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  1. Sup Opencarnage, For those out of the loop, Epic Games announced (rather surprisingly) that they obtained the exclusive rights release Quantic Dream's three hit games Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroid: Become Human on pc via their Epic Store. Going beyond the discussion of how frustrating a further fracturing of this already-fractured pc market is, or how sketchy Epic Games has been with Digital Rights Management issues, I personally feel frustrated that these titles are exclusively hogged on a, let us say, niche platform. My personal pc platform of choice is Steam, where I have the bulk of my game collection and network of online friends. So this news really bugs me after the Metro Exodus fiasco. I can't help but wonder if this announcement by Epic/Quantam coincided with Microsoft partnering with Steam to release their Halo titles on PC. I know that Quantic's founder has mentioned bringing titles to other platforms before, but this feels a lot less like competition and more like undercutting core PC gamers' wishes behind closed doors. There's something altogether tasteless here by Epic, considering their history with us and it just doesn't sit right with me. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same or if I'm just being petty. Sincerely, blitzburns4 Sources for latest Epic Store news: https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/20/quantic-dream-will-take-its-titles-to-the-pc-with-launch-on-epic-games-store/ Source Quantic Dreams Founder wanting to bring titles to new platforms: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/01/detroit-maker-quantic-dream-looks-beyond-playstation/ Metro Exodus backlash: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-02-04-4a-games-embroiled-in-controversy-over-metro-exodus-epic-games-store-exclusivity
  2. My sleeping schedule as a college student is ass. I'm one of those fellows who can become more tired from sleeping too much. Which I just think is unfair, and probably will not bode well for me once I have to get a job. But oh well I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  3. Hey @Kavawuvi, as you know I don't mod but I just read over most of your dev history and just find this entire idea that you are creating this program to drastically reduce "clutter" of modding Halo CE Maps interesting. Like, I didn't realize that modders were able to modify a game or game engine to be more efficient. From what I understand, this new format is most beneficial in potential to those who have reached the upper limit of modification "pliability", as we can call it? Where users can no longer push increasing amounts of mods into the map file because of stability issues? And from your latest updates with AI, it seems to me like your work here would be very useful for single player scenarios.
  4. I'm a student but have been using the same shitbox Macbook (that's cracked, dented, and has a penny stuck in the diskdrive) Pro Labtop since 2011 when I was in high school like eight years ago. Surprisingly, it's held up pretty well. All I use it for is typing out word docs, and to stream anime, hulu, amazon, netflix, etc. If there's a more serious program I need; these days you can "stream" programs you need to use online. (Powerpoint) And of course I'm using it right now to stalk you guys on the discord.
  5. Yo @ShikuTeshi just wanted to say thanks for the head's up about these deals.
  6. One of my absolute favorite songs. The combined groove of the bass and guitar are just majestic.
  7. I just visited my older brother and my sister-in-law's new house in its finished form. It really was inspiring to see where hard work in life can take you and it was fulfilling to see my older brother happier than he's ever been in his entire life. I've been out of touch with my family because I was far away geographically studying at university and crawling towards graduating undergrad. It was a good memorial day with my family. Salutations to the vets for making days like this possible.
  8. This is very interesting to me. I took a peek at those Dark Circlet and TiaraCE links; while it doesn't surprise me that a community premised on modding halo pc has such talented individuals, it is indeed incredible the scale and commitment some people take on doing this stuff for free, despite it being relatively small community nowadays. Compliments to @Kavawuvi best of luck with your development. Edit: I wonder how long it took to develop these projects. And good luck to @ST34MF0X with your development as well.
  9. I just wanted to drop in and add this sounds like a really funny premise for a game-type / playlist; where everyone runs around with flags and tags each other.
  10. Never would I ever Tucker...How could anyone possibly conceive of such a heinous betrayal!! This community is like heaven; a perfect utopia which satisfies all gaming/modding/friendship needs.
  11. Finished it. I ironically learned about a lot of new modding communities through this lol.
  12. Go on.... ;D
  13. I love any hard rock with a melodic, almost peaceful, or beautiful sound.
  14. I must admit that Black Sails pleasantly surprised me. A lot. I will say however that I forced myself to read the classic adventure novel, Treasure Island, prior to watching it because this 4-season Starz series acts as a prequel. Having nearly finished this series I can safely say that I highly recommend reading (or re-reading) that book if you plan to watch this show. Even if you have to force yourself a little bit. Knowing which characters are fictional (Israel Hands, Billy Bones, Long Jon Silver, or Captain Flint) and which ones are historical (Captain Rackham, Captain Vane, Captain Edward Teach) and how they interact with each other and become the characters we know in Treasure Island makes the story so much more meaningful. In particular, the performance by Captain Flint was ridiculous in how great it was executed. You can watch the entire thing on Hulu or Starz. I'd give this show a solid 8/10. Edit: Just a quick update now that I've actually finished the damned thing. I thought the ending was a little rushed/weak. But the journey is still worth it in my opinion. My rating has not changed.
  15. Hey Kavawuvi, I think you have a very balanced perspective, which I think makes more sense if you don't have a particular favoritism or predisposition to Steam. I'm not a consistent gamer anymore, and mostly stick to single-player experiences; so the fact that these single-player games can't be purchased or experienced through my main gaming platform of choice (Steam) feels more frustrating than it maybe should. For example, what is the incentive to accomplish achievements if its on a platform that I don't otherwise use? Glad we agree on Epic being a deceitful company, borderline as bad as EA (or worse) because of how they are flagrantly trying to steal personal information from our computers. I think a good new name for Epic's platform is Epic Fail. - Blitzbunrns4
  16. ODST was my favorite Halo campaign as well, and the Firefight was some of the best times I've had in my whole experience with Halo. (Sad that the firefight was excluded from the MCC)
  17. Guys. DON'T SLEEP ON ALITA BATTLE ANGEL!! I may a bit biased because I'm a huge anime fan, but I'll say here what I told my older brothers. The movie has kinda choppy writing, yes, but it also incredible production values and, in particular, its action choreography is just jaw-dropping. It is a very similar to TRON:Legacy, which is one of my personal favorite movies. The action scenes are all exhilarating. 8/10. Great watch.
  18. *Takes off gloves* Time for me to get back into Halo 3 Modding boys! In any case, I may hit you guys up to play some Halo stuff; I'll need friends to game with when I jump back into this. (Huge fan of firefight and legendary campaign playthroughs.)
  19. Love the minecraft/lovecraftian aesthetic. This already looks better than anything I made back in Halo 3!!
  20. @(SBB) Storm Thank you for posting this. I watched the whole thing and cracked up hard at the 3 minute mark when that banshee fell on you. Also towards the beginning when finally you get across the skybridge and just end up in the middle of the map and react like "Well. That was a meh" was really funny too.
  21. Looks interesting. I definitely second Takka here and would say that as someone who still likes looking at other people's creations, but doesn't play, either a gameplay video or a video that gives a tour/commentary on the map (or just a collection of good pics) would be much appreciated! I like the idea of an open map where there are canyons (like Avalanche or Blood Gulch) to fight in close quarters. Your picture reminds with the high balconies reminds me of the single player level from Halo 1 Assault on the Control Room, which I think is pretty neat.
  22. Welcome to opencarnage man. I just go back to joining myself. I'm not a mapmaker, or a halo player these days. But I'll definitely be sure to give your map a look.
  23. Happy that this amazing community is still around!!
  24. Hey guys, I've been chatting up in the discord yesterday, enjoying a few of your guys' company. (Thank you so much Tucker, Aer, Reaply, Sunstriker, Solaris and Wolf Demon for the warm welcome and the pleasant conversation) My name is Blitzburns4 and--as you can probably see from my account--I've technically had this account for quite awhile. I used to be active on Modhalo.net back in the day and really enjoyed the community there, and remembering that most of the original core members migrated to open carnage; I wanted to re-join the community and stop by to say hello. I hope that you guys won't mind me sort of jumping back in the bandwagon after I flaked out for a number of years. I still enjoy Gaming and hope to be a pleasant and contributing member of this community. For those who don't know/remember me. Back in the day, I was a forge map-creator and modder for Halo 3. I posted my work on Modhalo and mingled with the few modders there. The maps were decent, nothing special, but I came in at the tail-end of that modding scene's life so I didn't end up doing much. My Xbox 360 RROD'ed anyways and I didn't get another and fell out activity with the community. Back at the time, I figured that I would have the opportunity to jump back into the Halo modding scene if/when the titles would migrate to PC. There were a lot of rumors circling at the time that Halo 3 port would appear on Steam, and I also figured that the community would become active again when that happened. That didn't ever pan out, real life stuff started happening, and I lost track of time with other hobbies. I never forgot how much I enjoyed the community though. I love good conversation, following other Halo modding posts, and observing the fine creations of other halo modders from this community. With that in mind I wanted to circle around. I'm also active on Starredit and Anime Planet for those who are interested in those things. Thanks for reading, I hope to meet some of you guys soon. -blitzburns4
  25. Howdy guys. So I'm a huge anime fan and this morning I made a bad decision that felt oh, so good in retrospect. I had the tentative goal of studying today because I have an exam on Thursday. But first, I had to do my daily morning run-through my favorite subreddits. (/r/anime lol) That's when I came across a recommendation thread asking for similar series to Darling in the Franxx, which was the most recent popular mecha series by the same creators of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill. I had a series in mind, but when I looked up a trailer to link in my recommendation all I found were horrid videos. So I said, you know what? Screw it. I'll make my own. The why of this has more to do with the fact that I'm a huge hipster and like underrated series. So I made a fan-trailer and here is the final product. I'm quite proud of myself but, extending beyond the point, am eager to share it with those looking for a good recommendation. The series is called RahXephon, it came out in 2001 and is Studio Bones first major production. Many people, however, wrote it off as an Evangelion clone and to this day that reputation persists. However, as someone who has seen both series, I actually think that RahXephon is a much better, more-even and overall more-enjoyable series. Again this is Studio Bones here, if you know this studio (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater, Eureka Seven, My Hero Academia) you should already know what level of production values across all their works. The plot is very similar to Evangelions' in premise: its about a boy drafted to pilot a mecha against otherworldly angelic entities...But the similarities end there. There's a much more prominent romance element, for example, its surreal/dark plot twists just felt a lot more impactful to me. It is still a bit of a slow burn, but I think its definitely worth it and gave it an 8/10 on my anime planet. The closest recommendation to RahXephon would be Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, or Ergo Proxy for those inclined to such works. You can also find my full review of RahXephon here.