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  1. Its the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. Tucker I know youre first game was some need for speed junk on a PS2; this is a game called Ocarina of Time. This is what we refer to as "The greatest game ever". You should go get an emulator and try it out . <333 All jokes and teasing aside, this is a more or less one man project that you should be supporting. But not too loudly, lets hope this guy can get a shitton accomplished before Nintendo notices and gets nervous that their fans make better games than they do.
  2. "According to the California Labor Code, California is an Aat-will@ employment state. Under the at-will presumption, a California employer, absent an agreement or statutory or public policy exception to the contrary, may terminate an employee for any reason at any time." New York is the same. Both the Employee and Employer can terminate their employment without notice. I can walk out on the job, they can fire me.
  3. Tucker? Never heard of him.
  4. This is me when I pickup this halo project halfway through and try to help complete it, only to find that I can't open the scenario, so many of the tags are missing references or reference outdated content and the scripts are also either outdated or written for content that doesn't exist in the scenario tag. Fuck it. Starting from scratch. We're doing it live.
  5. Seven's Travels. Damn.
  6. That is actually what a good number of programs did, so you are actually using map magic. The only difference is you don't call it map magic I prefered to calculate it by going to index offset, read the....well I know it as map magic. I read the map magic from there, subtract 40 for the header and the indexoffset; br.position=16 dim indexoffset as int32 indexoffset=br.readint32 br.position=indexoffset Dim MapMagic As Int32 = br.ReadInt32 - 40 - IndexOffset But many programs and sources I've read had a variable called map magic that they "hardcoded" to 0x40440000, just as you would. Dim MapMagic as Int32=0x40440000 I always felt, at the time, that was an improper shortcut that could lead to problems. But, as you point out, if somebody were to play with that value it'd throw off any software that calculates it like I do above, hence "protecting" the mapfile. Everything old is new again, as they say.
  7. Oh it was absurd, absolutely. But it was wonderful all the same. Learning Map Magic from Modzy and Alt is one of my fondest memories.
  8. That's a strong article thats not drenched in partisan bias. I wish American reporting was as high a quality. Everything we read in the U.S. we have to double check the source to take appropriately.
  9. http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2017/02/donald-trump-hangs-australia-threatens-invade-mexico http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-enrique-pena-nieto-mexico-phone-call-humiliating-threatening-2017-2
  10. Hey its this guy
  11. I live alone, and as such am very often completely broke. However every single time that I need to find some money, I do. And even more I will find it in places that I've already looked, in pockets of jeans, in couch cushions, etc. today i was driving a jeep i just bought, thing is vaccum clean and i mean completely clean. Except for the 10 dollars under my seat. It wasnt there earlier when I was looking to scrounge up money, but it was there late tonight when I was hoping for something to eat. Last week it was in the couch. I checked it a day prior trying to add a few bucks to my wallet, but then when I was actually 100% out of cash there it was. Now, if this happened once or twice its coincidence. This happens all the fucking time. Constantly. Like 3-4 times a month, bare minimum, and only when I need it most. Its time to face the facts. God is real. And he's giving me money.
  12. I would have a fleet of million dollar cars, several private Boeing 767 Jumbo Jets and multiple mansions. Imagine 10-15 million dollars being added to the supply every week.
  13. The effect this would have on inflation would be devastating.
  14. Went out at about 1am last night in the middle of a bad ice storm to test drive this old jeep cherokee I bought. Never had 4 wheel drive before; inches of frozen rain and im doing 40-45 no sweat. 4WD is like cheating. I could plow right through snow piles left by the plows switching lanes, barely a swerve.
  15. I forgot to give an answer. Pepperoni is my staple, Barbeque chicken is fantastic, but buffalo chicken is supreme.
  16. Satan wasnt interested in a deal. Something about paying for something he was guaranteed to get seemed to dissuade him.
  17. Yeah I mean if im completely honest I had a pie in vegas and it was pretty fantastic. Not better than back home but it was most definitely passable.
  18. Lol @ Tucker and you other west coast fags pretending youve ever had a real pizza before. >_< The fact that you talk about cheese in the crust proves my point; dominos is not pizza. Neither is pizza hut. Neither is poppa john's. If the guy that makes your pizza speaks english, youve never had real pizza. #newyork #freshofftheboat #bibbitybobbityboopity <333
  19. When my Great Grandfather passed many years ago my family gathered at his house afterwards to mourn. We sat telling stories, going through old knickknacks and memories. One in particular was an ornament for Christmas; it was a bell with a pull string, and when pulled it would play a song like a musicbox. My great grandfather was 94 when he passed, and that ornament had been pulled one too many times and had become stuck over the years, with the string fully pulled and stuck. It had been that way for at least 20 years at that point, longer than I had been alive at the time. But with my family gathered, in a lull of the laughter between memories, that string came loose and the bell played it's song again. After decades of being stuck, in that one moment it came loose. There was no question; He was saying hello. Letting us know he was fine. Today, his daughter, my Grandmother, passed away. I was by her side at the end, holding hands at her bedside. At a point I closed my eyes and felt something alive between our hands, it stayed for maybe 5 or 10 seconds, then the feeling passed and when I opened my eyes so had she. We called my Grandfather in and everybody else rushed by as well. Vassar Hospital sits on the Hudson River in upstate NY. In the early morning the sun was shining across the riverbed, with everybody focused on her I walked across and opened the shades. I knew my grandmother would've liked the view, and I needed my family to be reminded; She was dying in a beautiful place, surrounded by those she loved. The whole time my Grandmother was in the hospital, every day for weeks, she was visited by a bird on her windowsill. My grandmother had a connection with birds; in our family Grandma found out secrets because "A little birdy told her". My nephew when little would hide from the windows at her house, so that "Your bird can't see me". Even in the hospital they were still checking in on her. And as it would be that bird landed on the windowsill. Not a minute after the shades were opened; It hopped back and forth just enough for us to notice, and then flew off into the world. There was no question; She was saying hello. Letting us know she was fine. My whole life I've been a man of function; that which can be seen, that which can be heard. But there are some things in this world no man can give explanation to. Between Christmas Bells and Birds on the Windowsill; I'm not sure about anything anymore.
  20. Car died. Not coming back
  21. This map takes the player to the streets of the outskirts of New Mombasa during the Seige of Earth. Utilizing CMT's Evolved Tagset, the map features modern Halo weapons and characters. The expansive map covers 4 separate Halo 2 Levels. Turf and the Campaign Level Outskirts have been stitched together and then attached to a separate BSP comprised of Headlong and Terminal. The AI drop from Phantoms throughout the map, and wherever you may travel you will come across AI battles between UNSC and Covenant forces. You are a small part of a greater battle, and wherever you choose to fight you struggle to tip the scales in the defense of the city. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9hvk0vnv0t8zv3t/OldMombasa_(2).rar
  22. I dont want to use the datamaps, not sure what happened. I tried to use; os_tool build-cache-file-ex old_mombasa 0 0 1 "scenario-directory" how should I run it?
  23. Oh bullocks. I'll have those uploaded later tonight. I built it with the intent of it not needing resource maps. Not sure what happened. Upload has been updated, place all the files within the folder MAPS into your MAPS folder in the Halo Custom Edition directory.
  24. Hm. Make sure you have updated your .NET Framework to the most recent version and find another .YELO map over at HaloMaps to test.