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  1. No, it's a normal camera. I have a nikon D7000 and it's an awesome camera. I use a sigma 8mm lens with a nodal ninja. Google has their own software which I use for their tours. However I just bought Autopano Pro and Panotour from Kolor.com for my own personal/business use. It is really quite cool, however I have not made any money yet. I have gotten free gaming at the gaming lounge though Here is a bunch more Panos which I have not done lol. http://exampletours.com/
  2. Two months ago I started the Google TIP program. (Trusted Independent Photographer.) I can not give all details to everything because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. However I can tell you it is really awesome. There is lots of potential to make lots of money because you are a contractor and can price the pictures at what you see fit. The training is great, other photographers are great, the program is awesome, however the only thing I do not like is the selling part lol. I have not made any money yet and have spent over $2,000 on camera equipment. Here is one of the places that I have done. Also a link to the official page. http://www.google.co.../photographers/
  3. Thanks, yours is pretty cool too! I did more than one jenga tower, sculpture or w/e you want to call it. I should put more of the pics on photobucket or something.
  4. Here is my Jenga Bridge I hope you guys like it! And here it has fallen down. I had a video recorded on another camera but could not find it, maybe it got deleted
  5. I already made something yesterday. But I may try something else tooo....
  6. Minecraft Sunrise?
  7. Minecraaaaaaaaaaaaaft!!!!!!!!!! It's been soo long! lol Minecraft is so much better with other people, I can't wait till server is back up.
  8. Tim

    How are things going over here? Been checking over here a little bit but this is my first. Btw, this is retardednerd from modhalo.