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  1. who says there's no fuss with torture and killing? i could go on about those too but that's not the subject of the debate.
  2. oh gawd xD
  3. that's AWESOME
  4. this takes dumbassery to a whole new level... this isn't just "durr hurr hitman trailer guy killan sexy nuns" this is "herpity derp let's make our character get raped because she's a woman and SURELY that's the best way to add depth to a woman's mind and emotions' then there's the people saying "hurr artistic expression durr rape is okay if there's an M label on it fucking stop it, rape is never okay
  5. if this game makes it seem okay to put rape in a game for characterization then it's not unlikely other developers will start doing it as well, and i don't want to have to play little big planet exclusively just to avoid watching rape.
  6. shit, that's awesome i jelly
  7. i give a fuck rape is bad, bro
  8. dear god what cannot unsee
  9. but i don't FEEL like a demigod...
  10. looks kinda like those funny looking hammers in red faction guerrilla
  11. friend came over, a lot of food happened (A LOT), watched the proposal (okay for a romantic comedy i guess, not my favorite genre but it was funny), o brother where art thou (need to re-read the odyssey now...), finished watching it's complicated, continued from last week (weird movie, old people doing things that nobody should know they do, but a good source of lulz in the form of really awkward moments and funny scenes, but have some mind bleach handy), started watching pink panther, never finished because more food happened then she went home as it was 10:30 tl;dr good day
  12. of course, we're all the children of god! nah, but if we were the children of god, we would all be demigods. religion debunked?
  13. ... that's the point
  14. rape is bad in real life, and it's worse in video games, because it doesn't fucking have to be there. trauma does not define a person's emotional make up. fuck this shit
  15. you seem like a pretty nice, funny guy. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE
  16. oh lawd
  17. in a good way?
  18. f you parents won't put it below 76
  19. i don't mind spiders unless they're particularly big and inside, but that doesn't happen. i let spiders live because they KILL bugs and are bros. that being said, i HATE bugs, especially if they have more legs than a spider. and if they're big. and scary. i hate mosquitos. i hate flies because they're common (my parents prefer the summer heat to air conditioning, so they leave doors open all damn day) and so damn annoying fuck bugs
  20. go mine's Thor norse god status and all that fucking mjollnir, man
  21. oh god what
  22. TES players don't but to be fair, nobody wants to play those main quests except to get goodies..
  23. i've only usee the mobile version on my mobile device so far
  24. eh, the way i see it, i'm paying for the new quests and stuff and getting all the stuff that should have been in. like how some of the DA:O dlc has extra merchants and stuff
  25. lolno