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  1. Thank you for the welcome.
  2. In my experience and opinion, religion does something to me perhaps because I was raised as catholic. Whenever, I go to church, I feel renewed, whenever, there is important event in Vatican, I feel excited.
  3. Jarhead, finally watched it. I got it as a gift DVD last Christmas, and finally found the time to watch. Fairly good movie by the way. Thanks for asking
  4. I'm against gun control. There are already laws to keep guns out of the hands of the "wrong people". It would be more effective for the government to focus on enforcing those laws rather than enacting new ones. The truth of gun control laws is that they don't affect or change illegal gun possession, only that of law abiding citizens.
  5. Firstly, I would define the word, " Happiness', as a feeling that most of the things is in your life meets your goals.If we look at what happened in Newtown I don't think that any amount of money could ameliorate the pain of loss suffered by the parents who lost children. However, there are degrees of, ' Happiness" where money can enhance one's life, as stated in the article.Happiness depends upon many stages of life: in some instances money can ensure that you have the best medical care, can hire a full time aide/house keeper if you need assistance so that you don't end up in a nursing home. At a certain age the fact that the past looms larger than the present which means that we understand that illness and death are in our future in a very palpable way won't change if we have lots of money. What money can do at this stage of life is to help one go on trips and be able to afford other types of entertainment as a barrier against thinking negative thoughts relating to aging. Creature comforts help us feel secure, especially if we have the money to pay for them.I think that there is a balance between having large amounts of money and accepting the challenges that LIFE throws in our path when we least expect it. There is no doubt in my mind that havmng enough funds to be secure is related to happiness although that doesn't necessarily happen.
  6. Hi there my name is Denzon I'm 19 years old and I live in the Philippines. I'm a very easy person to get along with, and I like to make new friends with new people, I have been joining forums for a few years now, and I can get very addicted to them. I'm a forum owner. I enjoy running forums, and designing websites. I'm a huge Anime fan, and have been all of my life. My favourite Anime series are: Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and of course One Piece. I am an SK Kagawad in our community. I am also a Special Project Assistant in the Marketing Department of a well-known Columbarium in Pasay City, if you know the church of St. Therese and I am very happy with my job. My busiest periods are October (Feast of St. Therese) and November (All Saint's Day). My work includes communication with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, since our partner diocese is the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines. So yes, a 19 years old guy can access with the AFP especially with the Philippine Air Force. I can give command to a helicopter of PAF every feast day but of course not to bomb a place but to drop petals of roses for the celebration. xD I like all types of music, but I hate really heavy metal, you know, the screamo sort of rubbish, I also hate rap as well. I like: Celine Dion, Jesse McCartney, Michael Jackson and Jon Bon Jovi mainly, but I do like a few others. In my spare time I like to write essays and novels. But I haven't yet to finish a set of novel. My bad. I'm also active in promoting humanitarian advocacy and international friendship. Oh and I guess like to use emotions a lot, but I will try and cut them down if you want me too, don't want to cause any annoyance for anyone. Anyway, I guess that should be enough about me, if you want to know more, feel free to ask. Anyway, I look forward to making some new friends while I'm here.