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    Technology, electronics and electricity in general, and a big yes on Car Audio.
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    The Platform 5
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    Intel i7-5820k
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    Gigabyte SOC Champion X99
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    EVGA GTX 980ti Hybrid
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB 3GHz DDR4
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z
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    Intel 520 120GB SSD, Seagate 2TB 7200RPM
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    Corsair GS800
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    Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
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    Dell UltraSharp curved 34" 3440x1440
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    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. I was about to say this so it would piss off even more close minded people
  2. I can think of a few fandoms that desperately need this vaccine.
  3. Whether Comcast did it intentionally or not, if it's true that their cables were repeatedly cut then it is not fair in the slightest that they lose everything they had. I wouldn't play the "wahhh we had to move to new york with this absurd cost of living!" card though. There are other places to move to...but I don't think they should just get run off after losing their business.
  4. I will be sure to do so! I had some issues with the dk2 oculus so I will definitely be looking to scrutinize this. And I know just what you mean about HTC and their phones. I had to abandon ship from being team HTC a few years ago due to the quality of their devices and only now am I giving them a shot again by using the HTC 10 which is a pretty good phone actually. So far so good.
  5. About 10 years too late for me. Assholes.
  6. So what are the chances of malicious software appearing as a result of this?
  7. Just bought an HTC Vive. Been eyehumping it for a while. I miss having a VR headset. With that being said, I hope it's as much of an upgrade over the dev kit 2 oculus rift as the price implies!
  8. For YEARS I have been trying to get this function back. Thank you!
  9. Uh, isn't the maximum temperature humans can technically live in like 130f?
  10. It's hard to say with PCs. I don't buy everything all at once and I would say a lot of other people don't either. That makes it much easier to drop 1 or 2k on one. For consoles, I think $200-300 is a pretty good deal for what options we have right now. Thing is I don't want a console at all so good price or not I don't intend to get one even though you could get an xbox one lightly used for under 200
  11. Before you think it's fake, this is actually my screenshot. It legitimately has 147,000+ views and is apparently a trending search.
  12. Does anyone else tend to go through waves of depression, followed by periods of above average happiness?  Or vice versa?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      What I would consider to be a "wave" of either usually lasts at least two days, up to a week.  And I describe either as being noticeably out of range of normal but with no obvious or recent causes.  If I ever catch myself in an oddly good mood, it has started to bug me knowing that I'll probably be sad for no reason in the near future.

    3. Sceny


      I can relate to that, but on a different timeframe. That being said, I've been on Prozac for 9 months and whilst it worked wonders in the beginning, I still tend to have depressive 'waves'.

      I have no knowledge of what is available where you are in the world in terms of medical advice/assistance, but I'd assume you'd be able to call your GP or mental health hotline to discuss how you're feeling.

    4. Floofies


      I have the same thing. Type 1 Bipolar, got it from my dad.

  13. Don't you mean mass? Also, I think VY Canis Majoris is quite a bit more than 100 times the size of our sun.
  14. You tryin to say somethin? Punk? Fite me bro
  15. Not the worst, imo