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  1. I actually haven't even gotten that far yet though. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 server, and the computer will be tucked away not connected to any monitors so I need to have a GUI when I remote into it. I have putty and whatnot set up and that works, but I can't seem to get a full gnome GUI when I remote in with vnc4server. All I get is a file browser over a gray background. No other desktop components like the activities button you typically get in the top left side. Furthermore, I can't get the vncserver to launch at reboot, I keep having to manually type vncserver -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24
  2. what's funny is that it automagically started working as soon as I made this thread
  3. My ghetto server rack lol. Top has my PC on it, second shelf is my laptop and spare harddrives, and bottom has my camera bag and right now boxes of paper and mail I gotta go through and throw out
  4. And then I'm gonna toss them into my old tower and convert it into a local 16tb+ media server. Chances are I'll still be running windows and if I need to do anything on the computer itself I'll remote into it, though most of the applications that will be ran are web apps that I can access via web browser from any computer at home (and anywhere in the world if I so choose) I'll be doing a software-type raid to pool the drives together, I don't want to have to deal with rebuilding a raid every time I add or remove a drive. What other fun things can I use the computer for besides retrieving and hosting my media? I don't want to completely waste the computer's potential. It IS a full PC, not just a NAS unit I attach harddrives to. I'd love to have one of those but I don't think the price is worth it for those things, costing hundreds to over a thousand dollars to suit my space needs and I still have to purchase the drives on top of that.
  5. I took apart one of my exterior 2TB drives a long time ago and use the drive as an internal drive. The harddrives inside the enclosure were actually Western Digital Black drives (the most expensive ones), and they were from a black friday sale at Target for $70. Was pretty stoked about that. Now I use the components from the case basically as a hot swap bay. I have the power source plugged in and the micro usb connected to my computer and if I need to quickly access one of my spare drives (since I literally have more harddrives than I can fit in my computers) I just plug it into that
  6. What's a warmind
  7. SPOILER ALERT: DISAPPOINTMENT ALL UP IN THIS BITCH So firstly, my wife and I found out we were forming babby last year. That's fine and all but unfortunately my job at Olive Garden wasn't gonna cut it for raising a kid, I don't know how some of those other fuckers do it with multiple kids on a single income working less than I did. It was decent when I worked 40+ hours per week but after summer it got real hard to even keep 30 hours. I ended up getting a second job in November and worked 6 days a week and I still barely got by on bills every month. Before babby I was content sticking around at Olive Garden and moving up the ranks but babby had to light a fire under my ass to find better paying work that actually offered health benefits. Bringing life into this world is fucking expensive for some reason. So fast forward a few months and a bunch of applications later with companies sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, I finally got an interview for the railroad company here. Fucking sweet, they have the most awesome retirement and a union that actually benefits the workers and the pay is awesome. UNFORTUNATELY it's seasonal work so it's 8 months of work at high pay and then I have to find work in the other 4 months but that's okay because after the first year you get paid in your off season, so while the first year would be hard and I'd only make about as much as I made in 2013, I'll definitely make more the following year because in addition to that, my pay gets bumped up like $2/hr after 6 months. I'm super stoked about all that. The timing was hard though because my two weeks of training started March 10th, I got my interview like the first week of February, and then a few days later they contacted me saying they were offering me the job but first I had to do the DOT physical, drug screen, and a physical ability test and if I got all those, then I could start training on March 10th. I didn't find out that I was accepted until within 2 weeks of training so it kinda sucked for Olive Garden I'm sure and I wanted to give them enough notice because I'm a hard person to replace there with how much I knew. I go to the training/orientation and I find out the exact specifics of how choosing a location works, all based on seniority and it's incredibly complex. The short of it is that I could get a position near where I lived and then get fucked by someone above me and have to work 6 hours away from home and they don't compensate you for that. So that sucks but at the same time, I have family all over the state so for the most part it wouldn't be a problem. I end up working my first actual week after the two weeks of training in the city where I grew up, two hours away from where my pregnant wife and I live so that means travelling every weekend to be there in the hopes I can still transfer back to where I live. But after the first week that chance looks slim so I decide we should probably move back so I can be close and be home every day. The plan was to stay with my parents while we try to find a place and then move everything out of the apartment after that so we don't have to move it twice and my parents don't have the room for all our shit. So first week goes fine, second week comes, I find a place that interests me and I immediately put applications. The downsides of moving is that as soon as we find a place, wel'll end up needing to terminate our lease early and take a $200 fine. I'm okay with that because waiting until the lease is up would be more expensive and coincidentally, my wife's due date is a week before our lease is up. Moving at the height of that just sounds like a shitty deal so I'll bite the bullet on that. Everything seems to be going fine and then comes Friday of my second actual week of work. At the end of the day we get back to our meeting building and the roadmaster hands me a fax sent for me and what does the fucking fax say? "your application for employment has been terminated effective immediately." No fucking explanation. So I call the dude whose name is on the fax like what the fuck and according to him I haven't been "improving" enough. Are you fucking serious? You expect me to improve after two weeks on the job when we're all still learning? Freakin ridiculous, how about give me closer to the standard 90 day probation period, you aren't going to see anyone improve after only two weeks doing work like this. Suddenly no job! That's fucking fantastic. I put all my chips into this job working as hard as I could because this is something I could have made a career of and support an actual family and not live in perpetual poverty like I was at Olive Garden. Then I'm suddenly put into a frenzy of needing to find another job because I didn't want to get trapped at Olive Garden again. Fortunately (MAYBE!!??) I put in two more applications at the power company the week training started at the railroad JUST IN CASE because anything could happen. Unfortunately the power company is one of the companies sitting around with their thumbs up their asses so I don't know when I'll hear from them if at all. Both jobs are where I currently live, well FUCK. I was already planning on moving. I look for jobs in both cities where my parents live and where I live. I end up immediately getting an interview at Coca Cola, where I worked before. Just this Wednesday I find out that I got that job. It's a "training" position so I can finish getting my CDL and then I can get my own route. Job doesn't pay nearly as well (the training part anyway, only $14/hr) but then when I get a truck job it's salary + commission and I will make around 35k which ISN'T BAD, and definitely better than I'll do at the railroad the first year so it's a definite stepping stone. Now the reason this sucks is that the power company job I put in for pays 50k/yr and I work 4 days a week and overtime there I get paid double time so it's an amazing job. Then there's this dilemma of what the fuck do I do with this apartment? I could just cancel the shit and pay the fee and move everything into storage, which would save me money, but I'm afraid that I COULD end up getting the job at the power company and then I'd have to move everything back and find a new apartment (it's hard as HELL to find a place to live here, especially with pets). So I think I'll keep the apartment until July and move everything anyway, which will be more expensive but it will save a lot of problems if I do get the job, if I don't well then FUCK ME. I won't have to worry about money AS MUCH since I'll be making more hourly than at OG and I'll actually get full time hours and benefits after 90 days. In the midst of all this, ANOTHER job pops up at the power company in yet a DIFFERENT city that pays 70k/yr which basically means I could just live comfortably for the rest of my life and never have to worry about money after again. SHIT. So I put in for that job, WHO KNOWS WHEN OR IF I'LL GET AN INTERVIEW. For all I know I can get the job here, and then sign a new lease and then get that job, that would suck so hard, but also be awesome. And here I am, packing as much shit as I can until I start work next Monday because it's gonna be harder then. I'm just pissed off about this whole situation because it's 100% more stressful than it should be because my wife is pregnant and due at the end of our lease. Honestly it would be easier if we already had babby and school was over with for the wife so then she could actually help with stuff but if only I could be so fortunate I guess I can just be happy I found a job within 3 weeks of getting the boot. Yeah I could have gone back to OG but like I said, I would have been stuck in a cycle again. It was hard enough to get people to cover my awkward shifts so that I could go to an interview, this way I was able to go where I needed to go. But goddamnit I STILL have to move
  8. I have almost 20tb of storage across all my PCs, I definitely have the space. I've been wanting to get Storm Drums for a while now, though I've had everything that comes with EWQL Gold for years now. I made this unifnished song with it: Sytrus can definitely do some cool stuff but for some reason I can't really wrap my head around it, I like Massive a lot more. I used to us 3xOsc a lot but giving it more unique sounds and automation requires a lot of filters, whereas with Massive I can do a lot of that stuff within one plugin and then I can clean up the sound with filters rather than trying to give it a specific sound with filters.
  9. Only up to about 20 seconds is "finished" the rest is placeholder https://soundcloud.com/wolfdemon/refrigerator-please-ignore-deux The intro is definitely bootleg but it's just too good to let it go to waste in its current state so I remade it from scratch with my own flare and it's gonna be an awesome song of its own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wMFu3Jaw3c
  10. MASSIVE all day erry day
  11. Taking more shape I use FL Studio, I'd like to learn something new but I've spent so much time in FL Studio that a different interface is hard to get used to. I've been with FL Studio since like version 2.0. That being said, FL's user interface is extremely out of date and desperately needs an overhaul in both looks, and functionality. The lack of good dual monitor support sucks too.
  12. Did some new sheeit, still mostly placeholder. Making drops is hard guise
  13. your face should go in the food thread
  14. Goddamn they are so good. You know those giant cookies you always see at local stores or coffee shops that are made by local people and are fucking delicious? This is that shit right here. Best goddamn chocolate chip cookies to ever grace my household came fresh out of my oven. I really need to put myself out there to some local stores and see about getting them to sell my baked goods because GODDAMN these are good. Also, the vanilla in the background is the best vanilla I've ever had ever
  15. So far what I have planned for dinner is an oven roasted turkey (obviously) with stuffing (more obvious) and gravy made from the drippings, garlic mashed yukon gold potatoes, homemade mac & cheese in the slow cooker, and for dessert, pumpkin pie and my own cinnamon rolls with cinnamon cream cheese frosting So far these cinnamon rolls are my crown jewel in my culinary life:
  16. Nothing really additional. It's just more comparable to sparkling cider whereas the regular stuff is comparable to beer
  17. Regularly Angry Orchard is awesome, but this stuff was a whole new level. Usually with the regular stuff I have to drink it before it gets too close to room temperature or else I taste too much of the beer taste, which I hate. This was good all day long, even as it approached room temp
  18. I spent the whole day drinking this, it was an awesome day
  19. I have the next 3 days off of work and I have no idea what I should do for food. Give me some ideas and if anything sounds interesting I'll make that, or my own interpretation of it. Pizza is out though, I already made that last night. Though I have been wanting to make another really good calzone for a while....
  20. Couldn't really think of anything
  21. Update to my fuel depot behemoth:
  22. So far I have this 300 ton monster in orbit around Kerbin: Believe it or not, everything here is just two launches. Here's the first part I launched, everything else in the first screenshot was the second launch:
  23. I tried improving the design and making it a bit bigger and stronger and ironically more stuff breaks if it tips over =\