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    Technology, electronics and electricity in general, and a big yes on Car Audio.
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    The Platform 5
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    Intel i7-5820k
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    Gigabyte SOC Champion X99
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    EVGA GTX 980ti Hybrid
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB 3GHz DDR4
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z
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    Intel 520 120GB SSD, Seagate 2TB 7200RPM
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    Corsair GS800
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    Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
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    Dell UltraSharp curved 34" 3440x1440
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    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Does it just change the file extension or does it actually encrypt things?
  2. This poor guy was a victim of novices for the longest time. I got my friend to try setting up an aquarium, and the only option at the time was a 10 gallon. He liked the Oscar, and also got some Bala sharks and Pictus catfish. Simba had his name from the start, but the next day everyone had died except for Simba. We weren't sure why, and Simba was on the bottom on his side too so we figured he was about to give up the ghost. At one point my friend said he didn't want to watch the poor thing suffer any more and we should just end him, but we gave him some time and he gradually recovered with a vengeance. He then spent many months cooped up in a 10 gallon, along with three rainbow sharks. Once we became roommates I took full responsibility of the tank, and despite my best efforts it refused to cycle. If I didn't do 75+% water changes every day, then you couldn't see half way through the tank and the ammonia was through the roof. Then several times the filter either lost power or was unplugged accidentally, so he spent up to a day without a filter! How he survived through all this without even acting sickly is beyond me. Then again, now that he's in clear water I can see a bit of foggy stuff on his eyes due to poor water quality but here's hoping that it isn't permanent. The poor fish deserves lots of play room; he acts like a puppy when he sees people.
  3. 55 gallon fish tank. Not much in it right now until it gets cycled, but I'll be gradually adding plants and decorations then fish once it's cycled completely. The Oscar, Simba, is my source of ammonia for cycling. Water parameters are being monitored for his safety during cycling. He loves the room in there all by himself c: http://imgur.com/a/NJ1pq
  4. I have a buddy at work that's had fidget spinners for a while. Looooong before they were even remotely popular. He's constantly playing with something in his hands. I think they're dumb myself but not everything is made for me, now is it?
  5. I'm happy they're available. Take my 980ti for example. Its selling point was the fact that it's got its own water loop and rad so good luck overheating it. But the board's power circuitry and also the cooling for those circuits as well as the memory are a standard blower cooler and aren't upgraded in any advertised way. Either because of this, or because I just didn't get a great chip, I can't get my 980ti stable at the same clocks as most normal air cooled aftermarket versions. I basically have a stock card with a 120mm rad on the gpu. It won't throttle, but it's barely any faster.
  6. Sorry I haven't been on too much.  I've been playing old school Runescape and stuff

  7. Guys, I have real unlimited internet now! I can do anything I want ;D Ping isn't that great tbh but I'm used to 100+ so this is effectively instant to me lol
  8. I'm friends with most of my peers on facebook but don't talk or hang out with them. I found out in a very interesting way about two of the girls I used to know becoming prostitutes. Wait, no, I know of three actually but I'm sure they aren't the only ones.
  9. I technically have 32GB of DDR4 total, except one kit is like 2400MHz 4x4 and my current kit is 2x8 3000. And I have pretty much the only x99 mobo with only 4 ram slots, but that's okay because if I really wanted to I could have 24GB with these sticks but I don't want to nerf my 3k sticks
  10. I really hope they find it, I wanted to know what happened to that plane.
  11. That'll be cracked too.
  12. I love you
  13. "To cross swords with a Witcher is to dance with Death itself"
  14. I think the logic that people used to defend the accusation is sound. If it looks like a child is in danger, do something. If they aren't, you might look like an ass but at least you did something. My problem with this is the fact that they had no probable cause other than it was a dude with a girl. If it was a woman with a boy then "oh it's just a mom and her son".
  15. You guys are both right. I'm a 23 year old single male. If there was some massive scale attack that threatens my home, I would fight rather than run. But if I had a wife and kids...they come first. Absolutely no exceptions.