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  1. I actually wasn't held back. I also owned up to the fact that I was failing some classes on my own behalf. A lot of my teachers were excellent. Re-read maybe?
  3. My schooling is much, much different than public schooling. There are no standardized tests. In fact, there are no tests at all. It's flash cards. Part of the issue I had with public schooling was that half my teachers didn't care because they aren't paid well enough. Along with that, I was behind in some subjects on my own behalf, and ahead in a couple. The biggest issue there is that if I didn't withdraw when I did, I would have been held back. Which would mean I would be two years ahead in math and science, a year ahead in english, and on par with history. That is rediculously unbalanced. When I withdrew, I was able to catch up on history within a few months so almost everything was level. I can go back and take 5th grade math or whatever if I need to, and if I'm ahead I can just move on up to the 12th grade and pre college lessons. I will be able to graduate early and focus on my college transcript and saving up for college. tl;dr they hold you back for one subject making you ahead in the rest which is horrible for your self esteem and also your focus. If you're bored, you don't focus. You get bored when you've learned the same thing twice over. When you homeschool, you have a lot of different choices for the exact curriculum and the way you teach. Some people hire tutors, some people do it online, some people do it alone, some people do it with other families. With that there's more balance and more bonding. There are, hopefully, no shitty little kids that tease and laugh. And if you're a good parent you will be there to set examples so your child doesn't become that shitty little kid. I really regret not withdrawing from public school sooner. Schooling at home has been so much better for me. And I'm at the point in my life where I need to focus on college, and it's a lot easier to do that when everything isn't chaotic.
  4. Fuck. No. What they need to do is get rid of bullshit standardized tests and make schools smaller. Or better yet, everyone homeschool their kids. Have your friends over and have a big homeschool party. Yay. I homeschool and when I first started I was a year ahead within two months. And I only school for two hours a day. And HOLY SHIT PUBLIC SCHOOL FUCKING SUCKS. Taking away summer vacation would only worsen that, I think. I know I HAVE to work to you know, help feed my family and there are a lot of other kids out there in the same situation. Having no summer vacation would royally fuck a lot of people.
  5. canadia
  6. eaaaaaaaaaaaaat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. This is extremely over the top but it was an entertaining read.
  8. i just ate 5i had 6 earlier yes i need help. someone baked a hundred cookies and set them on the counter of someone who has no self control.
  9. There are 100+ fresh chocolate cookies sitting in my kitchen.
  10. i'm obviously hotter. you're just jealous of my small tits and boyish body.