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  1. I personally was hoping there would be local co-op and I am absolutely not a fan of unlockables being in a predetermined order, but really that's just nitpicking tbh. I just hope that modding methodologies are at least somewhat familiar, once the scene has matured past infancy of course
  2. This may just be the start of an all new, even bigger modding community!
  3. I recently bought a 65" Hisense 4k TV to put in my room and start playing some games in my bed with a controller. The TV works great, except if I'm playing a game then at random amounts of time into it the screen instantly goes black and does not come back unless I switch the input to a different port and come back, or restart the TV. Sound will keep playing though, and I know the actual screen itself is not shutting off because I can still open the TV settings menu and also see the backlight on. I did try updating gpu drivers, changing hdmi cable and ports used both on the computer and tv but it still does it. Sometimes it won't do it for 30-40 minutes, other times it will happen within seconds of getting into a game. The TV does not say that it lost the signal when it happens either. I'm pretty sure it's never done it on the desktop with the exception of watching youtube videos, whether fullscreen or not but it's much less common outside of an actual fullscreen game. It has also done it 0 times when using the TV's built in streaming apps to watch full 4k movies, so I'm confident it isn't necessarily the TV itself. Or if it is, it's related to the hdmi ports. My best guess is both my HDMI cables are just shitty ones and even though they technically can do 4k60, they don't like doing it because they're cheap generic ones I either got for free or came with something and they don't even say what version they are on the cable. What supports this is the first night I got the TV set up, my gpu output was set to 30hz instead of 60hz and it never blackscreened once until I changed it to 60hz. I'm gonna go try lowering the resolution and playing Dead Space again, and see if it still does it and add onto this but in the mean time wanted to see if anyone else has had something like this.
  4. I've read some other discussions on the whole play anywhere feature and I don't think they're pushing UWP with the intention of it being bad to herd people to xbox. It really seems like they have shifted gears a little since the early xbox one days where it was all about the console and getting people to use it. Now it's more about having a large ecosystem that can target more people easily than it would be with just the xbox. For example, all us diehard PC gaymers are on PC because we like it. To get us to buy xboxes, they have to either do the usual exclusive nonsense and hope we'll just give in (but be bitter about it) OR they could cash in on the fact that Windows is a brand they own just as much as Xbox, if not more so. Either way, the money is there and this is a path of least resistance sort of approach where they just give us what we want for once and whaddya know, we throw money at them. The downside is they're not putting nearly as much effort into this approach as they could be because they don't need to. UWP sucks flaccid peepee. Everybody knows it. But the fact that yeah, it CAN work means that we do have the option to play on Windows and give them money or we can play on xbox and still give them money. And going out of their way to make UWP not suck flaccid peepee is realistically not going to increase xbox OR windows sales so...why bother? I feel like this turned into a bit of a tinfoil rant here at the end but I stand by it.
  5. It wasn't necessarily the games themselves, it was just the microsoft store. Technically speaking a lot of the problems I had initially affected any store apps even though before this point I had never used it. I believe I've repressed a lot of it because I'm not 100% sure if it was just Halo Wars 2, or if it was both 2 and 1 but I genuinely could not install and play them. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated with trying to play a game before. I had downloaded Halo Wars 1 multiple times while I still had a data cap and it would fail at 99% then make me start over. I ended up paying probably between 50-100 dollars in data overage fees :\ Then HW2 I think I got downloaded but wouldn't start because of some error from the store and of course it wouldn't let me bypass it. I tried so many things; cache clearing, permission editing, reinstalling, user accounts you name it. In the end the ONLY way I could play them was by installing windows on another hard drive and dual booting. And even that took two tries because the first time I did it I got the same errors as I originally did. And what was just the icing on the cake is, many months later after I had already played through both and gotten some hours in, for shits and giggles I tried playing HW2 on my main windows install and it just worked. No fuss...no errors...it just...worked. So did HW Definitive Edition. The store was just fucking with me from the very start because it knew this was one of my most anticipated games of all time, on the platform I wanted ;( They won't. Trust me they won't. It has almost nothing to do with whether or not the port of the game itself runs well and is relatively bug free. I mean that's a factor, same as with any game but the fact that it's UWP is an auto loss. I'm sure it'll work for 60% of people and they'll say "I haven't had any problems. I'm fine with it tbh". The shit I dug through and messed with involving the store is vast. It is a convoluted, awful system with horrible control over what happens and why, errors are cryptic and useless, "fixes" rarely do anything, and so on. I pray that when I get this game that I'm one of the lucky ones that can pass the UWP test and go on to see if the game itself is well functioning.
  6. A Samsung 970 Evo 500GB NVMe drive. I'm excited to play with it! I have only ever had/used an Intel 520 120GB SSD I got like five years ago. It has been faithfully serving as my perpetually full boot drive all this time. It works well enough for that, but even when I manage to squeeze 30-50GB of space out of it to use and put a game or something on it, I don't really notice any blazing speeds. It basically performs like 5% better than a really good HDD. Hopefully that will change now.
  7. I was not aware of that and I'll keep it in mind in the future but I'm confused by your salesman-esque post, if I'm being honest
  8. I play el dewrito at like 110? And don't really notice any warping. Which I agree with Shiku, I am not anal about super high FOVs because I can't stand that warping effect. Then again, maybe playing on an ultrawide mitigates the effect
  9. While this will slow us down a little bit, I just played for about an hour and holy shit was it a blast. I missed out on the golden days of halo 3 multiplayer, so server browser or not I'm gonna get people to play this. If we have to host our own parties and connect P2P, we will. Fortunately from the looks of things it's not 100% that the server browser will be taken down, they just can't distribute the halo online files or most likely continue to work on the project very much.
  10. I haven't messed with rainmeter since like what, 2010? I used to hate it because I was dumb and couldn't make anything look nice but always hoped a skin would automatically look as good as the pictures promoting it. I think I'm a little bit better with it now. Probably not gonna win any desktop design awards but I like it
  11. Skyrim VR. May do a lil reviewy-poo on it
  12. I'm not sure but I was connected to my wired connection and to my phone's wifi hotspot at the same time. I'm only supposed to be getting 400 down so can speedtest do link aggregation?
  14. Galaxy S9+. Me likey.