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  1. What was the dumbest way you ever hurt yourself? For me it was definitely trying to jump a ditch on my dirtbike while drunk. Terrible experience between bending the frame on my bike and breaking my wrist.
  2. I assume the objective is pretty much build things?
  3. Were you attached to your first vehicle? My first truck was an 89 Ford Ranger. I loved the thing even though it was a complete pile of... ha! Either way I loved it and I had a real hard time letting it go when it came time. Oh well moved on I guess.
  4. Hello all.
  5. What was the worst relationship you ever had? For me I guess it'd be my first girl, who after I broke up with went crazy and stalked me for close on four months. Weird enough. Luckily I met my next a year later and I've been with her for the last four years.
  6. What would your preferred job be if money wasn't a factor? I think running a truck long haul would be interesting to see the western world through the eyes of a trucker.
  7. Oh lord, the women (my girlfriend) has discovered Minecraft on her little Android tablet and is now addicted. She's been playing for the last three and a half hours with her neice. I guess it's addicting? I'm afraid to try it! Either way - does anyone here play the game or have any experiences regarding Minecraft?
  8. 1. Guitar 2. My car 3. Firefighting 4. Music 5. XBOX
  9. Currently obsessed with getting my car up to snuff.
  10. I've continuously been playing Black Ops 2 and NHL 12.
  11. Hey! Awesome! This made it so much faster on my internet. I thought I was forever doomed on my crappy internet on Youtube! Thanks!
  12. What's your NAT settings like on your Router (assuming you have one somewhere) mine was on strict and caused the same problems!
  13. 4GB RAM 2.4GHZ Little beater computer I paid 150 for, not bad
  14. I work 4AM-4PM throughout the summer so I really get used to sleeping a lot through the summer. Through the winter though I stay up late and find it difficult waking up.
  15. I would consider my first real drinking experience to have been the first time drinking for the night as opposed to having a couple sips here and there. That would've been when I was 17, we split a 24, some rum and tequila + some other random stuff that was around the house. Was probably one of the best nights I think I ever had drinking, honestly! So much fun!