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  1. I'm able to upgrade (still have win8) but the only thing I'm curious about is if I can or will be able to play my steam games
  2. Yes same computer, I'm just stuck as to which disk I should try to use if I'm missing the drivers necessary to operate the computer. I was thinking of the ASRock disk only cause it says driver disk but weps says the Radeon disk is it, and I'm kind of stuck there.
  3. thewindows 8 i got is from Microsoft
  4. this is from the manufacturer Ibuypower, it was one that came with the desktop before i got windows
  5. As far as I know no. Still Collaborating with weps to figure which disk i need to use to install the drivers. Since my desktop came with two, the onw i said in a previous post and on titled "ATI radeon premium graphics. Weps told me that tht one was a driver disk but everytime i attempt to put that disk in nothing appears to happen at all and a screen saying that there needs to be a boot service and to reboot press any key. Just to notify that i don't have much advanced knowledge into computers, just enough to get by.
  6. As far as I know no, but weps informed me that i could be missing drivers. Tis the reason why windows is having trouble
  7. Out of curiousity would the drivers I'm missing be the disc reading the message "Generate Serial ATA Driver diskette"? this is just what it says once you put in the disk. the name of the disk is ASRock AMD-AMD series AA88-13d/Version 1.3d Driver DVD *user manual*drivers*utilities
  8. So i don't know how many of you guys own a ps3 but i just wanna know how everyone feels on the game, personally fond the game to be challenging and fun at the same time. There are however some twicks i would make to the multiplayer but all in all i'd give it a 9/10
  9. it's not about being better.it's mostly just freedom to whatever
  10. Depending on the crimes such as murder, rape or robbery, etc. then yes but if its something small such as having a warrant out for like lets say parking tickets or something dumb then no. only the worst of the worst should be hunted down to different countries
  11. i will admit it is highly addictive, i like the fact that you can make anything that comes to mind with it
  12. mc.etriacraft.com
  13. Hey guys come and join me and Zarichii in an awesome, and very friendly minecraft server, it's a survival game mode, so you make and build what you want if have any questions you know where to find me.
  14. ya sorry bout that. but if you go on youtube and look up Assassins Creed IV: Black Flags then type in Naval exploration http://assassinscreed.ubi.com/en-us/news/news_detail.aspx?c=tcm:19-104504&ct=tcm:6-231-32
  15. hey guys i got a new video for you. it shows you pretty much the gameplay and the openess this awesomely amazing game brings to the table.