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  1. Happy that this amazing community is still around!!
  2. Howdy guys. So I'm a huge anime fan and this morning I made a bad decision that felt oh, so good in retrospect. I had the tentative goal of studying today because I have an exam on Thursday. But first, I had to do my daily morning run-through my favorite subreddits. (/r/anime lol) That's when I came across a recommendation thread asking for similar series to Darling in the Franxx, which was the most recent popular mecha series by the same creators of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill. I had a series in mind, but when I looked up a trailer to link in my recommendation all I found were horrid videos. So I said, you know what? Screw it. I'll make my own. The why of this has more to do with the fact that I'm a huge hipster and like underrated series. So I made a fan-trailer and here is the final product. I'm quite proud of myself but, extending beyond the point, am eager to share it with those looking for a good recommendation. The series is called RahXephon, it came out in 2001 and is Studio Bones first major production. Many people, however, wrote it off as an Evangelion clone and to this day that reputation persists. However, as someone who has seen both series, I actually think that RahXephon is a much better, more-even and overall more-enjoyable series. Again this is Studio Bones here, if you know this studio (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Soul Eater, Eureka Seven, My Hero Academia) you should already know what level of production values across all their works. The plot is very similar to Evangelions' in premise: its about a boy drafted to pilot a mecha against otherworldly angelic entities...But the similarities end there. There's a much more prominent romance element, for example, its surreal/dark plot twists just felt a lot more impactful to me. It is still a bit of a slow burn, but I think its definitely worth it and gave it an 8/10 on my anime planet. The closest recommendation to RahXephon would be Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, or Ergo Proxy for those inclined to such works. You can also find my full review of RahXephon here.
  3. If you don't mind me borrowing your post for a second, because I agree with your main points and just want to say that I think a really great example of this is Starcraft: Brood War's soundtrack, which I would put right up there just below Halo in how memorable, well-fitting, and non-reptitive it is. One of the biggest disappointments of Starcraft 2 was its ost, so I second @Sunstriker7 here that the game's soundtrack/ambiance is just as--or damn-near as close to--being as important as the game's graphics and is too-often neglected. The Bungie Halo games fundamentally understood this and I attribute the ost as a major reason for the original games' success. The only other games that I think came close to having as good of a soundtrack were either Half Life or the old DOOM.
  4. Anytime! I enjoyed it too.
  5. Hey guys, I've been chatting up in the discord yesterday, enjoying a few of your guys' company. (Thank you so much Tucker, Aer, Reaply, Sunstriker, Solaris and Wolf Demon for the warm welcome and the pleasant conversation) My name is Blitzburns4 and--as you can probably see from my account--I've technically had this account for quite awhile. I used to be active on Modhalo.net back in the day and really enjoyed the community there, and remembering that most of the original core members migrated to open carnage; I wanted to re-join the community and stop by to say hello. I hope that you guys won't mind me sort of jumping back in the bandwagon after I flaked out for a number of years. I still enjoy Gaming and hope to be a pleasant and contributing member of this community. For those who don't know/remember me. Back in the day, I was a forge map-creator and modder for Halo 3. I posted my work on Modhalo and mingled with the few modders there. The maps were decent, nothing special, but I came in at the tail-end of that modding scene's life so I didn't end up doing much. My Xbox 360 RROD'ed anyways and I didn't get another and fell out activity with the community. Back at the time, I figured that I would have the opportunity to jump back into the Halo modding scene if/when the titles would migrate to PC. There were a lot of rumors circling at the time that Halo 3 port would appear on Steam, and I also figured that the community would become active again when that happened. That didn't ever pan out, real life stuff started happening, and I lost track of time with other hobbies. I never forgot how much I enjoyed the community though. I love good conversation, following other Halo modding posts, and observing the fine creations of other halo modders from this community. With that in mind I wanted to circle around. I'm also active on Starredit and Anime Planet for those who are interested in those things. Thanks for reading, I hope to meet some of you guys soon. -blitzburns4
  6. Hey guys. We haven't talked in a while, so I thought a good point of discussion would be to discuss Bioshock Infinite. (Specifically it's ending, but anything goes.) It's a game series most of us have played and many enjoyed, and we all seem to be pretty intelligent, so I wanted to get your opinions on it. Naturally, there are some major spoilers in this discussion. If you haven't played Bioshock Infinite yet, I naturally suggest you do not participate in this discussion. (But feel free to anyways if you don't give a dime.) Here is my analysis that I wrote to clear my mind upon finishing Bioshock Infinite a week or so ago.
  7. Hello and Welcome! Pleased to be of your acquaitence!
  8. Names rarely actually have to be original. More often then not is the actual administrators who make the name- rather then the reverse. In addition to that, you can start small and and simple in terms of your name "Easy-Repair" or "Your Local Computer Expert and Repairmen." if your business expands you can further change your name once/if you reach that position.
  9. Damn... The one time I was offline.
  11. Hello, I'm new as well. Pleased to be of your acquaintance!
  12. Skeezix the Cat and Kruger, good to see you guys! Yes. I remember you! Pleased to be of your acquaintance. (Again ) Thank you all for the warm welcomes, I'm glad to be back!
  13. Kvasir, Sceny, TCK! Wassap guys. I got to say, it's great to see the core community is still together.
  14. Damn been a while. I've not made a political posting in ages.... This is just speculation, I'm not in the military or anything but this is my 2 cents. In terms of collapsing NK's government. We wouldn't have to do much. EMP (Or just Cyber Attack it.) the capital and the entire food delivery system collapses. Once that brittle infrastructure is gone then the entire country goes to ****. Food supplied from China is really the only thing holding the country together at this point. The only problem is that, once we EMP the captial and the entire country goes to ****, we'd have to secure the nuclear tech. Oh and also, the ensuing humanitarian crisis would be completely and utterly blamed on the U.S. by the world community. (Again, not good for country building. The entire Korean population could turn on us.) Our current generation is already weary from the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan along with the Economic Recession we are currently still in. No politician is going to actively preach invasion of yet another country unless we are directly or indirectly attacked. Then there's China. I highly doubt they'd take actual military action like they did in the 50s. But it is possible. (Even without using their military, they have a ton of economic strings they can pull.) I doubt that the current administration is willing to risk anything that would upset our relations with China, either. I can't say I blame them.
  15. I have three older brothers. (All of whom are at least 6+ years older than me.) Nuff' Said.