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  1. I can't help that all the boys want me.
  2. You're just jealous because he's Mexican and you're an angelface.
  3. I'm pretty swag at smiling. jUST NOT WHEN I'M MEETING MY FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT IS MORE THAN FIVE SECONDS. see i smile woo Also I don't know how to make it hide because mer.
  4. Shhh I already know you disapprove.
  5. My first or current one. Though, I'm too inexperienced to really make that kind of call, seeing as I've only dated four people.
  6. I agree with all of this.
  7. He will.
  8. You mean you will.
  9. Let me help! And hey Aveo!
  10. Thanks!
  11. I think my earliest memory was getting out of this big rocking-chair in the computer room of our house to go find my mom. I climbed up the stairs and went into our guest bedroom, because that had a balcony of sorts that allowed me to see everything outside. Once I saw she was grooming our horses, my legs started itching, and I looked down to discover that they were completely covered in fleas. I started screaming and ran down the stairs and outside to get her, and so she came and put me in the bath. All the little fleas started floating up to the surface, but I'm pretty sure I didn't stop crying for another hour or so. I'm not completely sure how old I was, but yeah. I hate creepy, crawly, jumpy things of any kind, now. woo.
  12. It is when you say you'll be back super quick and then it TURNS INTO HOURS BECAUSE YOU DECIDE TO SLEEP ON IT. ONLY I'M ALLOWED TO DO THAT. Not you.
  13. Sounds like fun :b
  14. I misunderstood something before then, whoops. Ahh, okay. Thanks for the help. Austin wasn't explaining things very well. Actually he wasn't being helpful at all, so yeah. Thanks again!
  15. I'm more amused than scared really. woo So it actually showed up before? It kept showing that little fox, on my end, no matter what I did. I GOT IT THOUGH, yay learning