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  1. i have constructed a simple MC formula. (survival mode + hard mode) * unfairness = shit this is my opinion, at least. i'm once again (fruitlessly?) asking for creative mode. i'm asking because it's evident in the cases of nessa and pepsi, thqt exceptions are allowed. why not for me then? i don't enjoy MC survival mode, especially on hard mode, in the slightest. if i want to play a difficult hack and slash, i'll play dark souls or TES on hard. i play minecraft for the ability to construct magnificent fortresses and innovative buildings, not to lose all my gear in a cave due to creepers. the only thing i enjoy about the present state of my server participation is talking to y'all, and playing minecraft just to do that is boring instead of frustrating. not to imply playing normally isn't boring as well. i get extremely bored when grinding for xp or minerals, because grinding it is. when building, yes, i can get bored, but at least i can enjoy the fruits of my labor later, instead of forging those fruits into a block to be made into tools later. it is my only desire to use creative mode to build things that benefit the community as a whole, like mars' hub or pepness. i have no desire at all to build anything for myself. if not granted this request, it is not unlikely i won't be returning to the server to play. i simply do not find it fun in the slightest. there's a chance i would return to talk while doing homework, butthqt is unlikely, as 1) i don't do homework at home, 2) when i do, i do it in my room, and 3) talking isn't conducive to working. i hope my request will at least be considered further, because i would hate to leave the server, but in the present state of things i will not, and indeed cannot, play any further. that is all.