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  1. wait, what happened to modhalo?
  2. that's awesome
  3. hopefully they'll soon add the ability to fight underwater, now that they added better submerged visibilty... then i'll never have to leave the water ever argonian master race
  4. ah cool. it's no trouble if you don't, save other houses first as mine is simple, easy, small, and has basic materials
  5. oh lawd, my friend has a fro no matter what she does to her hair when it isn't done up it goes everywhere
  6. if my house is copied, can you remember to get the underground part? took a while to dig
  7. yeah, i figured i'll just let my imagination go crazy then
  8. i have a feeling i was expecting something entirely different than you were expecting i'm expecting D:
  9. i usually like long hair, but i think you look pretty great with short hair go for it
  10. mr. rogers. ray bradbury. MLK. RIP, guys ;-;7
  11. i wonder what kind of porn sceny likes? uh, nevermind, i don't want to know
  12. not watching. too uncanny valley for me
  13. did you fuck off or just fuck up?
  14. Hi

    they have feathers, does that count? welcome
  15. hell yeah, potential sacrifice no butthurt here
  16. favorite superhero thread, not favorite superhero because of the reason for their existence. i don't care if superman is a sign hope, he's a boring superhero. batman's nobler anyway. he has normal human weaknesses including death so facing common dangers (as in not fucking kryptonite) have actual consequences for him. also, sueprman getting getting punched in the gut to death doesn't count as getting beaten to death if it's with a "kryptonite glove" that counts as death by kryptonite
  17. i don't know who deadpool is. also, thor is the norse god of thunder, and as a superhero, nothing is too far off. therefore, thor must still be badass as a superhero. did i mention mjollnir? superman is too perfect, by the way
  18. superman's boring. too perfect. tons of unthemed boring mega powers, 1 weakness, bright colors, tight clothes no thanks batman and iron man are cool also, i'm not familiar with thor as a superhero outside the thor movie and the avengers movie but i have spent a lot of time today learning about norse mythology...
  19. eh that too
  20. i don't like villians that want to cause chaos for no reason. joker notwithstanding because he's established as quite insane villians that have a valid, just reason for what they're doing are always cool, especially if they're good antihero material
  21. that feel, man
  22. aw yeah, spider love killing annoying bugs (and small birds) all day erry day spiders are bros if they aren't a dickish variety and you leave them alone EDIT: i just watched the video i didn't need to sleep this week anyway
  23. guy characters can marry aela
  24. but unrelenting force is fun! yelling at people to fly off cliffs and shit storm call is shit though, i was doing a daedra quest and i accidentally used storm call instead of some othe shout in a fight and aela got struck by 1 lightning bolt and wouldn't stop fucking attacking me and we were married!
  25. talked to a girl i like yesterday (first time) and we really hit it off and she's even cooler than i thought woo!