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  1. Hmm... this is so weird lol! It used to downclock to 800Mhz when idling. I know the CPU is rated to withstand that much heat, but it creates a concern for me because I'm supposed to be getting 20C less than what I have now. I wish I would've monitored my CPU more closely. Then I would know when this problem started occurring.
  2. My temps are at a constant 40C now... which is NOT normal at all for idle. I usually got 20C - 28C idle. I haven't seen my temps at load yet... haven't had time. I'll try compressed air again. But I still don't understand why it wont downclock itself. Wouldn't it do that when it gets too hot?
  3. I guess so. *sigh* It's gonna be a pain just to get the dang thing off, let alone back on. Call me a noob, but I found no efficient way to screw in the dang thing the first time I installed it, lol.
  4. I really don't know how it looks. It came pre-applied. But would it really affect the CPU that much to the point that it runs at full speed constantly? I think I exaggerated on how long it's been, haha. Maybe a few months. I have a CM Hyper 212... and it's gonna be a pain to take out again.. And no, I do not have any software affecting the CPU.
  5. Okay, I know I can ask on another tech forum, but I'm looking for quick insight here. Basically, my CPU won't downclock anymore while in idle. It's running at a constant 3.8GHz. AMD Cool 'n' Quiet is enabled in BIOS. I think this is causing my PC to screw up even more now, haha. How do I go about fixing this, lol. Btw, I overclocked to 3.8GHz and I've never had problems with it for years. I just noticed this problem today. My temps are pretty high too (according to HWMonitor). I have an unlocked CPU so I can't see the temp directly, but I can still see socket temps in HWMonitor. Thanks guys.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Hmm... I would love to do may computer repairs and computer hardware design, haha. Maybe I would like to build computers for people also.
  8. Welcome ^^
  9. Hehe I am there
  10. Man, sometimes I end up reformatting just because I think it would solve a problem (which it usually doesn't). However, good to have a clean start once in a while. I don't really lose anything because all my stuff is on my other drives. I just have to reinstall a few programs. I recently switched to Windows 8 because I wanted to fix my graphics driver issues and to try something new. Didn't fix the graphics driver issues, but still a pretty neat OS. I use AMD video cards because they are simply less expensive. Haha.
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  12. Welcome!
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  14. Haha, mine is of maknae SeoHyun from the K-pop group Girls' Generation. She's my most favorite out of the 9 members.
  15. League of Legends and Black Ops II