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  1. Unfortunately there are two different vulnerabilities, one of which applies mainly to Intel and the other affects basically all processors. Intel, AMD, and even ARM. So it looks like everyone will be getting patches, but hopefully we don't see as much of a performance hit as Microsoft first claimed. http://mashable.com/2018/01/04/spectre-meltdown-explained/#H6KWSpEA.mqb
  2. Happy Second Christmas!
  3. I vote 002 as new top admin
  4. https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/matthew-wilson/os-makers-are-scrambling-to-fix-intel-cpu-design-flaw-that-allows-kernel-access/ Every Intel CPU from the last decade, including the unreleased Coffee Lake series has a hardware flaw that allows unwanted kernel access. Microsoft has stated that they estimate a 5-30% IPC hit depending on the model and task you're performing when the patch is released. This is not fixable by Intel, it has to be done through the OS and affects all three major operating systems.
  5. Aww, I forgot to check in for this. Dang
  6. No.
  7. So I did not know this many users here could play. But after getting so many comments on my recent purchases post, I figured why not make a thread for it? I'm almost three months in as far as practicing goes. I usually spend 30-60 minutes a day, but skip a couple per week for time/rest purposes. One of my roommates has been playing since she was a kid, and said she would teach me but so far hasn't really done much besides help me tune my 12 string because we have conflicting schedules. I've been playing Rocksmith as my sole practicing method, but I'm more than comfortable enough now to find someone to help me understand at least some music theory. I don't want to be one of those guys that just memorizes stuff by listening to it and trying to copy it until it sounds right. I'd like to be able to read music and play that. I want a local teacher, but I would love to hear from you guys as well what you think I should be focusing on this early, what hurdles to look out for, tips and tricks, etc. Any discussion at all about the hobby is appreciated. Maybe post pics of your baby if you have one? Or your dad's, uncle's, etc.
  8. Well I suppose I'd have to try them out to see for myself but what do you mean sterile?
  9. Kinda. I'm almost three months in. Does that count? Being as new as I am, I paid zero attention to brand and chose something that I liked. The wood, the finish in particular, and the sound all checked my boxes and that was that. Now, having read slightly more about the differences in some brands, I can say that as of right now if I were to get another acoustic, it would be a Taylor most likely because they supposedly have a brighter sound, and I like bright guitars. But that can easily change because by the time I'd get a new one, I'm sure I'd get a dedicated electric instead of a hybrid and I don't know enough about those to know what I want yet. That's the plan. Going into the purchase it was obvious that learning on a 12 string would provide some hiccups, but I have every ounce of confidence that I will only benefit from it down the road. Besides, I have access to three normal 6 strings to play at any given time. Literally the only reason I got a guitar of my own this soon was because of the whole 12 string aspect. It called out to me, and I am actually excited to get used to the pains of tuning and restringing it. @Pfhunkie I know (now) that Martin is usually considered a higher end brand, or some would say you're paying for the name kind of guitar. But I know they make entry level models, so why is it weird that I'd gravitate towards it? What do people usually get as their first? I'm just curious. I want to soak up as many opinions, viewpoints and facts about this hobby and industry as possible ;D
  10. Pfff. What a hipster. Today I bought my first guitar. It's a Martin & Co. 12 string acoustic/electric: cat tax:
  11. What an accomplishment.
  12. Which I will ban as many people as necessary to prove!
  13. Ahh yeah I knew it couldn't be that simple. Darn. I was imagining Curiosity getting a sick new ride. He'd pick up all the martian bitches in one of those things