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  1. At least Germany's on the right track, with plans to ban. Heard that Australia and a few other countries were also considering this, but those were just rumors I couldn't match evidence to back with (wouldn't blame em.)
  2. You seem like an alright guy, welcome compadre (:
  3. That scaling/colour and angle, kind of makes ya think of a wyvern or something, real neat, what kind of snake is that? Just fucking kill me now. This bastard is known as the "assassin spider". All those times people told me "there are things in nature that exceed the horrors in fiction", well I'm a firm believer now, nothing possibly surpasses this in raw nightmare fuel (sun spiders come close.)
  4. Hadn't heard that one before, kinda surprised, thought I'd tasted all Pert's stuff, nice. http://youtu.be/kXO0jQ1VwpA http://youtu.be/SD4en1QsFRM Since I come to this thread few and far between, here's two, heh.
  5. Dont respond to it. Just claim ignorance to the isp. The second you show them (whatever legals tailing you) fear, on that like sharks to chum mate.
  6. And yes, happy birthday.
  7. Favorite non retro-revival band
  8. :C It always seems to happen that way man, its like they know.
  9. Summer sales have started, and only moths come forth from my wallet.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=br_lf_m_1000716161_pglink_next?ie=UTF8&docId=1000716161&plgroup=1&plpage=3 Man, Id love to get my hands on that darksouls, if only it wasn't GFWL.. Whateva, need to conserve cash anywho, hopefully you lot will find this more useful though :3
  11. You bet (; Me too. Song list: Com Truise-Karova Sferro- New Output ActRazer- We own the Night College- Desire
  12. http://youtu.be/KLVoioFfLNY
  13. I love neon Indian. http://youtu.be/nCoOexvMvlw 1:46 onwards sounds like something that could be a potential MM track.