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  1. How about the other types of tags like the effects tags or things like that? Surely those would be viable? iirc someone a while ago reported being capable of ripping some low quality DDS texture from the bitmaps.map from the stock H3 disc but it was mainly blue or something like that. Saw it on halomaps a long time ago. does anyone know if there's been any more success in the h3 bitmaps field?
  2. I know what you're thinking but I'm not trolling. I'm legitimately asking if it's possible to do such a thing.
  3. Well that's kind of what I had thought originally, but seeing as people have created ways to append to the existing engine new features, idk what to think anymore. I mean, there are tools that exist to mod H3 files, and people have said before that no one's been able to successfully open a H3 map BSP. Is it at all possible to break down the map file piece by piece and extract known data from it? I mean, if we could do that and learn how it works, and successfully port maps from H3's map set over to HPC/HCE, would we be able to "port" H3 from 360 -> PC?
  4. Well, if it's possible to do such things as create custom tag classes, would it be possible to learn how H3 tag classes work and find out how to deconstruct H3 mapfiles to import into the OpenSauce/HAC2 engine?
  5. So I've been thinking recently. With all the stuff we know about Halo PC/CE maps and structure, would it be at all possible to create a new engine to run map files? Don't get me wrong, I know that's saying a lot but I've been reading recently that people have found that map files have a certain limit to them. Would creating an OpenCarnage version of Halo do the job in removing our limits and permit us to reach new heights? I'm no 1337 coder or anything but I was guessing if you had the engine and could deconstruct a map file into a set of broken down data which could be read and interpreted like a script (I don't know if that's how it actually is but it appears like that to me, or at least I understand it like that), and run? Ex: I mean basically have a map file set up how it is with HEK and run it as-is. Could this be done? If so, since we know how to open the files, could it be possible to create our own types of files? This could give us special features that we've been wanting no? Also, I'd be willing to host a server (it would be a bit laggy) but I have one on hand if I could just figure out how to set it up..
  6. I'm playing a DANtastic game with Omegle with the Tumblr interest.
  7. 1. Where were you born? Sylvania, OH 2. What is the definition of a back stabber? Someone who stabs your back. 3. What sports do you play? E-Sports (if that counts) 4. When did Breaking Bad show its 1st episode? inb4copy 2008 5. What do you have under your bed? Shoes, dust, air, wood floor. 6. Where do you store your cash? Where I want to. 7. What is your favorite color? The absence of color. 8. Whats your favorite restaurant? My stove. 9. How many friends do you consider "#1 Best best friend ever!!!" None. 10. Do you like the show "THE MIDDLE"? No.
  8. If in terms of work, I'm not competitive but I do strive to do my job to the best of my ability. In terms of games, if I'm #1, I feel like a personal failure if someone beats me unless they spent money to be better.
  9. HI

    Back just to say hi. Also wondering what kind of games people are playing nowadays. Console/PC who cares. I personally spend a lot of my time on this garbage-tier game League of Angels and for some reason can't leave it. Also Dan.
  10. I don't understand... my internet would be the 37th hair on the right of center of the left testicle...
  11. My graphics card doesn't support DDS textures so alpha combined images don't look right.
  12. I have to run real low graphical settings or else it lags a bit online. I can run it at the highest settings at the cost of 8-12 fps depending on how many units and or visual effects are in the camera. edit: it also doesn't display alpha images very well. It replaces the transparency effect with black. So if there are scattered leaves on the ground in looks like a black square with a pile of whatnot on it. Same with the flags and trees. If you guys want I can get some higher detail pics.
  13. It works completely fine other than the fact that most of the trees on the radiant side wont allow you to use tangos on them. They make you walk a certain distance away from them. There's also another file I've found that allows you to change the loaded map and it may allow you to access the map properly without renaming files. It's in the steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota folder. A file called maplist.txt. There is a file, but changing the internal text "dota" to "dota_winter" does not have an effect on which map it loads. - EDIT: You can do the replacement process with all of the maps except the tutorial maps. Also does anyone know how to go about accessing the .BSP file with some sort of 3D modeling utility? And does anyone know what the .gnv does? I'm guessing the BSP is just like a halo BSP which contains the map structure and bitmap references but does the GNV have something to do with shaders such as the color of the lava coming from the dire fountain?
  14. Yes this is a working mod and yes you can trust me because I have proofs. Read if you want, I'm not sure if this is illegal... But here are screenies. Sorry about the clutter. It wont let me re-organize it.