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  1. Got my new mobo and 8700k.  Everything working normally with the same PSU as before.  Finally able to run my Dominator Platinums at their now outdated 3GHz, very happy.  My jerry rigged $50 water cooling loop even keeps it at about 60c in the couple minutes of aida64 I tried, and 40-50 in Firestrike Ultra.  Scored 7058

  2. Built my first custom water cooling loop.  CPU stays at a frosty 35C running AIDA64.  UNFORTUNATELY that's only with 3 cores active and at a cap of 1.2GHz...not quite as impressive

  3. Dragonball FighterZ is fun as shit.  Way better combat than Xenoverse, if you ask me.  Still no beam struggles though :(

  4. Does anyone else tend to go through waves of depression, followed by periods of above average happiness?  Or vice versa?

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    2. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      What I would consider to be a "wave" of either usually lasts at least two days, up to a week.  And I describe either as being noticeably out of range of normal but with no obvious or recent causes.  If I ever catch myself in an oddly good mood, it has started to bug me knowing that I'll probably be sad for no reason in the near future.

    3. Sceny


      I can relate to that, but on a different timeframe. That being said, I've been on Prozac for 9 months and whilst it worked wonders in the beginning, I still tend to have depressive 'waves'.

      I have no knowledge of what is available where you are in the world in terms of medical advice/assistance, but I'd assume you'd be able to call your GP or mental health hotline to discuss how you're feeling.

    4. Floofies


      I have the same thing. Type 1 Bipolar, got it from my dad.

  5. Guys, it's happening...Now that I have unlimited high end internet, I've already bought three Steam games that I have yet to play.  AND I KEEP BROWSING FOR MORE DEALS.  This is truly a wonderful curse to have.  TOO MANY COOL LOOKING GAMES, MUST HAVE THEM ALL

    1. Sceny


      Steam is gonna rape you when it comes to the sales.

  6. Sorry I haven't been on too much.  I've been playing old school Runescape and stuff

  7. RIP in peace, Intel.  AMD is coming for dat booty

  8. Don't tell me how to live

  9. I'm madder than heck right now.  I got some chips ahoy cookies, and was gonna do a good'ol cookies and milk session BUT THERE'S NO MILK

    1. WaeV


      Cookies and water? :(

    2. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      No, I just have to eat the cookies....without any milk.

    3. DiSiAC
  10. Yep.  Definitely drinking tonight.

  11. Hey, apparently all CPUs in AMD's new lineup will be completely unlocked.  Looks like they're really looking to shake the high end CPU market back to life :D

  12. I'm so infuriated with microsoft's products and their lack of function that I'd rather give money to EA or Activision for nothing in return at this point.

  13. I heard you guys liked Halo mods...(warning: 1.1MB 6880x2880 image in spoiler)




  14. I have been having the most curious urge to do some Halo modding lately!  Also, Tucker, you lied.  The forum is slightly different on mobile; I can't find a way to make statuses anywhere unless in desktop mode.

  15. I had sexual relations with that woman.

  16. Halo Wars 1 is being remade for Xboner and Windows 10 and released as a bonus for preorders of Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition.  Well played, Microsoft.  Not only are you getting me to preorder but you're also getting me to buy the Ultimate Edition.  I'd say fuck you, but I couldn't possibly be mad about the opportunity to play arguably my favorite game ever on PC :D

  17. When I was a child, I remember lying with my eyes closed waiting for Santa to come.  Then there was the awkward silence as he got dressed and left.

  18. What's the deal with airline food, anyway?

    1. tarikja


      The miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world!

  19. Ay dawg

    1. Sceny


      Just woke up, horny AF. Bend over?

  20. There's another EVGA Hybrid 980ti on ebay for just under $300 and the bid ends today.  I'm getting a big check this week so I'm gonna see if I can snipe it at the last minute.  Worried I might need a beefier power supply though.  A GS800 is technically capable of running two 980TIs, but overclocked and with an overclocked cpu?  Haswell-E takes huge amounts of current when overclocked.  Thoughts?

  21. The wider and more pixel dense my screen becomes, the dumber Facebook looks on it.

  22. I personally like the new background texture

    1. Tucker933


      I personally like you.

    2. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      Yeah, personally, because you won't tell anyone about me!  It's like you're ashamed of us!  Am I even allowed to say "us"?!


    1. Sceny


      I have nothing to say at the moment, but I'm going to abuse this power I have by posting this comment.

  24. Please pardon my less than usual activity, tonight will make for 96 hours of work since past Sunday.

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    2. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      Definitely liking the drinking idea for tonight! So glad to be done with that week. But yes, double time. Precious double time. Too bad all of it is going to a credit card I let get jacked up lol

    3. NeX


      hey man, even if it's just to pay off debt, that's still a huge load off your mind.

    4. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      Yep, because then I can focus on paying off my van then afterwards it's full steam ahead on getting into my own house!