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  1. I have BL2 for PC, but I have been playing BF3 lately. Although BF3 is the first BF I have owned, it's quite annoying when I get shot from across the map and have no clue where it came from
  2. Who is excited to play this? I have awaited a long time for this game to be ready for release. I hated that they delayed it for 5 months. But, I do believe the wait time to play it will be well worth it.
  3. I have already seen the full video to this as I am a Premium member on BF3. Looks like a pretty epic game!
  4. Mine is a Police Officer. I have always wanted to be in Law Enforcement to protect the community. I turn 21 in August, so I start my applications next month. I can't wait to start.
  5. My avatar is a picture that was taken right before I went out to eat. It's in my restroom at the mirror.
  6. Hello OC, how is everyone doing today on this Easter Sunday? I'm doing quite well today. Hope to meet a few people here.