. the actual plot was not the main draw
  22. Just got back from Del Toro's new movie Crimson Peak. It's great. If you like Pan's Labyrinth you'll love it