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  1. goddamnit.
  2. asl? 16/m/US
  3. stupids gonna stupid.
  4. i had a REALLY cool dream that i was a D&D style paladin dispensing righteous asskickings to EVIL fuck that was cool
  5. i'm so jealous
  6. FUCK YOU I ALREADY HAVE A TOPIC FOR THIS ... welcome, by the way
  7. STOP BEING SORRY AND POST MOAR i'm sorry all, but all my lulzy pictures are on my ipod and i can't post them
  8. well if someone makes you look like a dick for not putting up with the exploiting you then their opinion (and anyone's who sides with them) really shouldn't matter.
  9. i lol'd hard at the last two
  10. the mystery is part of the appeal
  11. i lol'd so fucking hard. best meet the team video by far
  12. i haven't told my parents i'm an atheist because they would freak out and a huge shitstorm would ensue they would make me go to Mass like every other day. i don't give a damn what religion someone is as long as they don't try to force it on me, then they lose my respect. that goes for any other belief too. i live in kentucky, christians errywhere, and the dumb ones INVARIABLY want to convert me if they find out i don't believe in a god. fucking christianity
  13. the fuck... being the odd one out always sucks especially at home. godspeed friend
  14. parent problems here too. and my brother is being a littls bitch. i hate summer, i want to go back to school away from these cunts.
  15. to level crafting skills, just make shit. i dunno about alchemy and enchanting, but i know that with smithing, since the update, xp received is based on cost. also, smithing is your best friend. it lets you get hilariously OP gear relatively early on. so when you get gold, silver, and jewels, make jewelry, and get 20 metric fucktons of animal hides and use them to make leather helmets. relatively high cost (and xp) for a decently low amount of materials. to get a shitton of hides just wander around for a few irl hours shooting every deer and killing every wild animal you see except rabbits and goats because they only drop food, and very rarely. then kill a lot of dragons (lol it gets easy, those mofos pop up everywhere eventually) and at smithing lvl 100 you can make dragon armor, which has a heavy and light variety. also, the higher smithing you have, the more you can upgrade your weapons and armor (which helps tremendously), and fully upgraded ebony/daedric weapons and fully upgraded dragon armor (plus the perks for the weapons and armor trees) makes you an invincible demigod of destruction. add in enchanting for elemental protection for like fire and stuff (which armor doesn't defend against) or other enchanted effects you want on your gear and you'll have to turn the difficulty up because the game will be hilariously easy. boom
  16. good point. but i don't know about y'all but i could hunt animals and wander around for hours need the hides to level smithing to make dragon armor anyway
  18. welp, i made it 20 seconds. those crazy kids. nah but seriously fuck them
  19. Just saw this and nearly pissed myself I'm SOOOOOOOO EXCITED
  20. woke up morning ritual dermatologist appointment, got some blood taken god tier mushroom and swiss burger friend came over we watched the other guys (the movie) went to the movies and watched the avengers again (2nd time each) was even more badass walked to the mall across the parking lot shared god tier teriyaki chicken dish (7:00) went home bff hug came inside hone alone fuck yeah got on OC great day
  21. someone put dante in time-out, i think he needs a break
  22. that shark is such a white knight.
  23. i almost exclusively have dreams that are just a weird mash up of shit i'm thinking about (or not thinking about) nothing noteworthy except a few nice ones that were actually focused my mind is a mess
  24. i get inspired by other things, and use the inspiration of a setting or character (i do have a method of creating characters basically from scratch though) and build everything else around it, usually using other good ideas i have. i have so many ideas for stories/short stories i can barely remember them
  25. i heard that in australia, they ride kangaroos to work and back, then eat them for supper they're crazy!