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  1. Needs fixing. I'm posting this at center justification to explain why; I hate these new sites and all this user friendly bullshit. I used to be able to set width and height, place content on a justification, etc. Now my only option is to post a link, which autosizes it and places it on the leftmost side of the screen. And theres no option to make any changes outside of dragging it up or down a line, or deleting it entirely. See how this post flows rather nicely, alligned directly in the center. Now I want to include a video, See? That's my option. No way to adjust the size, the positioning, anything. Just post a link, there's the video. The edior's own Justification buttons on the toolbar don't affect it. That's terrible and there has to be a more elegant solution out there. Very frustrating to use. It means that if I'm using a video in my post I basically can't use justification.
  2. Its the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. Tucker I know youre first game was some need for speed junk on a PS2; this is a game called Ocarina of Time. This is what we refer to as "The greatest game ever". You should go get an emulator and try it out . <333 All jokes and teasing aside, this is a more or less one man project that you should be supporting. But not too loudly, lets hope this guy can get a shitton accomplished before Nintendo notices and gets nervous that their fans make better games than they do.
  3. "According to the California Labor Code, California is an Aat-will@ employment state. Under the at-will presumption, a California employer, absent an agreement or statutory or public policy exception to the contrary, may terminate an employee for any reason at any time." New York is the same. Both the Employee and Employer can terminate their employment without notice. I can walk out on the job, they can fire me.
  4. Tucker? Never heard of him.
  5. This is me when I pickup this halo project halfway through and try to help complete it, only to find that I can't open the scenario, so many of the tags are missing references or reference outdated content and the scripts are also either outdated or written for content that doesn't exist in the scenario tag. Fuck it. Starting from scratch. We're doing it live.
  6. Seven's Travels. Damn.
  7. That is actually what a good number of programs did, so you are actually using map magic. The only difference is you don't call it map magic I prefered to calculate it by going to index offset, read the....well I know it as map magic. I read the map magic from there, subtract 40 for the header and the indexoffset; br.position=16 dim indexoffset as int32 indexoffset=br.readint32 br.position=indexoffset Dim MapMagic As Int32 = br.ReadInt32 - 40 - IndexOffset But many programs and sources I've read had a variable called map magic that they "hardcoded" to 0x40440000, just as you would. Dim MapMagic as Int32=0x40440000 I always felt, at the time, that was an improper shortcut that could lead to problems. But, as you point out, if somebody were to play with that value it'd throw off any software that calculates it like I do above, hence "protecting" the mapfile. Everything old is new again, as they say.
  8. Oh it was absurd, absolutely. But it was wonderful all the same. Learning Map Magic from Modzy and Alt is one of my fondest memories.
  9. That's a strong article thats not drenched in partisan bias. I wish American reporting was as high a quality. Everything we read in the U.S. we have to double check the source to take appropriately.
  10. http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2017/02/donald-trump-hangs-australia-threatens-invade-mexico http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-enrique-pena-nieto-mexico-phone-call-humiliating-threatening-2017-2
  11. When you cant be right just act superior AKA liberal arguments
  12. http://www.newsmax.com/t/#!newsmax/article/727875 You know that single lady with six kids from six fathers? Thats why. 103 billion dollars. On average $1000 more than legitimate citizens, per month. Thats the price of making children born here citizens. If youre parents are not citizens, you shouldnt be either. Birthright should only apply when the parents are here legally.
  13. BTW I still love all you guys. Disagreements on politics have nothing to do with how I feel about you guys personally just wanted to clarify
  14. You had to ignore my entire post to make that statement true. But thats a liberal's favorite argument; pick at a single bit, take it out of context and use big words to avoid saying anything, all with an air of superiority. "Your way of thinking is primitive. If you were cultured you'd understand" Not a single one of the things I spoke of would damage us locally. Not a single one spoke of anarchy. It spoke of putting Americans before the rest of the world. Controlling immigration and keeping out refugees lets us divert the money and time to americans. And to clarify again in very simple terms; fuck the globe. I think you missed that part.
  15. There's nothing for me to debate. My statements are very logical when you understand my viewpoint: I care nothing whatsoever for those I will never meet. I don't share your views on charity and outreach. You know what I know of charity? Volunteering at a soup kitchen in Middle School and seeing some of my classmates there. Going with my aunt to bring meals to the elderly, who had nobody else to take care of them. I worry about myself and those around me. My family, my friends, my coworkers, my community. The people I know who are hurting and suffering in a land where opportunity has passed them by. I do not care or have any worry for anybody else. If keeping immigrants out of the country means that people I know (of any nationality, legal tax paying citizens who came here legally) will have more access to jobs and resources that should be going to them, then I don't care what effect it has on those who can no longer leach off America and send our resources back home. If keeping Migrants and Refugees out of the country means that we aren't setting them up with houses and jobs that could have been setup to, once again, legal tax paying citizens, then I don't care how bad their situation is halfway across the world. If defunding planned parenthood for foreign countries means there's millions of dollars that can be used to help Americans, I don't care how many foreign women are no longer getting treatment. If cancelling trade deals and treaties that cause a financial detriment to American workers allows us to restructure those, I don't care how many foreigners are out of work because of it. I don't care that Ford is shutting down a plant that would've helped support an impoverished region of the world. I don't care that a 15% tariff may cause companies to abandon these countries and bring work back to Americans. None of these people should have ever had that to start with. American money, American trade deals, American immigration laws, they should benefit Americans. And before you call your racism bullshit; My housekeeping department is filled with some of the hardest working women in this country, who came here legally. Who pay taxes to support their community, to keep the roads paved and the schools in session. Every one of them of Latin descent, some who can't speak English. I work with them daily, I admire and respect the work they do and the struggles they themselves face. They are as American as you and I. My parents are facing bankruptcy. They've been facing it, on the edge of it, for about 5 years now. I barely make ends meet, and I have no belief that the future will be better for me. There are days I don't have food; I don't give one single damn about anyone else, because not a one of them will ever give a damn about me. When Trump speaks of the forgotten, he speaks of me. He speaks of my family. He speaks of the people doing everything right, working long hours for short pay, who are getting left behind. Who never had a chance. You want a debate? You want logic? What logical reason is there that an illegal immigrant can have access to food stamps and welfare, live in a rent controlled home and drive on the roads my taxes bought, while they themselves work illegally paying no taxes. You find a logical answer for that and maybe I'll listen to the rest of your argument. But for right now, I'm worried about me.
  16. Dismissing the people that feel this way is why your candidate lost, and mine is making real changes.
  17. You can come up with a beautiful plan, elaborate and far reaching to solve all issues. Now take it from paper and put it into the real world. I want answers today. Im tired of listening to liberals argue over whether or not something is right and having nothing get done. And conservatives holding back progress just to keep around their childhood memories of what once was Im tired of America taking care of everything but her own sons. Ive said for ages, if not here, government is broken and has stalled. Im tired of waiting for tomorrow to come and Sceny lol stop. Nothing happens that America doesnt have a hand in; whether on the surface, under the table or both.
  18. I care as much of your opinion of me as I do third world countries. Im an american. We run the world. I will make no apologies for that. And I'm an asshole. Im proud to be an asshole. I'll make no apologies for that either. I dont care if what I thinj or say offends anyone. I dont say it to offend, but I wont bite my tongue to avoid hurting feelings.
  19. Its relevant because it shows that a country with fully open borders allowing migrants and refugees in is going to shit because of it. You know, like the topic of the thread. Thats why its on topic.
  20. Hey its this guy
  21. Yeah, not what I said. But hey, when you cant structure a real argument, a strawman's argument is almost something. http://m.wikihow.com/Improve-Your-Reading-Comprehension
  22. The world doesnt need north korea. They need us. And they'll do what they need to get here. Where else is mexico gonna sell its shit? You think China is going to turn into a consuming society? China can make things far cheaper than mexico and they have better investments in industry. Mexico cant afford to send all its exports by sea. How's your UK gonna be once they full sever with the EU? Didnt your PM just come to the white house to kneel down and kiss the ring? America is rich and we like spending our money. The third world needs that.
  23. Funny that the US needs to "get its shit together" so that we can continue take care of the rest of the world. How about the rest of the world gets it shit together and stops relying on America to step in and fix it. Get strapped in kid; The new America doesnt give a fuck about any of you, whether your from britain or uzbekistan. We're building walls and tearing up treaties; we have no need for all you third world countries (AKA every country that's not America.) So please, keep your borders open and ship in Omars and Achmeds by the thousands. Give them jobs and housing you could have given to your own citizens. Just make sure to look twice when you cross the road, never know when a bus will come barging through.