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  1. it's all good everyone. her boyfriend who can't spell also commented (showed up in my Notifications) and his comment didn't show up either.
  2. eh, not hard to get she had a picture relating to her getting her permit today person i don't know: "watch out world, here comes [friend's name]! me: "seriously, watch out!" we poke fun at each other back and forth like this all the time, ain't no big thing i think it was a bad connection thing, because my comment correcting her boyfriend's spelling still remains i don't really like him (inb4 hurf durf jealous, i don't feel that way about her, i just don't like him)
  3. believe me, i know that feel. but no, i was using the facebook app on my ipod
  4. my best bro posted a photo on fbook and i liked it and poked fun at her (as i always do) and saw later that my like and comment were gone? wut i might be making a big deal out of nothing, but it's not like i said anything offensive
  6. i just saw that in game informer, and holy shit! i'm so excited! HORSE MOUNTED COMBAT AND CROSSBOWS
  7. got Cass as a follower, kicked the asses of murderers with righteous retribution, and got some shiny new toys, including a .44 magnum revolver upgrade that literally made my gun shiny and new as opposed to old and tarnished. stylish as fuark
  8. that was not only awful, but also painful. also: fuck yeah, Metal Arms: GitS my rage: i was gonna stay up and watch stuff i recorded from missing toonami last night after i was done playing fallout but i have a terrible headache now, i feel like i'm going to throw up, and i will likely wake up with a far worse headache tomorrow. fuck my life.
  9. what's that?
  10. i think i've passed through there a couple times.
  11. no shit. where do you live in our wonderful state of kentucky?
  12. florence. at the veeery top. we all consider ourselves to be in the cincinnati area, if that shows how close to it we are.
  13. godspeed friend. if i see you on the news i will give you a salute worthy of your fortitude in dealing with this shitstorm. ;_;7
  14. well, it was half alive then. but like i said, people migrated here, killing anything besides modding (which i don't do)
  15. been here since modhalo died due to everyone migrating here
  16. alright, the cane is officially the best weapon ever in new vegas. i fought off a horde of fancy guards with masks with just a cane, and badassery. after much disguising and spy work of course. i feel like motherfucking james bond.
  17. fallout new vegas. two ways into the city from the starting point. quick way has many many ultra deadly monsters, even to high levels. much longer way doesn't but it's VERY long. bleh. got there anyway though, just took longer
  18. started up an old low level new vegas game. i thought i would be able to go north to new vegas. i thought the death claws were only in the quarry. i thought i could sneak past them. i thought wrong. i may never be able to sit down the same ever again.
  19. welcome! nice to have some decent people around here (kidding, we're all fabulous people) anyway, post more poems (pretty please), get used to crude antics, and enjoy your stay
  20. mfw my name is blake gawd, that was hilarious "do you hate puppies?"
  21. is that how hookers do it now? interesting business method there.
  22. >bike >fatass wut
  23. saw Brave with my friend it was everything that's awesome about bears and Scotland