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  1. le "we don't even know what's at the bottom of the ocean" meme
  2. herzlich Wilkommen
  3. new GPU and PSU but hard drive ded. i didn't lose anything "important" but getting my computer back is going to be an ass. would have been installing like a fiend already but can't get a new hard drive yet cause everywhere's closed for christmas.
  4. happy jesus day
  5. herzlich Wilkommen
  6. people that don't understand the point of The Wall and quote "all in all you're just another brick in the wall" as inspiring, empowering, or uplifting get on my nerves. Building the wall is supposed to be a bad thing you idiots
  7. try out X3: terran conflict. elite dangerous is a really basic space sim but if you like you would like getting deeper in
  8. herzlich Wilkommen
  9. picked up witcher 3 and divinity original sin: enhanced edition in the autumn sale for $30 each. Pretty interested in playing both and this is the only time they'll go down in price for the next 3 years.
  10. herzlich Wilkommen
  11. herzlich Wilkommen
  12. that doesn't look very canon to me why isn't the brotherhood breaking down your door
  13. why would you put expanded dialogue options in? FO4 isn't an RPG you fucking nerds. go back to DnD
  14. >not cooking grilled cheese in glorious basic skillet >not being able to cook
  15. I don't know if Just Cause 2 multiplayer counts though. They recreated the sandbox but didn't actually fill it with NPCs or military or anything. I might be talking out of my ass though. Also "that will be $60 to play using this multiplayer mod that someone made, thank you"
  16. I guess you're right. I haven't played it since I was maybe 13 or 14 so I don't remember it well at all.
  17. those Bavarians for lunch today I had a roll from RollWay
  18. The prebuilt backstory in addition to the fact that the PC has a voice, the game doesn't tell you what they will say, there is only (X) HATE NEWSPAPERS, etc is terrible. That's to say nothing of the reported horrible framerate drops and other optimization problems, and allegedly very very small world size. It's a shame Beth spent most of their enormous budget on marketing.
  19. barbarians
  20. FAQ

    reported for language
  21. This. As shocking as it sounds the buttered bread you eat at thanksgiving is NOT in fact the same as the bread they make your subway sandwiches on. These are baguettes: These are rolls: This is bread used to make sub sandwiches: Someone please explain to me how the third picture belongs to the family of bread depicted in the second picture and not the first
  22. but that's made using a sub roll, not a roll. a roll is a small round loaf of bread like you have at thanksgiving. or like you can see on google images when you google "roll"